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  1. Good luck mate @OlivierL i hope you enjoy the save game and may it last until FM21
  2. the virgil game... a pity and certainly so late in the game looks like a good intake this year have a good ending of the season and enjoy your holiday!!
  3. What a great season so far!! Now a good youth intake and things will look very good. Great to see you advance in europe!
  4. What a great first reason! And some good new players with high calculation scores!
  5. Wow great season so far! Great calculations and sorting system, i am curious how class 21 will develop.
  6. Massive upgrade with the tracking of the personalties and media handling (wich i tought never would be this important for youth development)! I hope your spreadsheet is finished now and you can go on and take PSG from their throne
  7. Great first half of the season! Some nice wins you had there. Love to see the youth tracker and the % of progress in the roles!
  8. What a start! Ici c'est Paris FC!! Great result against rolemodel Neymar and co... Like the individual youth tracker!
  9. The squad looks ready for the start of the season! Some good incoming transfers,
  10. Congratz with the promotion! Ménez is going to be missed but you wil calculate a worthy successor! That is a very good HOYD you signed.
  11. In my save game they were relegated the 1st season, now in the 4th season they are back in L2, but after 3 games 0 points. So yeah not really a good squad i guess...
  12. Looks amazing and very detailed! Do you use copy paste for the calculation of the progress of Fadiga or do you use the all time progress view in FM? How do you know what attributes are responsible for changing the personality? The quality of the intake will rise if more money is put in without a doubt. Best of luck in the first season!
  13. Great season so far. Keep up the good work. Excited for the youth intake and your tracker
  14. great start dude! Love the calculators and the statistic analyses. A bit of a "moneybal" approach Hopefully your gamble pays off. How is the club's balance looking? Promotion can change the future of the club rapidly... Best of luck for the rest of the season!
  15. Sounds great! I am going to use the same approach in my Bolton save, as an intermediate to switch over to a youth only game, search filter with the 30 biggest cities/towns in the North West region in England. I have had back to back promotion to the Premier League ( first season now in EPL i am only allowed to buy U23 English players, season two only region players and season 3 will be as yt only + region only). But the method that Olivier uses is simpeler and more overlooking i guess.
  16. wowww looks good bro! Bonne chance! You put in a lot of work in the screens! This is something to keep in mind for me for FM21. Always interesting things you post.
  17. Looks great man! Cool and original challenge! Will be fun to read about in the viitorul. Good luck!
  18. Good luck buddy! I know you put in a lot of effort!
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