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  1. I've been through all of the tactics listed and can't find Venom & Faith 4222 anywhere. There are lots of different Venom & Faith sets but the one I was looking for. Not to worry Thanks for trying.
  2. ... does anyone know where a working link can be found? I've just done three searches in the appropriate places but have not found them. Muchly thankings.
  3. Muchly thankings rsihn. I'll certainly be looking at your suggestions.
  4. Already done it. They say that They sell FM 21 and that it. They are not able to say anything further.
  5. I've got the full blown FM 21. I've been over to Steam to try to install FM 21 Touch. It seems that I have to buy the game for £21.99p. Is this correct? If so, it seems a bit naughty after paying £44.99 for the full game. Previously, FM Touch was included in FM full game. Would some kind person enlighten me as to the correct information?
  6. My assistant manager has a 'Tactic' rating of 16 and according to the information given, the higher this rating the more accurate his advice should be. So, for the first time ever in all the long years that I've been playing this game, I implemented all of his match advice. The upshot was a very impressive 2-0 home win v W.B.A. I'm playing as Newcastle United and my first match, away to the Arsenal ended in a decent 0-0 away draw. Am I the only person in the world who is playing this way or am I the last person to do so? I'm intrigued to know how others play the game.
  7. Thanks HUNT3R, you've made an old man very happy. I'll be buying the full fat version, as always.
  8. Many thanks HUNT3R. So, if I want to play both games do I need to wait till December or will there be an update in these forums to enable me to play Touch? Sorry for my ignorance.
  9. Am I correct in assuming that this year FM 21 and FM 21 Touch are to be two completely separate games? That is to say that if you buy the full fat game at around £35 or so you will not get FM 21 Touch with it like in years gone by?
  10. How many pages? I'd like to print out a 'hard' copy, please.
  11. Hello knap. Just tried to downloading some of your tactics but when click on the download button I get a message telling me it can't open them. What am I doing wrong?
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