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  1. I'd love to see a screen of that last one . Anyway, do you guys think this coach is ever gonna be succeful in England?
  2. I'm not too surprised ya said that . Would be the Dutch pronounciation of my first name (Björn). Registered like that when I just wanted to lurk . Any way, I wonder how they fitted that on his shirt
  3. First of all, this is my first topic here /wave. Been lurking these forums a bit and decided it was time to make a topic. I think everybody who has some CM/FM experience knows the feeling. You're either scouting or playing a team, and you stumble on a player that just makes you go 'what the hell'. This could be cause it's a funny combination of names, an incomprehensible last name, or maybe even no last name at all. This is the topic to show these players I'll start out on a last name that really surprised me: Reza Who? Curious to see what you've found! Regards