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  1. I've put this in the wishlist every year since the 'view only' option started. I want the ability to split a countries leagues with playable an view only. Like having Championship and Premier League as playable, and League 1 and below view only. I usually have the top 2 leagues of a few countries as playable and several surrounding countries as view only. It seems strange that I can see all these lower leagues of small countries but can't see the English, Italian and Spanish lower leagues because I only wanted the top 2 as playable. Plus we could follow loaned players and feeder clubs better.
  2. Thanks Nova, just fixed mine, you're a champion. I also hope you get time to do an add on or something, I'm pretty sure yours had a lot more player and team chants. Not that I don't appreciate the work that Bennico has done, he's a champ as well.
  3. Steam\SteamApps\common\football manager 2010\data If you found your Steam folder you should be able to follow this path.
  4. Mine still says Football Manager, better not get changed to WWSM.
  5. Same here, I used to do it all the time. Now I just hover it behind the byline somewhere. It's never on the pitch though, unless I'm clicking a player to check his name or clicking on my one of my own players as a way of saying "pass to this guy here, you clowns".
  6. Good on you for leaving FMG . I signed up there weeks ago just for this pack and still haven't received the confirmation email that was going to come in 10 minutes . After waiting for 3 or 4 days I went and signed in anyway and it worked but it would have been easier and quicker if the confirmation had been sent.
  7. I didn't have a printer for a couple of years, no real need for one. Anyway having just got a new printer I thought I'd be able to print stuff off like the old days. I remember clicking a 'print all' button and having my squad list, fixtures, league table and stats(I think) all printed out together. I could then have my options set to 4 sheets per page, all the info I needed on 1 A4. Beautiful it was, could take it to the garage while having a smoke and suss out my team and fixtures and stuff. Yesterday I tried to do something similar and it was very frustrating. Firstly there is no 'print all' type function anymore, which could save plenty of time. No worries I'll print to file and then copy and paste them together to get the effect I'm looking for - 4 sheets per page. They come out landscape and the thing looks ugly. So I change my options and have them printing in a squashed format to fit a portrait A4, but whenever I change this I can't print 4 sheets per page and have to settle for 1 sheet per page. It will do me for now, but surely it is easier for everyone to have a print all option and for when it prints to be portrait and not landscape style. Why are the printing options from 7-8 years ago better than 08's options?
  8. I suggested this before but in a thread that seems to have drowned. I reckon when we go on holiday we should be able to choose to do a private scouting mission. Choose a destination(country/continent) and the length of time you intend to holiday for, then the game would give you a list of the games that are being played in the time your there. You could then select the games you want to view and do your own scouting. This may not be needed for managing a high reputation club that can scout everywhere, but it could be for managers who can't scout outside their own club or continent. This could also be a way of doing something with your own wages, not that I care about that but I've seen a few people wanting to do something with their own money in the game.
  9. -When praising players we should get a few different reasons to give for praise not just form, maybe someone has been playing crap but scored a sensational 40 yard goal it'd be good to say something like 'player x scored a ripper of a goal, he's back baby', then player x's morale goes up. -Home teams logo on the grass near the nets in the match screen, we can pretend it's painted on. -Different balls for different competitions, if they don't want to bother with copyright stuff they can release the game with 1 ball as default but give us a directory to put the right ball in the right competition folder. -Pre-match talk, I concede too many early goals, even when defensive. I'd like to fire 'em up before the game. -What about when starting unemployed you can apply for assistant manager positions? The current manager would get you to manage the reserves and youth teams and then it is up to you to win games and build a reputation. You could then either go to another club or the board could sack the current manager and elevate you to the job.
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