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  1. Finknottle

    FM19: Managers Background Pack

    It was a well mannered request. I suggest you get some manners too.
  2. Finknottle

    FM19: Managers Background Pack

    stevemc. it seems that the managers do not work in FMT. Not to worry. However I would like to have the 'long team names' for FMT if you are able to do them and have them downloaded using Mediafire please.
  3. Finknottle

    FM19: Managers Background Pack

    OK, stevemc. I'll download one of them and see what transpires.
  4. Finknottle

    FM19: Managers Background Pack

    Am I correct in assuming that all these will only work in FM19 but not on FMT?
  5. … Since the Twelve Steps Guide was first posted the game seems to have evolved way beyond them. Therefore, is it possible to still build a successful tactic/s around them or are they now obsolete?
  6. Finknottle

    For Knap please.

    Thank you Knap, I'll give your suggestion a try.
  7. Knap, which tactic/s do you believe might be the best for a Newcastle United save, muchly thankings?
  8. To Knap and warlock. EUREKA!!! I'm as thick as Angus McThick of Thicktown. Muchly thankings for yout time and assistance.
  9. Done that bit the tactics do not appear in the 'load' screen. Here is what the message reads, Adobe reader could not open 'tactics name' because it is either not supported file type or it has been damaged or sent as an email and wasn't decoded properly. I'm going to delete the tactics and re download them and start over. Thanks for trying to help me.
  10. Hi Knap, PC. I've just found that I can't install any downloaded tactics, not just yours, due to the Adobe reader message saying that it can't read the files as they may have been sent as an email or may be corrupted. I can't believe that. It has to be me doing something wrong. I'm not pc literate at all.
  11. I can download Knaps tactics but can't install them. I keep getting a message from Adobe reader saying that the download was sent as an email or has been corrupted. I can't believe that as everyone else doesn't seem to have had any problems. What am I doing wrong?
  12. Finknottle

    Assistance required please.

    Muchly thankings guys, it's a lot clearer now.
  13. Finknottle

    Assistance required please.

    Fifty views but not one response. Is this because my question is just stupid or is there no-one out there who can sensibly assist me, please?
  14. Because of poor health, for the past two/three years, I've been playing the FMT version of the game. Now that I'm back to pretty good health, I've decided to go back to the full blown game. I'd like some help regarding how to deal with two screens in particular. 1. Backroom team advice summary. How is the best way to deal with the myriad of options given by the ass. manager, ignore all or apply all, or pick and choose? 2. Pre match tactical advice screen. Again is it best to apply all advice or ignore all advice or pick and choose? I'm thinking that by taking any of the ass. managers advice it will disrupt my teams tactics and strategy for the worse. Any help is greatly appreciated. As an afterthought am I the only one who thinks that this is by far the best incarnation of, by far, the best 'footy' game around?
  15. Finknottle

    FM19 Tactical Changes

    Knowing me Rashidi, probably not. Muchly thankings, back to the drawing board.