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  1. -Lengthy Bans- in CM01/02 I remember (very rare) that players got 9/10 month bans for pushing the ref and serious misconduct.Have never seen it sine and have had a lot of the games in the series. -Training schedule- another from 01/02 was to pick what exactly the players did in each period of the day.eg. weights, long runs, tactics, sprints. Idon't like how its just so general in the recent games
  2. 2 Questions on Cups

    So, if a team is in the "A Lower Division" they can't be in the FA Cup unless I add them individually
  3. 2 Questions on Cups

    I'm after re-modelling a nations league system to something similar to the English Leagues and I have 2 questions regarding the cups. 1.Regarding the FA Cup,I want to enter the non-league teams into it too.Should I select "A Lower Division" in the general section or will this add all teams from other countries that are in the "A lower division" too. 2.League Cup-Should I have this as a "domestic main cup" too if I want a European place granted to the winner
  4. Multiple Nationality Changes

    Does any one know how/Would anyone be able to write an XML Document to change the nationality of multiple players from, in my case, Northern Irish to Irish(Rep.of)? I want to make the 2 nations into 1 and I don't want to go through every single Northern Irish player, Club and Stadium!
  5. Ireland.

    Thanks for stealing my Idea....http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=130243 ... only messing.It's all yours if you get it working. In fm08,I completed the database but anytime I looked at the National team screen,the game crashed.I started again on fm09 recently but have the [-821] problem so I cant get the game to install. I read on one of the league guides that it's not possible to edit the Rep.of Ireland and N.I. leagues but I reckon with a bit of care and precision it would be possible.Decide what league You want to use to combine the nations.I wanted a (roughly) 20 team division so I used the Spanish league but soon realised I would not have near enough clubs to fill the Spanish third Division(Also I wanted to avoid countries with regional divisions(ie.North and South,etc.)as I thought that would be another excuse to crash.) Another thing to remember is you need to swap the nationalities of everyone any everything so like in my case,I made all Rep.Irl players Northern first,then made all Spanish players Rep.Irish,and then made all Northern players Spanish.Finally,I renamed Spain,Ireland and Ireland,Spain and swapped all information(and tweaked a few of the details in this new league).These swaps will have to be done with players,cities,news reports,Stadiums and if your really bothered Weather. Then You'll need to place allthe Irish teams into the Spanish league(I did this by reputation) and Vice Versa with Spanish Clubs into the Eircom league(or Irish league.) Theres a lot of work in it but would be a cracker to play if any one ever got it done properly.Best of luck if you try creating it.If it works for you,I'll expect to see it here in the future
  6. League Swap Guide '09

    Whats the story with awards?Do their nation have to be changed?
  7. United Ireland

    Thanks.I'll have a look.
  8. United Ireland

    Its not big enough for the amount of teamsin both the nations.I think an 18-20 team league would be more appealing,exciting and allow me to put more northern teams(who have a considerably lower reputation to Republic teams) into the top division.
  9. United Ireland

    I've tried this on fm 08 before but had trouble with the database.So with a long summer ahead of me i've decided to try it out again. Any tips on what leagues I should try use to combine these two nations.I want something like the english league system but dont want to forfit that or any other major European leagues. Also,is there any way of selecting a group players in the database and changing there nationality all in one? Any tips greatly appreciated.
  10. Currency Exchange

    Hi all,Happy Christmas. I posted this in the General forum yesterday and was sent here with it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sorry if this topic has been brought up before but i was wondering is the currency rate in football manager adjustable seeing as the value of the Sterling has dropped so much in recent times.
  11. Sorry if this topic has been brought up before but i was wondering is the currency rate in football manager adjustable seeing as the value of the Sterling has dropped so much in recent times.
  12. So How Will FM09 cope with Man City ?

    IMO I think the FA ormore likely FIFA should bring in a rule on transfer fees.Maybe a cap of £100mill per season.This figure would rise each year with inflation.Otherwise SuperRich Businessmen or groups like this are going to take over football. I know there will be those who are going to slate me for what i'm going to say next but i think its true. As a United Fan,I dont think we have ever over done it.Summer 2007 we spent approx £51 million and this year roughly £60mill. on berbatov and completing the Tevez deal.Liverpool have easily spent this much as well.Everyone knows Arsenal haven't.My point is that,Clubs shouldn't be allowed spend all around them for Immediate success like Chelsea have done(although they slowing down in recent years) and now Man City.It took Alex Ferguson 4 1/2 years to win a trophy at united and hes been strengthening his team ever since.Same goes for Rafa,He hasnt got bottomless pockets to create the Ultimate team overnight.A transfer Cap would be a possible solution. Sorry for straying from FM Chat.Wouldn't be to hard to add a feature like this if it was ever brought in.What do you think?
  13. My Own Nation

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/football/eng_prem/5308190.stm Reina was a joke!!!
  14. 35 yard freekick and Motm!Delighted!!!
  15. Worst transfers

    Now that you mention it,that sounds very familiar!!