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  1. Finknottle

    FM19 and Game shop.

    Thanks for that, muchly appreciated. All will be well come November 2nd.
  2. Finknottle

    FM19 and Game shop.

    I've got discs all the way up fm18 and install using the disc and the code number in the box. Not to worry, I've a feeling that Game don't know what they are doing. All will be revealed November 2nd.
  3. Finknottle

    FM19 and Game shop.

    According to my local Game shop on November 2nd, when I buy FM19 it will not contain a disc in the box. There will only be a code number that has to be activated by Steam. Is this correct or not?
  4. Finknottle

    FM19 and Game shop.

    It seems that I've not made myself clear, my apologies for that, if I have. The £5 deposit that is paid enables you to get a code number on your receipt. Two weeks before the game release date, November 2nd, you log in to Steam and input the code number. This will then give you access to the beta version of the game. I've been doing this each year since it was introduced. I still feel that getting a license to play a game is not the same as physically owning it. However, it is probably a matter of personal opinion. FrazT, You have listed the approved retailers for FM19. I'm assuming that these take part in the before full game release beta version. If so then perhaps Game, based upon the information given to me, should not be included. Am I the only one who has had this experience?
  5. This morning I attended my local Game shop to pay my £5 so as to take advantage of the new game two weeks in advance. I was told that Game do not do that. All they will do is take my £5. This will guarantee that I will be saved a copy of FM19 when it becomes available generally. Not only that but this year when I buy FM19 there will not be any disc inside the box. All there will be is the empty box wit a code number printed inside. With this I will need to log in to Steam and they will give me the license with which to play the game. To my way of thinking this means that for my £30-£40 purchase price I won't even get to own the game. Is what Game have told me true or is it that they just don't want to offer the two week £5 trial period?
  6. ...Does anyone have or know where I can get a link to the above tactics set, Please?
  7. I read an advert for Sortitoutsi which was offering FMT 19 for, I think, £24.99. Does this mean that that FM19 and FMT 19 are now going to be sold as two separate games?
  8. I don't seem to be able to find it, after going back to July 2017.
  9. I have just bought a Samsung Galaxy (2016) J3 Android 'phone. Now, will FM 18 run on my Samsung? Without delving into the 'phones spec's, I seem to recall that it has 1080 x 720 and runs on Android 5.1.1. I hope this helps.
  10. Belay the last order! I've got it sorted out but it was a little convoluted.
  11. Somehow, I've managed to lose the above screen and can't find how to get it back. I seem to have gone through all the scouting assignments options but to no avail. All I can get pre match is a message telling me that I have to instruct a scout to scout next opposition but I'm blowed if I can find the way to do it. It is beginning to drive me up the flipping wall. Can anyone assist, please?
  12. Finknottle

    LL's Strategy Insight

    Loversleaper in particular and anyone else who might be able to assist. I'm using the Simeone 4-4-2 set of tactics but have a problem finding the correct players for the IW-Att, the T-Att and the DF-Su positions. At present my players all have the darker and lighter brown circle no more than half filled. Will altering the IW to a winger role, the T to a TM, CF or AF role and the DF to DLF or any striker support role have any adverse effect on the tactics or will if be just the same? I am playing as W.B.A. and Chadli as the IW, Rondon as the T and Robson Kanu or Rodriguez as the DF. Muchly thankings.
  13. Finknottle

    Where are the DLF's?

    He won't come to W.B.A. though, I've tried. But I did manage to bring in Andrea Pinamonti, 19, a ST {C} from Internazionale for £14.25 million. He has done quite well in the first team, scoring nine goals in 30 games, some as a substitute. He does come with a £54.000,000 release clause for clubs in the Champions League though.
  14. Finknottle

    Where are the DLF's?

    Thanks for the information chaps. I must admit that by reading the position/role description of the CF that he would be good for the DLF role but didn't give the TM a second thought. iMan, I did do a comprehensive DLF scouting search and did indeed find lots of players who could play in the DLF role, but I could not find any who where natural, having a green light, in the role. Muchly thankings.