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  1. Scouting Problems.

    OK so my chief scout keeps sending me update reports...like 5 in 1 day regarding Pascal Chimbonda (scout in 2015). So question 1...how do i stop that? I click his assignments and notice theres like 30 of them in there...some with 400 odd reports of which i can only see 1. How do i clear his assignments and delete reports cuz its just its just bonkers right now. Thanks for any ideas!
  2. Idea: Give Instructions to a Sub!

    oh wow...thanks for that guys!
  3. Wouldnt it be awesome and more realistic if you could talk to a sub right before he went out? Heres my suggestion....when it asks you to confirm changes to tactics it can ask you if you want to say anything to the player heres some scenarios that this would be useful: 1) You're behind and you're sending the super-sub: "go out and make a difference!" 2) You're way ahead and want to waste time: "enjoy the run-out" 3) Player coming back from injury: "take it easy....just focus on getting match fit again" 4) Young player going out there : "prove a point" what do you guys think? what are some other scenarios you can come up with?
  4. joe hart kicks the ball forward after a pass to the back...he then decides to fall over injured....sunderland counter and its a 1 on 1 with the keeper still laying there. then the commentary says malbranque kicks the ball out of play....which is apparently inside the 6 yard box. everyone stops. then malbranque kicks the ball into the empty net...goal. um...what?
  5. dude. im getting like 2/3 guys injured per match...its not even funny. is this a bug...im using 9.3, i thought the issue was addressed. if it isnt a bug, what can i do to fix it? anything with training etc? thanks.
  6. Conceding Pens!

    thanks a lot guys!
  7. Conceding Pens!

    ya they do suck...that is for sure. haha great. thanks man.
  8. Conceding Pens!

    Howdy ya'll im currently managing FC United of Manchester and man alive....my players are conceding penalties like OJ Simpson's run ins with the law. What on earth can i do to prevent this?! any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks and Gig 'Em.
  9. ok so i had to reformat my computer, lost the game and was wondering if there was anywhere i could download it again? Thanks.
  10. WWSM Mac digital download

    cmon guys this is getting pretty ridiculous
  11. direct download?

    when will this be available for Macs?
  12. Worldwide Soccer Manager 2009 in Canada

    pathetic...all you know is that youre working on it? we knew that about 3 weeks ago too.
  13. Known issues and solutions - FAQ

    on hte mac demo patch...i think it supposed to allow you to use the gma 950 for 3d view. even with the patch im still freezing up. any ideas?
  14. as the title suggests....loading up the demo patch doesnt allow me to use the 3d engine, my entire computer freezes up. did anyone else ahve this issue? i have a 13 inch black macbook...runing 10.5.5
  15. WWSM Mac digital download

    ya this is ridiculous