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  1. Hello knap. Just tried to downloading some of your tactics but when click on the download button I get a message telling me it can't open them. What am I doing wrong?
  2. FAO knap, when you have the time could you please take a look at my post on page 226? It is, I think, 16 posts down from the top. Muchly thankings.
  3. For knap or anyone who might be able to assist. I found today that when I go to knap's Tactics Links & Tactics Rankings that I can no longer get access to the pages where the tactics download links are. Am I doing something wrong or has something changed? Muchly thankings. Also I've just landed the job at Wolves After being sacked at Everton, Aston Villa and Newcastle United. Suggestions for appropriate tactics for these teams please, I'm assuming that they are all sub top teams.
  4. I've found that clicking onto any of the tactics no longer takes me to the screen that will allow me to download and install said tactics. Can someone please tell me why and if I'm doing something wrong? Muchly thankings.
  5. Usually when I try to sign a 'good' player, his agent wants him to have 'star player' status. When I offer any status below this transfer talks are ended by the agent. If I leave the transfers to my Director of Football the players is always given the 'Star Player' status. This means that I now have seven of these players and they will all want to play in every match. This will no doubt lead to problems with players that are 'Important' and 'regular starters'. The end result will lead to mass transfer requests. Has anyone successfully dealt with this because I'm finding it rather difficult to get players who can improve my team?
  6. Hull City by Jan Bakker, on Flickr knap, you and others should be able to see my screenshot of my narrow 4-1-3-2 formation/tactics. I've used old and new FM guides to come to this point, especially the new Pairs & Combinations. I've deliberately tried to keep all TI's and PI's to minimum. I'd muchly appreciate you opinion of my first formation/tactics effort for a few years. Also many thanks for your 4-1-3-2 post jus above which I'll use so that I can get some sort of differing results between the two sets. Muchly thankings.
  7. Hi knap, good to see a couple of 'ordinary' 4-1-3-2 tactics. Would it be possible for you to make them into 4-1-3-2 DM narrow sets please? I've been struggling to make a workable 4-1-3-2 DM narrow tactic for a long time. I find it very difficult get a half decent tactic to work unless I 'pinch' some TI's and PI's from people like your good self and I feel doing that is self defeating. Muchly thankings.
  8. For knap, please. After a few years of playing FMTouch, I've just set up a new save with FM20 full game. I'm unsure how to set up my three tactics for FM20 as you seem to have tactics for FMTouch or am I wrong? I'm playing as Newcastle United and would appreciate guidance on how to set up my three tactics. Muchly thankings.
  9. I've noticed on my pc that FM20 is on update 20.4 but FMTouch is still on 20.3. Is this correct or should FMTouch also be on 20.4? I have only seen a January update for FMTouch as 20.3. Muchly thankings.
  10. Ceyvol, I've got your excellent dark skin in FM 20. Is it possible for you to make a version that will work in FM 20 Touch? Thank you.
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