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  1. He's in last year of contract, he probably had a clause to extend it by a year, I do it all the time with players. So that's why it looks like he had a 6 year contract.
  2. I decided to play him in 10 and thankfully we won the league and he got a medal but a player who played in 5 games didn't get one so i guess the game makes it out to be 10.
  3. So how many games does a player need to appear in to get a medal? I signed a 33 year old Ryan Mason to my Spurs team and he will probably retire at end of season and if all things go well then i should win league and want him to end up getting a medal, I'm thinking that its 10 games but not 100% sure.
  4. Depends how far into the game you are, if Brexit hasn't happened yet then just grab as many newgens as you can.
  5. I think it was just to update the ad when your on the first screen when game loads up, its showing that FM is now on sale, this kept happening with 17 as well.
  6. I'm playing my first save with spurs before I start a real long term lower league save, just finished 7th season and have suffered a hard brexit. Its a lot harder, last year you could sign English players during the youth intake but I'm finding it really hard to sign anyone including when I agree a fee with the club the player doesn't wanna know as they've just signed a contract. Then later on if you try make a bid they want silly money like £100m+. Then the thing that ruined it for me was I had to sell a load of players because they couldn't get work permits for a new contract and I just accepted all offers but then one of them ended up getting a work permit and signed for Sunderland, not sure how that worked but it's annoying. It does make the game interesting, I can still sign foreign youth but have to send them on loan and hope at some point they get a work permit, it makes the champions league registration hard in the long run so you have to try and get as much English youth in as possible to plan for the future.
  7. What are the six continents classed as? I was taught seven in school (Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Antarctica, Australia/Oceania) so before I start could someone clarify this as don't want to get the wrong leagues loaded up.
  8. I done this, for some reason since the demo, I keep having crashes, never had issues with fm17 until they started doing those 0kb updates and for some reason it messed my files up. But this FM have constant crashes, even had this parsing error, did everything that was written in a guide to get passed that and the game works but still have random crashes during matches where I ended up saving the game before every match just in case as even though I have the 3 weekly auto save it would crash and I would lose that current match where I was always winning and then the match previous that I most of the time had won including smashing man city at home 7-0 in the league, I replayed that match like ten times as I just couldn't win then I think I finally won 2-0, which I'm glad I did as I managed to chase down man utd and win league by a point. If I had lost and it crashed then I would like to think I would replay it (using the instant result button as its part of the skin) until I had a loss of similar result, unless it was against arsenal then I'm sorry but there is no way I could bring myself to make sure I had a loss against them. But its never crashed on a loss always a win or game I was winning, the game it crashed on for me to have to replay city game was home to Barcelona where I was 1-0.
  9. Bought mine few weeks back for £20 from Aldershot fc, my cousin collected it as he goes to all the home games, he sent me pic of steam code, put that in job done, been playing ever since and still haven't got the CD, so not sure why these are done anymore for FM. When I phoned the club to say my cousin was picking it up I was tempted to say to girl on phone just open it up and give me the code and chuck CD in the bin.
  10. Anymore news on this, be interested to see what happens with how much the stadium can expand to. I'm wondering if its a geography thing where there is no space in Cambridge to build, I've never been there so not really sure, only reasoning started a save with them was because I done a save on ultimate soccer manager 98 I think it was and always kept an eye on them since.
  11. Lol and I've replied thinking it was you who I replied to originally. We'll blame it on the midweek blues.
  12. OK I didn't see this answer, where is that from? 20 years does make a bit of sense, if i had known that then I would've still changed the amount of seats I could upgrade but only to like 42-45k instead of 60k as like I said building new stadium but only allowing 3k upgrade seems wrong.
  13. Yeah, that what's I read, I was looking for similar answer to what you asked and then read people saying that you only get one new stadium and its very very unlikely you'll then get another one when you need it. You've done great to get Cambridge where they are in three seasons, I think I built my stadium in the championship but then bought the in game editor to change the available expansion to 60k or something so that my save wasn't ruined, i made Cambridge world beaters before I left and that wouldn't have happened if I was stuck in a 23k stadium, I hated that I had to cheat as such but I didn't think it realistic that a club would spend £150m on a new stadium for it to only be expanded by 3k seats.
  14. My bad, some text is missing for some reason. The game for me is on par with things like blocked shots, a striker is designed to shoot when he thinks he has even the smallest chance of hitting the target (which will cause keeper to make a save) if nothing else is on or he's greedy and wants to try score, the shot might go in, it might cause keeper to spill it or knock it out to an on coming player who scores the rebound. But you said you've never seen someone like Kane just shoot at players and I was saying that its what he does every game in real life, when he had a team mate free but will just shoot and it irritates me but then he has a high volume of shots and goals so what do I know about being a striker. I get the frustration with players missing the target frequently from a few yards and the ball goes five yards passed the post, in my save I have had that happen a lot but then I can't expect every shot to go in but I do like the match engine but things like the frequency of those missed attempts are annoying, in real life he would've prob scored but then the saying you would've bet your house on him scoring comes to mind. I apologise if I'm rambling, not very well at the min.
  15. We'll Kane does that pretty much every game, when he gets a sniff at goal he'll just shoot, and it does get blocked, its what he does, why he scores so many goals because he'll just shoot rather then pass , its one thing I hate in his game but then he scores so many goals. On whoscored site you can see he has pretty much same ratio of blocked/off target/on target shot's.
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