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  1. Yeah, I've found that no matter what you do with the tactics, there still isn't quite the sense of urgency you'd expect to see when a team is chasing a game with 5 minutes to go, like for example seeing your players hurry after the ball if it goes out of play, so it is very frustrating when your team is chasing a game and they're not showing the sort of urgency you'd see a team irl show.
  2. Yeah, it feels like its been a bit broken for a few editions now, I know the argument in defence of it is always 'well irl, fans are fickle anyway', which may be true, but they're not completely stupid like the fans in FM, being disappointed with good draws away to teams above you in the league, only being 'satisfied' with significant wins, disappointed with narrow defeats to teams from higher divisions, etc.
  3. Yeah the goalkeeping is poor in this game, I almost lost my job because of one of the worst things I've seen in FM the other day. Just a routine overhit pass up field from the opposition, that that just trickled its way to my goalie for a routine collect. Yet my goalie for no reason whatsoever decided to dive for the slow moving ball and almost in slow motion, it bounced over him and into the goal, stunned. Thankfully, we equalised a got away with a draw, but I think if we hadn't, I would have been sacked.
  4. Another thing I've noticed, is that no one (bar a few teams like Celtic Nation in the NL) in the edited leagues seems to want to score any goals. 10-15 games into the season and looking round the leagues at step 3 and below and virtually no player has scored more than 3 or 4 goals and there are a lot of low scoring games with very few games with more than 3 goals, is this something to do with just the game in general, sorry I've only just got FM14?
  5. Both Darlington and Kettering went up and now attendances are pretty much what you'd expect them to be, though still not sure what happened in the first season and I've also noticed around the levels below Conference level, certain clubs having a set Saturday league attendance throughout the season, for instance Wealdstone won the Ryman/Isthmian Premier, yet every one of their league attendances on a Saturday was 250, even the last day of the season (which for a title winning side usually increases quite substantially), it was 250, very strange. Movements between leagues look generally fine, and at county level, there were a few movements sideways that have happened before irl as well, though not sure how the game managed to put Thurrock in the Northern Premier League Division One North!
  6. Thanks very much for this. A few things, is there a reason why the county leagues have been given such high reputations (45), which leads to clubs that usually would get 50, getting regular crowds of 300? And also I notice there's a few oddities, like for instance both Darlington and Kettering at step 4 are getting very low crowds, Darlington only 200 (irl its around 1000) and Kettering getting exactly 20, yes 20 every single league match (irl its around 500/600), any ideas as to what could be causing this?
  7. He had a fantastic career with Rushden and Diamonds I'll have you know But which CM/FM (I assume CM) was he a wonderkid? And when we say wonderkid, I assume we mean potential Premier League or International star do we?
  8. In the CM days as a 10 year old I was a shameful cheater, not only would I manage Barca, but I'd have to give them as much cash as possible as well to get all the best players. Yet still couldn't win the Champions League lol. I certainly did quite a bit of reloading as well, especially for things like playoff finals, I remember reloading a final about 10 times before I won it! But since FM05, I've grown up and just taken annoyances like having no money or losing playoffs (which i think I've failed to win my last 5 playoff campaigns) as a challenge and while the temptation to reload is always there, I just accept it and remember you certainly can't reload irl if you lose.
  9. So did I! Went quite regularly to see them play at Farrar Road and then the new stadium, including the season where they won the league a few years back and I've thought about managing them on FM but the problem with being in that league is that the best you can realistically hope for is maybe if you're lucky winning the odd European tie here and then if you're drawn against someone from a league even worse than the WPL, I remember TNS drew Liverpool a few years back which must have been good for them, but that's the exception. And domestically, its poor as well, barely anyone can manage crowds of more than 200 and you're never going to get more than conference standard football (plus of course only Bangor have managed to challenge TNS's dominance, though they look set to continue), so I think some clubs would be better off being back in the English system really, cause bar a couple of European ties at the start of the season, its generally pretty dull being in the WPL and I know some Bangor fans were moaning about the fact they're meeting the same old part time teams several times a season, so I think I'd find it a bit boring managing them tbh, I'd much rather manage an English non league team with the dreams of promotions and cup runs and getting to play big pro teams or even premiership teams if you do well. I'd be interested to hear any stories of European success with a WPL team though, just getting to the group stages of a tournament would be a huge feat for a WPL team.
  10. Out of interest, how does the game graphically show this in the ME, are the terraces shown as empty, or does it not recognise it?
  11. My youth team lost a shootout 31-30, best I've seen in FM.
  12. Must have had a more lenient ref than me, my best striker got a straight red for that, couldn't believe it! It was from a goalkick and yes he jumped in the air with his arm up but I really can't see how it warranted a red, a yellow for such a handball perhaps, but red?! I appealed but it was unsuccessful, though thankfully they didn't extend the ban any further than one game. But other than that I do see handballs very rarely, certainly can't recall a penalty ever being given cause of a handball.
  13. Yeah this, with FM2012 it got to the point where the fan was constantly on throughout the matches and every match was incredibly laggy to the point where I couldn't be bothered to play either. Though my laptop in general was running really slowly, so I thought I'd have a look at the vents and found a thick layer of dust that was obviously preventing the laptop from being properly ventilated. So removed the dust and lo and behold with proper ventilation, it was like a new laptop and FM started to run smoothly again, couldn't believe how simple it was and thank god I did it otherwise I would have gone and spent £500 on a new laptop.
  14. This is what I always do when on a bad run of form, just do whatever I can to stop the rot and if means playing ridiculously negatively, 5 at the back and contain philosophy then so be it and usually I can force a 0-0 draw, so at least I've stopped the bad run and hopefully can turn a corner from there.
  15. Ever since the editor changes to add leagues came in, its only ever been a level 7 or 8 team for me, have just started with Concord Rangers this year. Thought of changing to professional league sides last year, but couldn't be bothered, I love the challenge of semi-pro football, no transfer budget, crowds of a few 100, dreaming of a lucrative cup run and drawing a league club or even better, dreaming of taking a tiny club from nowhere to the FL, half the team aren't even on a contract usually and where your entire annual wage budget is about as much as Wayne Rooney earns in a couple of days!
  16. What's been improved to the match engine, as with FMH2012 the highlight clips were frustratingly short and there was no way round it, I recognise that its obviously much watered down from the full pc version and being a handheld game, most people will not have the time to watch full matches but it would still be nice to have longer clips, have replays and be able to watch highlights again if possible.
  17. Absolutely love this thread, so pleased I'm not the only one! Have to admit I do commentate on games to myself, do interviews with myself and I also can't help summarising my team's performance as if I was a reporter
  18. Lots of leagues I'd love to see added, especially Oceanic ones but most of those are probably unrealistic and won't ever happen so I would like to see the New Zealand and Egypt leagues realistically.
  19. i totally agree. RVD a world class finisher for me on my save has around 8 1-on-1's and only scores 1. he should score at last half of them </div></BLOCKQUOTE> I agree as well, also when the player is through and instead of running straight for the goal, he runs out wide and away from the goal and ends up crossing it or losing the ball completely! It is nice when sometimes the player does score in these situations though but this seems way too rare.
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