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  1. I am very happy with the game: I started a long save after 21.3 and I think that everything is great. I just noticed a thing, I think it's a bug: when I negotiate the contract of a player of a staff member, if I adjust the salary using the arrows, everything is working fine, if I insert with keyboard the amount, then it's like the import is not recognised because when I propose the new salary the player agrees but with the salary he requested before I edited it. I can solve it using arrows and not keyboard, however I would like to have 180k or 190k, I don't like to have 192k or something
  2. Thank you for the prompt answer, then I'll start a long save.
  3. The next patch will only include data update or there will be other fix?
  4. Yes, I think that 3 DC are the way to go in order to get something like that.
  5. I read several threads about construction from defense. I saw that primarly are employed or 3-CD systems or HB to drop between two central defenders. About the letter I give an example here below, the tactic is a 4-3-3 turning into a 343 when in possession with HB dropping between CDs: I would like to know if it would be possible to have RB joining CDs in order to obtain a transition like showed below. Maybe it should be implemented by SI a new role for fullbacks?
  6. I'm 45 and I started to play videogames when I was about 8 years old. Please believe me, it's a luxury to have forums like this and the opportunity to have patches and updates for the games which fix bugs and balance the gameplay.
  7. I think so too. IMHO it is good that there is more time to fix some bugs and to balance something. However, I would also welcome a "beta of the patch" in February if there is the need to test on a large scale some fixes.
  8. AC Milan ID1099 Paolo Maldini is set as Director, it is fine however it could be considered also to set him as Technical Director. About the roles, I would suggest something like that: Ibrahimovic - striker 20 and no other roles Kessié - preferred central position LEFT Chalanoglu - AMC20 AML15 MC15 and no other roles, preferred central position LEFT of two, LEFT/CENTRAL when three Rebic - AML20 Striker15 ML15, preferred central position LEFT Bennacer - preferred central position RIGHT Leao - Striker20, AMC 15, AML 15, preferred central position LEFT
  9. I did a double check using original database and I still see the duplicated IDs, please find below here the results.
  10. Roberto Baggio ID2000066940 retired person Roberto Baggio ID2000067560 retired person I think that one of these should be deleted from db. Gianfranco Zola ID2010071 non player ok Gianfranco Zola ID2000067515 retired person should be deleted Andrea Cossu ID706323 non player ok Andrea Cossu ID2000067553 retired person should be deleted Davide Astori ID2000067567 retired person Davide Astori ID2000067568 retired person I think that one of these should be deleted from db.
  11. Player development has a great impact on gameplay and immersion. I would like to discuss with all of you, using also examples related to football IRL. First of all I want to make clear my opinion about the current PA / CA system: - PA exists IRL and I think it is implemented correctly in the game, because everyone of us born with a certain DNA and through the first years of life he start to show and develop specific skills and talent, since the players and newgen in the game are already 15-16 yo, they already went through childhood and develop somehow coordination, technique and so o
  12. The dramatical drop of attributes for players has a huge impact on the gameplay.
  13. Yes, but I mean to give the guideline to researchers to do so and to implement name and surnames with these letters in the pool for regens names. The same with the transliteration for Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian people.
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