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  1. Gerard Piqué retired from the national team after the world cup with 102 caps: http://www.sefutbol.com/jugadores/pique (He reached number 100 during the world cup group stage) But in the game he only has 80 caps: Iker Casillas is the current record-holder for Spain with 167 caps: http://www.sefutbol.com/jugadores/casillas But in the game he's missing one as he has 166 caps: Nacho Monreal has 22 caps and one goal (against FYR Macedonia on 12 Nov 2016) http://www.sefutbol.com/jugadores/monreal https://www.fifa.com/worldcup/matches/round=276483/match=300332061/index.html But in the game he has 16 caps (and 0 goals): Luis Alberto (Lazio) has one cap but his international debut is not showing on his in-game profile. (it was against Costa Rica on 11 Nov 2017) http://www.sefutbol.com/jugadores/luis-alberto Jonathan Viera has one cap (against Israel on 9 Oct 2017) but it's missing from the game. http://www.sefutbol.com/jugadores/j-viera Mikel Oyarzabal has one cap (against Bosnia-Herzegovina on 29 May 2016) but it's missing as well. http://www.sefutbol.com/jugadores/oyarzabal
  2. Ferrol (ID: 1727) has an extra 16/17 season in team history, as seen below: After doing a quick research, I noticed that this season (5th place in 3rd division G1) belongs to R.C. Villalbés (ID: 814059) who coincidentally are missing the 16/17 season in their team history:
  3. Hello. so I just bought FM 2017 today and got a free copy of FMT but I noticed that the Steam store page of FMT doesn't include the tag of Multiplayer like the full FM does, and only says Singleplayer. Does this mean we won't be able to play online with friends in FMT17 ? someone clear this up, please. Thank you
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