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  1. Hi, I'm a few seasons in to my save - had a few seasons with Dover and got them up to League One. But I quite fancy Darlington 1883, currently bottom of the National League North. I just wondered if the game allows for them to move back to Darlington Arena if and when they get a bit more successful?
  2. It's a good attempt at writing a guide, well presented, but the focus is too narrow. You can't frame it as "how to master" the game but then entirely focus on playing as Real Madrid and signing players for £100M+, as that is not dealing with the basics of the game. Just some constructive criticism for you.
  3. Think that's only the PC version though isn't it? On tablet you are restricted to the three countries I think.
  4. 43 and been playing Football Manager and previous version since i was about 10! Prior to Championship Manager, played Football Manager on the Spectrum. Premier Manager series was good too and a little known game "Soccer Supremo" on the Acorn Electron was awesome in the mid eighties. Don't get quite as much time these days to play. Long gone are the 2am and 3am finishes. Usually too tired to get past 11pm these days with kids, work, house, wife etc but is still a great escape for me. I almost always play as Leicester (my team - season ticket holder since 1990) and this year's version is very special to me as Leicester are champions in it. In actual fact it is made the game world more plausable for me as I was always able to win the Prem with Leicester in the game but naturally assumed this was not possible in "real life" so the fact that they did makes the game world even more believable (if you see what I mean). Less said about this season the better of course.
  5. The plane crash was a terrible tragedy and I feel for all those affected. Especially since it seems that it was an entirely avoidable crash. So many lives lost or changed forever and the heart of the football club broken. I mean this with the very greatest respect. But I would be very interested if someone updated the database to reflect the new real world position, i.e. the squad will now be without the players and staff who were lost, and maybe update the proposed relaxing of loan and relegation rules if and when they are approved. Perhaps the game would have to be re programmed to have a more sympathetic chairman regarding results performance as well (maybe immunity from being fired in the first season?). I hope that I did not offend anybody by mentioning this - that is not my intention at all. But the forum is for discussion about the game, and although the club has been hit with this terrible tragedy and hearts are breaking, eventually the world and football will move on and Chapecoense will also move on. The ultimate rebuilding job in Football Manager.
  6. I noticed this too. This is a game breaker as far as I am concerned. You check Latest Scores during a match and then the Final Scores are totally different!
  7. I noticed this too. It bothered me sufficiently to stop playing. I don't have a screenshot but I think Arsenal were 3-0 up in the "Latest Scores" tab during my match, but afterwards, they'd lost 1-0!
  8. Am I missing something here? What is the "new" interface? I can't see an option anywhere to swap between new and old?
  9. I started another thread about this in the other section - didn't look here as wasn't sure if it was a "bug" or not? In fact, still not sure if this is a bug. The non committal reply from Alari doesn't confirm if it this feature is missing due to a bug and will be patched, or if the feature has been removed from the game?
  10. Hi. Really like FMM17 this year BUT I no longer seem to be able to check the goalscorers in other games? I am talking about games in the same division as my team. In previous versions, I was able to click on the score of other games and get the details of that match. Has this been removed?
  11. Hi. I am trying this out on my Portsmouth save. I usually play Leicester (who are my team) but wanted a challenge with a "fallen giant". I wondered about the complexity of tactics with less technically gifted players. Like in my Leicester game I usually play with Ramdetuer (or whatever it's called) but not sure if a lower league player would be as effective? Anyway, had no luck and decided to give your tactic a whirl. Didn't get off to a great start (lost 7-1 to Shrewsbury in the FA Cup - but did have a man sent off in the first 10 minutes). Couple of wins, couple of defeats. I think I'm going to get the sack anyway so I'll see how it goes!
  12. Had a not very convincing start with this tactic, but it is beginning to click now...
  13. Maybe. Actually I just sold Vardy to Manchester City for £19M. Strange this season - usually FM is much better then real life results for Leicester, but I'm having a hard time replicating our current form!
  14. I'm going to give this a go with my Leicester team. I can't win for toffee on this game! One question though about your tactic (and other tactics in general) - I notice that your striker is an F9, but in my squad my best striking option is Vardy whose best role is a defensive forward. Should I just change the role to DF? Or will that unbalance the entire tactic?
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