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  1. After being away for a short while it would seem some fresh blood is required, I must get a trophy soon!
  2. Not a bad first season I am happy that I do not have to get too angry
  3. I felt my coffin move and I awake in a strange venue what is this place Reggina? Count Dracul is confused but not displeased to be in Italy. May his widom guide this team to eternal glory.
  4. Not good, must motivate players somehow. Can anyone give Count Dracul any ideas on how to do this..........
  5. First time round told him I was boss he accepted and also agreed to tutor. He left with a higher morale than he started! Have ignored him this time.
  6. Beacause in real life he was signed as a coach with his playing staus intact in order to act as a a last resort back up.
  7. This the second time in three months he has demanded first team football! Why?
  8. Same in Israel, league cup that no one takes seriously,
  9. Agree, although I would have pre-season training camps to enahnce fittnes with friendlies against low level teams. Then you could arrange international tours that could include a national XI.
  10. Count Dracul cares not for the league this season (unless we down) Cup Glory is what he craves!!!!
  11. So we have 1000's of clubs worldwide with youth aged 16. These players have really only started to blossom so how does a researcher know if he is going to make it or not. Surely they have taken an educated guess based on their own opinion in watching them, current facilities and coaches as well as feedback from various media sources. We can't always get everything 100% correct, yet I feel that the researchers do an admirable job. Whilst their may occasionaly be a liitle over valuation I feel they underestimate more. This aside it does not spoil my enjoyment for the game.
  12. Fair point and maybe Jeffers was a bad example but I am certain real life managers have made rash purchases of players based on a couple of good games only to discover they have bought a dud.
  13. Communication and Squad Rotation. BTW there are loads of threads about the same thing, look in those.
  14. Try telling this advise to Real Life Club Managers. I seem to remember a certain Arsenal manager paying a large amount for Francis Jeffers based on his perceived potential. What a fantastic piece of business that turned out to be!
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