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  1. Here's my current years intake and once again it's a load of tripe, for a club that has facilities better then Chelsea and Arsenal and the other Super League Teams that you mentioned, and has won more recently in the game then those clubs as well. Not a single player in the Youth Intake for the now 7th season in a row is anywhere near good enough for the Under 23s let alone the First Team. So many flipping Half Star only players and the best are only a maximum 2 Star Potential. Where's all my 4 and 5 Star wonderkids? If I'm never going to get any of those players coming through, I'd be better
  2. In that case I'm screwed then, because the board mandates I use our youth setup to produce players for the first team, and won't allow me to sign any players over 21 anymore. If what you say about the academy is true then it'll be another six seasons before I start seeing youth players that match the level of my youth setup and facilities. Bloody Hell, we'll be back in the Vanarama by then.
  3. The Zealand video definitely explains why my Team which has gone from the Northern Premier Division to the Championship really struggles to attract players and why existing players are "Looking to move to Bigger Club", seems like getting quick promotions and successive promotions doesn't really help your clubs reputation in the eyes of the players, who are kind of looking at you as being a bit of a fluke and can't sustain the constant promotions and are expecting you to collapse and fall back down the leagues. It also still bothers me that despite upgrade my Youth Facilties to the max, my
  4. I did some more tinkering in the database. What I hadn't noticed originally is that for some reason it seems the Cup Competitions had multiple entries, like it shows FA Cup, FA Cup 2020 etc and I was only editing the Sub Rules of one and not all the other duplicated competitions below. I'm guessing the original database I was editing was trying to have different rules for different years. I also noticed for many of the competitions that even though I was changing the Sub Rules in Round Defaults, there was also another section a little way down in editor for actual Rounds, and I had to set t
  5. Here is the file I have been working on editing, to adjust the sub rules. cw English Leage Data Lvl 11.fmf
  6. Hey if I got offers of £5m for my players at lower league I would consider them, I'm not totally unrealistic in that would be a lot of money to clubs at Vanarama League level, and could potentially sign a few players to strengthen the squad or be used to build and invest in better facilities. It's the fact that the board are accepting offers of £35K or £100K for players that's annoying. Especially when most of these players I have put Minimum Release Causes into their contracts for £1m or more. Why are the board ignoring the player contracts and minimum release fees completely? If a player has
  7. Okay I'm experiencing this a lot in the game playing as a lower club, where clubs will come in and make transfer offers for my best and promising players that I obviously want to retain and lead the club to promotions and hopefully success. I can reject the offers to a point, then the Chairman or the Board will interject and interfere and accept offers for the player, even though they fall way below what the player is potentially worth and often times ignoring completely the minimum release fee I have put into their contract. I can usually interact with the Chairman or Board on the first
  8. I've been changing the Subs Permitted rules for competitions within England in the editor, have tested the rules in the editor and saved the data. When I load it in game I'm finding strange differences where the competitions are not using the same rules as I selected in the editor. For example the FA Cup, I wanted the rule 5 from 7 with 1 Extra Time Sub, selected that in the editor, however in game it is still defaulting to 3 from 7 with 1 extra time sub for all stages of the competition. Some other competitions as well such as the Caraboa Cup are still in game showing 3 from 5 subs,
  9. I had a similar experience in a save as Manchester United, when I signed and brought Cristiano Ronaldo back to the club. The day after accepting and confirming the deal, several players came to me to say they were unhappy that I'd allowed Cristiano Ronaldo to be sold/leave the club. However clearly in Football Manager 2021 it was not possible for me to be manager of the club in 2009 when he was originally sold. Nor did the players seem to realise I was bringing the player back for his second stint at the club. I also experienced a similar issue when I signed Zlatan after the first season, when
  10. Surely this is a bug in the game, where you loan a player in, for example in my current game I have taken a Left Windback on Loan for the season, I he has started every game and cup competition so far in the Season as we approach December, he has only ever been played as a WB with either Support or Attacking role. Yet apparently he is terribly unhappy about being played in a "Weak" position, even though that's his natural position. His manager is constantly emailing me and have discussions to complain that I'm not playing him in the Contractually Agreed Position as per the Loan Agreement, and
  11. Trying to play around with the FM21 Editor and one thing I want to do is change Edwin Van Der Sar from Director of Ajax into a Director of Football role instead, because ideally I'd like to sign him if I ever play as Manchester United. However when changing him from Director to Director of Football in the editor saving the data and then starting a new save he now appears as a Director with a secondary job as Director of Football at Ajax. I then tried just moving him to the United Team giving him a contract start date of 1/7/2019 and end date of 30/6/2023, saved the data again and started a new
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