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  1. Now everything seems to work fine, thank you very much for your help.
  2. I have had the same issues with all the last three editions of FM (17, 18 and 19). I install the game, it runs fine. Then I shut down and restart the PC, the screen becomes black in the start menu. I need to do CTRL+ALT+CANC to be able to exit the game and restart the computer. I reinstall AMD drivers and the game is running fine the first time after reinstall, however if I shut down and restart the PC, the problem start again. I want to point out that: 1) it is happening since FM 2017 2) I've reinstalled the AMD drivers a lot of times, I've reinstalled OS several times and I even switched from RX480 to RX580, but the problem still there 3) I'm playing also Civilization VI and I never had any problem.
  3. I am happy that I have been patient and didn't buy the game. The feedback on 19.3 say to me that is better to wait for FM 2020, hoping that ME issues will be fixed and AI will be improved.
  4. I I think the game should emulate it well if the inputs are correct, I think we should have a look at the tactical attributes of Guardiola and Klopp vs Simeone and Mourinho in order to understand which are the attributes that have a major impact on performance.
  5. I think it would be interesting to look in the editor at the tactical attributes assigned to Guardiola, Mourinho, Pochettino, Klopp etc. and then discuss here if they reflect theird style IRL. Then we could agree to change some of these attributes and launch a test, to see how they will perform.
  6. I would like to edit the db in order to have AI managers playing in a way similar to real life. Guardiola with positional football, Klopp with gegenpressing and so on... Could you please explain me what exactly mean the different tactical attributes and what is your feeling about how they are in the official db?
  7. Is it possible to set up future transfers of managers and staff as we do for players?
  8. I think there is already a use: you can't hire staff which is earning more than yourself, so it's important to have a high salary in order to being able to offer higher salary for coaches, scouts etc.
  9. Matches played with U20 and U18 teams are seen as friendly matches for the player development?
  10. Delvi

    Under 17 Teams

    I think that having U17 teams will add more realism for leagues as Italy where IRL there are U19 and U17 teams instead of U20-U18 as in the game. It would be great to have also U17 World Cup as IRL. I know that for legal reasons SI can not allow in database players under 16, however the problem of scarcity of players for U17 teams would be present only in rare cases (there are plenty of 16yo players for each team in database) and it would disappear from second season, when regens will start to appear.
  11. I have a question about the match time: is it relevant for the development of player if he plays friendly matches and with the youth team or if he plays on loan in an actual league?
  12. I noticed that Serie A teams are "razed" by English teams in the first couple of seasons. Which are the ways to make a team more inclined to buy top players and keep the best ones?
  13. Could you please explain me how to do it, step by step?
  14. Hi Felix, Please find attached the file, sorry for the delay. Cheers, Luca DxDiag.txt
  15. I've a RX580 with updated drivers: when I open FM18 it start to give me flicking black screens. I don't have any issues with other games or applications. I've noticed that if I reinstall the AMD drivers than it's working fine but only until I reeboot the PC: after reeboot it begins to give the same problems as before driver re-install.
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