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  1. There's a fine line between smart manipulation and cheating. It's safe to say you're on the former side. ;)
  2. Mourinho used a 4-3-3 with Porto and Chelsea(first spell). So are you saying they are not 'Mourinho tactics'?
  3. The thing Mourinho is famous for is pragmatism. This has meant that he always changes his system according to the need of the hour. Hence it is rather difficult to emulate his 'system' perse. I believe that to emulate him, we must be pragmatic ourselves. I suggest underlying the common parts of his systems at Porto, Unaio Leiria, Benfica, Chelsea, Inter, Man Utd and Real Madrid. These are his principles. Based on this we should develop our own system at the club of our choice, according to the players available and the overall quality of the squad.
  4. Unheralded talents, will cost about 3bn in total- 1. Lionel Messi. 2. Cristiano Ronaldo. 3. Neymar. 4. Manuel Neuer. 5. Luis Suarez.
  5. IMO, at 28 years of age and with that value, I'd sell him. His technicals aren't great and there are many viable options out there. One might consider keeping him for the first season and then cashing in(as his value might increase). I feel Icardi is a pretty good replacement for him even though he'd probably not come.
  6. Thanks a lot. So basically, a BWM is a toned down version of a standard CM.
  7. The ball winning midfielder's role when the team is not in possession is quite clear - closing down, tackling, winning the ball, etc. But what exactly is his role when the team is in possession? Thanks in advance to whoever replies. :3
  8. It has been a really good read. This thread definitely has potential. Keep the updates coming! P.S.: Stop tinkering so much maybe?
  9. Pardon me if this has been asked before. What do the colours on the heat map each indicate? For example, which colour means that there is has been more play in that zone? I watched your videos and subscribed, they're awesome, KIU.
  10. Sits Narrow? Your player is more Beckham than a Rodriguez. He'll provide crosses from deep. I think sits narrow is rather important. Also, the attacking mid occupying the pocket is very important. He must be able to drift off wide or act as a second striker in order to leave space for the man coming inside.
  11. I've had immense success using 2 BBMs in a 3 man midfield with one's PIs slightly edited.
  12. Basically you want pressing right across the pitch, and a whole lot of fluidity in the players' positioning and passing?
  13. I would suggest the regular thing. CCCs can be misleading, check whether the chances are actually that easy. As someone wisely observed, your TIs and Roles don't seem to match. Your Roles aren't much suited to the type of game you want to play(according to your TIs). Players on W-A with the 'Cut Inside' trait does REALLY well, might want to try that. Look here, your AP-A and F9-S can link up and create, but for whom? Your wingers aren't cutting inside. On top of that, with Work Ball Into Box enabled, long shots are also lesser. So yeah. I would suggest changing one of the wingers to an IF-a, creating some dynamism. You could also have a CF-s I'm sure quite a few of us have this problem, dominating the game and then this happening. Is the opposition scoring from counters? You might want to drop a CM back into the Dm strata. Counter attacks are quite effective on FM. Cheers.
  14. What is your exact philosophy? Could you explain? This is quite an interesting formation.
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