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  1. Not sure if this was mentioned, but I was able to assign a 18 year old to the AHL and I'm fairly certain this is not allowed.
  2. Yeah, sorry for the late response but I didn't havea save game anymore:(
  3. Yes. They keep getting news reports about how they are performing really well. Future stars. The board approves spending that much on them then turns around and says no when it comes to signing.
  4. When players get suspended it should let us know why, more then for getting a match penalty. For instance I would like to know if a player was suspended for a hit from behind or a hit to the head as an example.
  5. I have two rookies both rising stars and the board agrees to let me sign them for 925k per season 2 way contracts for the NHL. The issue is when these players accept it the board veto's the signing as they believe it is unrealistic....why would they do this when they agreed to the number earlier? They are both two way contracts.
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