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  1. I think so yeah although there were also some good wins/creditable draws mixed in there. Absolutely mullered top of the league by a mile Chelsea and won the FA Cup final against Spurs with room to spare, I'll give it some more time over the weekend if I don't get the chance tonight and see how its looking.
  2. First full season using this boyo complete. Newcastle Signed Rajkovic, Gunnarsson and Vida Used just this, no changes through full season. Finished 5th in the league (only 1 win in last 7 games dropped me out of the top 4 when I'd been all season) Won the FA Cup. Matt Ritchie comes in as PL Player of the year with 20 assists to his name. Mitrovic and Gayle were equally effective as strikers (both got about half a season as Gayle got a bad injury just after christmas) both did well. Ayoze Perez outperformed Diame as the AMC. Overall performances were excellent throughout the team, goals were well shared between the front 4, even ritchies mad number of assists was well kept up with by Atsu. Its a good un this!
  3. Started another new game last night, different approach this time using Mr U Roslers new 4231 tactic. Only signed Gunnarsson(CM) and Rajkovic(GK) and am second in the league. Perez is playing wonderfully as an attacking midfielder, Shelvey is not in the side as there isn't a position for him (2 DMs and 1 AMC as the central options) Merino/Hayden/Gunnarsson are rotating at DM.
  4. To clone a post from the Oathkeeper thread, I'm six months into a new Newcastle save and 2nd in the league, only signed Gunnarson(CM) and Rajkovic(GK). It's producing plenty of goals, beating teams of all levels, smaller ones in the cup and the some big boys of the PL have all fallen to it. Looking good in the early days! Nice work.
  5. Early days but the 4231 is doing lovely stuff for a new Newcastle save. coming up to half way through season one, 2nd in the league.
  6. Hasn't kicked in yet, though it is going to next season I think. Apparently I'll be needing work permits in future but european players already here will get exemption...I guess we'll see.
  7. The setup is the thing, first half of season one I got tactics completely wrong and struggled badly, since then I've got it together and got a lot out of them. Apart from Merino (who has developed well, good mental stats) none of them are really contending for a long period of starts but they come in and do fine when fitness is an issue. Shelvey was just a walking red card for me in season one, 10 games, 3 red cards and that was it, never played for me again.
  8. Got one that has changed very little from a money PoV, it's not ashley anymore though so thats good. I found similar in season one and two, plenty of cash to not spend on anyone good. Into season three now, lots of changes made to the squad overall, CL football and I'm not struggling to spend my money anymore. Moussa Dembele from Celtic signed in season one and he's been marvelous. Using a 433 at the moment with the following lineup Rajkovic Zappacosta Mbemba Toprak Yuri Hojbjerg Vecino Hector Herrera Deulofeu Pavon Dembele Merino, Ritchie, Lascelles, Clark, Yedlin and Dummet are all still getting games as needed. We're actually pretty good at the start of this one.
  9. Round out the promises feature a bit, currently I have a player unhappy because I broke a promise I made to him (I thought I had taken them all off so either a bug or a mistake on my part) Theres nowhere in the game to see what this promise was or what players are expecting in regards to promises.
  10. Is that the plan of how it's going to stay? I've a player who is unhappy that I broke a promise to him, fairly sure I removed them all at the start of negotiations but I have no idea what he was expecting of me now, rolling back through saves doesn't help when the information isn't shown anywhere.
  11. That was largely my experience with this before the few tweaks I made above
  12. Been using this with a slight tweak for 4 seasons as Newcastle now, won the championship at a canter (expected) finished 10th in promotion season in the PL and then second. Switched to defensive/structured permanently has made a positive difference as has changing the fullbacks to both be FB-Support and the centre midfield to be Def Playmaker - Defend/Advanced Playmaker - support. Also won the FA cup with that setup.
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