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  1. I have decided to give this challenge a go, it looks quite fun. I have got my first job with Limerick in the Irish First Division. Will see what happens.
  2. I would love in future FM games to be able to select from a menu what version of the Match Engine to use alongside a new patch. I'm just getting a little tired of new Match Engine patches coming out every five minutes and pretty much messing my games up rather than improving them and having no ability to roll back to a state that I was more than happy with. When I have a good game going that I am really happy with then I like to stick with that game and that patch, particularly as I prefer to play longer career games and stick with the patch I am on for the duration of that game unless I choose to move up to the next Match Engine. Probably nigh on impossible to execute but this is a wish list after all....
  3. I'm really hoping the next patch is a big one for FM2013 and will fix many of what I consider silly little things in the Match Engine that stops this game being as enjoyable as it should and also fixes the player regeneration problems as well as the Steam Achievements problem (which whilst may not appear a serious issue compared to the first two but for people who enjoy doing these achievements as a side dish to the main game like I do it is really annoying). The Match Engine in the trial version, although of course being a trial version, I thought was shockingly bad and the subsequent patches have at least helped it get a to a level where you can get a serious game going. Given the improvements made already I am hopeful the next update will be make this game on a par with the final version of FM2012 (where it really should have been "out of the box") but until then I think I am going to wait rather than continue with this game. First time that has really happened for me in over 15 years of playing this game, usually I will persevere with the game in whatever state.
  4. I'm sorry if this has been posted before but I would like to relationships between fellow managers and players developed a bit more rather than just a comment if you like him or not, which I think is a little vague. I'm thinking mainly in the area of recommending players. You could possibly approach the manager of a national team with the idea of looking to develop a working relationship where they would not necessarily work as a scout but every now and again alert you to the presence of an emerging talent. For example, a relationship could be forged with the national manager of Ivory Coast, who could then based on that relationship recommend a 17-year old home-based player to come to the club for a trial with a view of a transfer. Another take on this is also being able to recommend players to other managers or affiliated teams that you may not want to sign but you think would be good for another team. This could then lead to friendships and afilliates. Also relationships with players who then move into coaching / management could also lead to a similar thing.
  5. <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">I really fear for SI and FM '09, because if there isn't any major changes then I fear a huge backlash from the public, something I think SI have been ignoring with dangerously over the last few year's. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> I think this is, despite the fobbing off it recieves from certain people, going to be an issue in the not too distant future if the competition continues to raise its game. Football Manager has been able to stay ahead of the pack for a very long time but I think the competition is on the right path and determined to actually be competition rather than second best as it has been for a very long time. From the people I have spoken to, there seem to be more and more people looking to patches to the point now where they ask when is the patch out before the game is even released! This can't be good for the game, it's like people are gearing up for it to fail which shouldn't be the case at all. And Miles Jacobson can reply all he likes about how it sells lots and lots of copies like he did when I previously mentioned this, the real question is how many people actually play and enjoy the game? Because if they do that, they will buy in the future. Personally, I prefer overall FM07. FM08 has its moments and it seems to be better for my type of games i.e. career games but it is a lot harder in my opinion especially given the financial change. Tactically I don't find it too much harder although I still find it difficult to express specifically what I want the team to do at certain points in the game given all he sliders and tick boxes. Hasn't stopped me being successful but I just think FM07 is more fun. Not half as fun though as managing in real life!
  6. I would like a feature when you first take over a club the news thing come up with a box much like the captaincy and budget item's to assign the person who will look after your reserve and youth teams and whether they renew contracts so you can sort it there rather than it being self set and almost hiding it in the Manager options section. Of course keep that so if it needs to be changed so be it. You could also have reaction from that e.g. coach a is really pleased you have given him such responsibility or coach b hopes this is a stepping stone to future management etc.
  7. Just an idea for the future game. It is fairly common in real life for teams with youth academies to basically cull the players from their squad that they won't feel won't make the grade. Many use an approach where they basically tell the player to find himself another club before his contract / scholarship finishes e.g. usually February / March time. The player then has trials at other clubs to try and win a contract there and if he is successful, he is released early and he signs. In FM 2008, I would like to have an option where you can say to a player who has 4-6 months to run on his contract basically to find himself another club. With this, the players agent then approaches clubs and basically tries to line a club up for his employee at the end of his contract, basically in bosman . This can be applied for youth teams and also first team players who do not feature in your squads.
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