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  1. Just changed from Windows 8.1 to Linux (Can't use that **** anymore). But now I can't play the game. Is there gonna be a Linux version of the game one day or I will have to come back to Windows?
  2. Same thing for me... They put Kane on the block and did not accept my offer (3 first rounder and Max domi)... 3 days later they put Kane on waivers and I got him for Nothing!
  3. I agree. Not sure Blackhawks would put Patrick Kane (maybe the best RW in the league) on Waivers like they did in the second season.
  4. All the teams i've tried had the same expectation... Reach the Playoffs..
  5. First, I have to say that I'm French so my English is not really good. I'ts nice to see that you have bring back this fantastic game alive. I've been playing it so much and keep playing. So I have to say that the new look is great and most of the bugs that I have seen have been report. Not sure for this one but there is way too much fired coach and GM in the game. I think that 13 coachs have been fired in the NHL in the first season... Also my own coach have been fired without me doing anything. I Know that I have a bad season but I didn't click to fired him! Thanks to keep updating the game.
  6. Same problem for me. No season ticket sales in 2nd season and a negative balance of about 7 millions per month. I'm always having my team at the floor of the salary cap way Under the team budget.
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