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  1. Ferenc Puskas ID2000066854 Ferenc Puskas ID2000067542 ID2000067385, ID2000067385 and ID2000067385 are nameless
  2. Mario Been ID601624 should be set as retired person Wim Kieft ID37018287 should be set as retired person
  3. Paolo Rossi ID43059662 should be set as retired person Odoacre Chierico ID43023005 should be set as retired person Franco Baresi ID52 ok Franco Baresi ID20000067559 should be deleted from db Paolo Maldini ID45 ok Paolo Maldini ID2000067558 should be deleted from db Javier Zanetti ID7931 ok Javier Zanetti ID2000067564 should be deleted from db Davide Lucarelli ID1403620 missing playing history and non playing history as a player Davide Lucarelli transfermarkt Davide Lucarelli player history
  4. I agree with you. I wrote a month ago my ideas for new models of player development, if you guys are interested I could post them here as well.
  5. I never noticed it, thank you very much for the information.
  6. In the past, I think until FM17 it was possible to add languages we know when we created our manager profile, now this option have been removed. I would like to have it again.
  7. I noticed that now for Scandinavian, Romanian, Turkish and some other nationalities are allowed "special" letters, i.e. letters outside English alphabets. For instance if we look at Milan we have: Simon Kjær Ciprian Tătărușanu Hakan Çalhanoğlu I love this, I think it's much better like that. However I would like to have the same also for Slavic names, also because these letters are like Č Š etc are used on the t-shirt of players. I give you some examples:
  8. Player development IMHO is the area which requires more improvement. I hate to be forced to sell players when they're just 32-33 yo...
  9. I think it's difficult to balance it properly: with FM20 it was the opposite, DLP had highest ratings almost in every match. I really hope they will fix it properly with next patch.
  10. Please delete this thread: I reinstalled FM 2021 Editor cleaning all folders in C drive named "Editor 2021". Now everything is working fine. My fault.
  11. I started to do some editing with the pre-game editor and I noticed that: - city of birth for newly created people is not present - nation contract for a newly created non-player is not available - future transfer for a newly created non-player is not available - preferred formation for a newly created non-player is not available - tendencies for a newly created non-player are not available - relationships for a newly created non-player are not available - playing and non playing history for newly created people are not available - achievements for newly
  12. I think this is an interesting topic to discuss because the player development has a great impact to gameplay and immersion. I would like to discuss with all of you, using also examples related to football IRL. First of all I want to make clear my opinion about the current PA / CA system: - PA exists IRL and I think it is implemented correctly in the game, because everyone of us born with a certain DNA and through the first years of life he start to show and develop specific skills and talent, since the players and newgen in the game are already 15-16 yo, they already went through ch
  13. I started a week ago a new game, using files and everything was fine. Today I noticed that players are all grey. There was an update? I remember something like that happened about 5-6 years ago.
  14. I didn't mean anything based on the etnicity of a player but on the context where he's training, playing and developing. Playing in Brazil for instance IRL is not like playing in England or Italy, the approach is completely different. In Brazil they focus more on tecnique, in England on intensity and in Italy...well, until 20 years ago it was more focused on defending and technique, now they focus more on tactical attitude, starting from youth teams. Of course this should be a subtle trait, not something dramatic.
  15. After 10 years in game, I've noticed some issues related to regens: AGE: we should get them from academy at 14-15 yo, not at 16-17. ROLES: the best regens playing in the position of central midfielder are always deep lying and advanced playmakers, it's really hard to find a winning ball midfielder or a box to box or a carrilero; the same goes for defensive midfielder: almost all DLP, seldom winning ball midfielder, I yet have to find a great half back or defensive midfielder; the same goes for other roles as well: seldom I saw sweeper or libero, sometimes wing back, never saw
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