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  1. I would like to share with all of you some thoughts about our beloved Football Manager. I analyzed the time I spend with FM: - when I start the career, I spend about two hours to set up options and level of detail, replace the staff for first team and youth teams, set up all scouting duties, tactics and schemes for corners, free kicks etc. I think that the possibility to save options and level of detail (as for the game setup already present) would be a big improvement, because usually we all start 3-4 careeers before starting the long one; - if I start from Serie B or lower division (I am speaking about Italian leagues, but it works for every nation) the best way to achieve results fast is to get youngsters on loan: it is sufficient to look into best U21 teams (Germany, France, Holland, Italy...) and top teams to build up a team of very talented young players. IRL, having a team of 19-20 yo players, even if very talented, would not lead to great results, however in FM I can lead the worst team in Serie B to win the league with more than 90 points in 38 matches... - there are tactics which with all kind of players will get best results, gegenpressing with 4141M or 442 diamond formation for example, I consider myself an expert of FM with good understanding of football in general, in the end of the day I find myself choosing from "what I know will work in FM" and "what I like, I know would work IRL, but wouldn't lead to excellent results in FM". Last example: I made a comeback in Europa League, from 3-1 to 3-4, winning the match, because I switched from 4141 normal to a 2431 positive, exciting but not realistic at all... - again on tactics: I think the way of describe AI managers with parameters is confusing for most researchers, wouldn't it be better to assign specific tactics on the specific manager? For instance gegenpressing to Klopp, tiki taka to Guardiola and so on...at least it would feel better playing against their team and clearly recognize different tactical approach; - when tactics are ready and the transfer market is done, all we have to do is to press space bar, go through several repetitive actions (comment on how players are training, answer all the time same questions from media etc), then assign scouts to youth players appearing in U21, U20 and U19 national teams, expecting to get someone with potential near to 5 stars and sign him, this translate in a lot of repetitive micro management and running through matches and seasons waiting that young prospects will reach their potential. This is not a critic or a rant, I wanted to just share my opinion and know if some of you agree, in order to discuss if and how the game should be improved in order to be "more fun".
  2. I agree with all of this. Plus I want to add that the achievements should be linked to previous results of the team: I managed to bring Pisa from Serie B (winning the league) to Serie A the first season, the next season 3rd in Serie A and so qualified for Champions League. Pisa best ranking in the history was 11th in Serie A, however I still in favourite staff, not even an icon of the club.
  3. This is football and it has to be like that. The amazing thing of this sport is that a second division team can win in a single match against a top team. It's not basketball where you look at the stats of teams and you already know which will be the result.
  4. I think it would be cool to have particular tricks which identify a player, for instance: - la croqueta, made famous by Michael Laudrup and Andres Iniesta; - Veronica or Marseille turn, with variations from 180 to 360 degrees, honouring Cruyff, Zidane and Maradona; - la rabona, which I often see already in the game, but too often and made by players with not excellent technique, maybe needs to be fixed; And so on... It would be great to have a particular dribbling / trick associated to some players...and to the possibility to add a particular trick to famous players for the different nations. So that if there will be a french regen which has central offensive midfielder role, amazing potential...and "Marseille turn" as favourite trick, it will be claimed by media as "the next Zidane".
  5. I think it would be a nice add to have the name of players represented in capital letters when they are on the pitch, since this is the way the name is written on the back of game t-shirts.
  6. 1) I've noticed that players which are indicated as "the new XXX" in their profile referred to a "midfield playmaker" are often wingers. I think this is wrong. For instance in my save I have Vincenzo Millico, which is a striker and winger and it's advertised as the new Pirlo. I've checked in the database with the editor and under Famous Players for Italy, Pirlo is indicated as "midfield playmaker", so the mistake is not in the db. 2) I think the ratings for Deep Lying Playmaker are way too good, I've noticed this playing with various styles, but if I've a DLP playing as DM, he will always have the best ratings in the team: I think that maybe the weight of successful passes it's too heavy.
  7. I would like to know if it's possible to change player hair color in FM 20 using in-game editor.
  8. Yes, I remember it was something like that. However in past editions there where players in game which didn't have a preferred side, now its not like that: the game is assigning the preferred side also to players which don't have a preferred side in the db.
  9. Thank you for sharing your experience, I want to try as well to make the player change their preferred side. It also may have something to do with their versatility and preferred foot.
  10. I would like to know if the preferred side of the player is relevant in the game or not. I've noticed that while in the past editions of the game there was the possibility to have players which didn't have a side preference, in FM 2020 there is always a side preference, not only for regens or real players for which it's specified in the DB, but its assigned even to player which don't have preferred side in the DB.
  11. I am interested as well, in particular I would like to limit transfers of foreign players.
  12. I would like to have more balance among european leagues, not having English teams, top 3 in Spain and PSG buying every promising player I also would like to modify the Brexit so that English team have a limit in buying foreign playes. Could you please explain me how to do it? I don't want to change dramatically reputation of leagues and teams, but adjust it and find a way to adjust incomes and tendency to spend money of all the teams. I miss the times when we had Steaua Bucarest and Red Star Belgrade able to win the European Champions Cup.
  13. Yes, there is a transfer update. Usually the release of the patch is delayed to march because the Chinese transfer window ends in the end of February, however this year the Corona virus is going to stop the Chinese Superleague, so I was hoping to get third patch released sooner.
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