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  1. Muchly thankings, I'll have a go, maybe this evening.
  2. Tom8983, I'm not pc literate so I'm unsure about how to do that. I'm thinking that all I do is left click on a picture to upload and drag it into here. Right/wrong? Anyway I've found more inconsistencies in the formation/tactic so I'll sort them out, hopefully, and repost but it might not be today or tomorrow. Hospital appointments, at my age they are my social calendar.
  3. O.K. I'll try to explain my madness. First, I've got both WB,s on attack, that was an oversight, sorry. How to explain my team instructions. They go back many years to bygone FM's. If you had a narrow 4-1-3-2 formation then it was advised to play through the middle but also play wider. It was also advised to overlapping for both wide defenders, although if you were playing with a team instruction of counter attacking it didn't need the WB's to have it applied to them individually. Now, my method of playing a match. Again, it goes back some time. Then, you watched the match odds on the match odds screen and, generally you played thus. Large home favourites, play attacking. Close odds at home, play control. Large under dogs at home, play standard. Slight under dogs away, play counter or defensive. I still use this method and it seems to work pretty well. I alter the mentality accordingly as the odds indicate for each match. That is just about it. I was hoping to get some help as to improving my team instructions as you say they are a little Heath Robinson. There is certainly madness in my method. Perhaps you might be able to advice on how I might improve them. This is my early match record for this season. Man.City [A] 1-1, Spurs [H] 2-0 won, Huddersfield [H] 1-0 won and Blackpool. League Cup [H] 4-1 won. Sorry about the flickr shot, I tried but couldn't get Image Shack to work. I'm thinking that it may now be a paid for site.
  4. There should be, below my 4-1-3-2 narrow formation/tactic. It has taken me about a week to figure out how the system works. I'd like those of you who know far better than I to maybe offer some assistance I how I might improve it. Muchly thankings. 4-1-3-2 Narrow by Jan Bakker, on Flickr
  5. Muchly thankings Knapp. Just one hour ago I decided to do the unthinkable - start a save with the dreaded EVERTON. AARGH!!! and me an LFC man and boy since the1950 Cup Final. I vaguely recall that a gentleman wing half named Wally Barnes 'did' for the great Billy Liddell that afternoon.
  6. First season, won League Cup, third in League. Second season, added Souttar, cb from Hearts, Miranda,lb from Barcelona and Pinamonti, st from Inter. Won League, FA Cup and lost to Barcelona in European Cup. However, due to the very powerful LFC squad none of the three players got more than a handful of games. I'm under the impression that in counter attacking pre-sets that overlapping and full backs getting forward and crossing from the bye line are included within the pre-sets, so there is no point in asking said full backs to do it. I'm unsure as to how many other pre- sets have similar inclusions making additional PI's not needed. Third party tactics all seem to have additional TI's and PI's, some, quite a lot. My problem is sorting out which may be needed and which may not. Any advice will be muchly appreciated.
  7. I've been wondering if all of your tactics are set up to win almost all. Are there any that will conform a bit more to the standard of the teams that are not ever going to be top sides. For instance, even I can get Liverpool to win most things using only the default in game tactics. But try as I might I can't do it with Newcastle. I can using your brilliant tactical set though. I always get sacked after about ten games into the second season using my own tactics. It seems to me that the trick is the setting up of the additional PI's. I don't want to copy any of your set ups but haven't a clue on how to begin how to blend them in and how many/few to use. I hope this makes sense to you all. I think it does to me. Help, please.
  8. Thanks for that gentlemen. I don't mind the game being a little slower but don't want it to crash, so I'll stick to the recommended 50000 players and ten leagues with the first divisions in each.
  9. What effect on the game will exceeding the recommended amount of players have? For instance, with ten leagues the amount of players, in my save is 51000.
  10. Some years ago Miles stated the to play FM you can either do as little as you wish or get really deep into the tactics/formations of the game. Now that the game has really moved on to what it is now is that still possible? I'm wondering if it is possible to use any one of the presets 'as is' and by adjusting only the mentality section of the tactics have some success or do you have to get into the tactics, formations, team instructions and player instructions to have some success?
  11. I started with the first Domark game came out, whenever that was. I seem to recall a game called Football Director was around about the same time and one called Ultimate Soccer, I think. There were one or two others as well. I've got everyone of the various Football Manager games and FM 19 is my current one. I'm now 77 years old and still at it.
  12. two...does anyone use it? For instance, advice given during a match, such as,'we ought to get the team to pass longer/shorter' etc. Also, does anyone play according to the pre match odds? This year after some time now, I've started to use the pre match odds as a guide as to which tactics I should use. I've only played four league matches and have Huddersfield Town in fourth position with won two and drawn two. I'm using the in game tactics/formations as is, only altering the choices in game depending on who I'm playing. I'm not sure as to how long Huddersfield can remain in the top six or seven in the league though.
  13. It was a well mannered request. I suggest you get some manners too.
  14. stevemc. it seems that the managers do not work in FMT. Not to worry. However I would like to have the 'long team names' for FMT if you are able to do them and have them downloaded using Mediafire please.
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