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  1. Those screen shots are completely ridiculous. I absolute LOL'd with tears of laughter in my eyes when i heard City had signed Yaya Toure for £200k p/w IRL, morons! I'm only in 2012 and think Messi on about £275k p/w is top heavy. I got Tevez to sign a new deal a month ago - £150k p/w----->£220k p/w which I wasn't happy about but hes been immense for me and deserves to be my highest paid player. The bad news is he kept asking for a £3M 15 goal land maark bonus which is crap because he'll easily smash that, I thought I'd negotiated it down to £1.7M for 20 goals, but looking at his contract it says £3M for 15.
  2. 16 seasons, 8 as Aberdeen, 4 as Arsenal, 2 as Milwall. IRL it took about 2 years - this was on FM08 and as such I missed out on FM09 & FM10 completely!
  3. Thanks dude - it seems to work fine! Took the card out and installed the demo and it works! Totally struggling to get to grips with the changes since FM08 - so much info and the way the tool bars are etc.......the 3D seems to play fine although I couldn't see a stadium or crowd (saw a post about that earlier)! pre ordering this now!
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