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  1. Been using 4-2-4 as a primary tactic for many editions of FM with Man Utd. It will work if you have a strong squad which dominates over the other teams. For similar strength teams or close rivals, may have to sacrifice one striker for an AMC/MC/DM depending on how you want to play.
  2. There seems to be less interest for higher level GK loans in the game. I have a few wonderkid goalkeepers but none of them were asked for a loan, offered them out for 0% wage and none is interested. Whereas for lower level and less developed ones, I don't even need to offer them out, plenty come asking.
  3. Don't be too happy, what you have done have only solved the surface problems. The underlying effect is that because of the rejection of the new contract demand from the agent, the agent now hates you. In the future, if you have to sit down for a new contract, you will face more difficulties. To bypass this stupid agent unfriendliness, just do the agent relations improving trick offered by some intelligent posters.
  4. You guys never notice each time you reject a nuisance new contract demand from the crook agent, he develops a level of hatred in his opinion of you. To prevent unrealistic uncalled bids for your player, try to set a (un)realistic value on all your players' asking value. That will reduce the occurrence of the agent asking for a new contract everytime a bid is rejected.
  5. GK match ratings

    A fantastic reply I was looking for, now looking at my game match report, my GK did have two brilliant saves from the wordings of "did brilliantly" and "did fantastically well". Those two shots were long range efforts and the only efforts on target by the opponent, hence I didn't realise the brilliance of the saves. I guess those two brilliant saves heavily boasted the ratings to 9.1, although the saves weren't as important as I was leading 7-0 on aggregate in that match. In another game where I won 1-0 away, the GK got a 6.9 despite making similarly 2 saves, 1 from a clear cut chance. Perhaps, that save was not fanciful enough, commentary was "saved and deflected the ball clear". I argue that the GK ratings should base more on the influence the save made to the outcome of the match, rather than the quality of the saves. Probably, it may be a programming challenge but it can be a difference I will like to see for future editions. I have noticed the GK ratings have been boosted slightly from the past editions but still hindered by the lower defensive ratings, a welcome change still. Thanks for your explanation.
  6. GK match ratings

    This is not good. I had a CB who was passing badly and have a few missed shot attempts and we conceded two goals. His rating was 6.2 at 90 minutes. I scored two goals in injury time to win 5-2 and his ratings shot up to 7.0 for because the team does well. The other problematic area for ratings is for the ball winning centre midfielder. In almost every game, he will score 6.9 despite winning tackles and passing well, albeit short simple passes. That is his role and he does it well but he get poor ratings as compared to his team-mates.
  7. How did my Gk achieve a rating of 9.1 in a game? He made two comfortable saves from long range and did practically nothing in a game I dominated. No assist, very little passes or no exceptional distance covered. In the same game, my striker who scored 2 goals only achieved a 9.2 in comparison. In most games, the GK ratings will be at 6.9 or 7.0 because he has practically not much to do. The match ratings does not make much sense at all.
  8. He is very close to his peak after the patch update, so you wouldn't see much drastic improvement in his attributes. Even before the latest patch, I can't get him to reach his full PA despite him playing regularly and exceptionally well. I suspect his average professionalism is hindering his full progress.
  9. From your experience, do you have any idea on any methods to get the players to list your club as your favourite club? It seems rather random and often happens in the first year when they joined the club, having high loyalty (hidden) helps. That is what I observe anyway.
  10. If the player you intend to rest has some form of jadedness, the player will appreciate your efforts to rest him, subsequently you will see a PR sign indicating that he feels that he has a good relationship with you, i.e. it can be used as a way to build up relationship with your player.
  11. Toughest Month of Fixtures?

    13/4 Arsenal (H) 16/4 Liverpool (A) 19/4 Man City (N) 23/4 Barcelona (A) 26/4 Chelsea (H) 30/4 Barcelona (H) 3/5 Man City (A) 7/5 Chelsea (A) Some crazy matches ahead due to re-scheduling
  12. Agent Options

    These are some good options up there. A great improvement from the current frustrating and mechanical dealing with the agents. Relationships with the agents should not be simply based on the success of contract negotiations. And please GET RID of the agents adding a level of dislike for you everytime you reject a unreasonable new improved contract demand.
  13. That is what the real life Balotelli is doing to Mancini now. He is simply not listening but Mancini has no problems with that as long as he keeps on scoring goals for fun.
  14. Bumping this for FM 2012. Let's see how many years do we have to wait for a positive change...
  15. If you are playing a top tier club and have funds to sign Ganso and Neymar, sign one of them first. Ask for a recommendation for first team signing and his best mate Neymar will be recommended, sign Neymar and Ganso will be extremely happy. Both Ganso and Neymar will list you as a favourite personnel and Neymar will learn the language of your country immediately. (a casual observation, not entirely sure)