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  1. Hmm... two of the three regional divs are named "Evo-Stik"? That's strange.
  2. Rob Ridgway's "Rat Pack"

    I noticed the exact same thing, heh.
  3. Marc V.: congrats on the work. fingers crossed that it's a success so that it can become an annual iteration.
  4. Rob Ridgway's "Rat Pack"

    More like Law & Order combined with The Damned United combined with Escape to Victory.
  5. Take your time, SB. It's better to make sure it works well than just rush through it and put out a faulty DB file.
  6. Sorry for the delay in uploading an up-to-date spreadsheet, father's in hospital (first a pneumonia a few weeks back, then a stroke last week, things are a mess at the moment). Anyhow, the spreadsheet shows only 3 leagues left to update. Is that right, SB?
  7. You're the first Michigander I've heard of, besides myself, to play SB's DBC file. Small world.
  8. Does deleting Sandy Martens cause problems though? The code looks to give captaincy to ID 0, and if ID 0 doesn't exist, that seems like it might cause problems, no?
  9. Noted, but can't update the spreadsheet until I get home later tonight. Only three left!!!
  10. Midland Combination Division One, Somerset County League Premier Division (marked as received), Staffordshire County Senior League Premier Division (marked as received), South West Peninsula League Division One West, Suffolk & Ipswich League Senior Division, West Cheshire League Division One (marked as received), and Wiltshire League Premier Division (marked as received). Uploaded newest spreadsheet. Almost home!
  11. Yeah, the first few seasons at the bottom of the system go slow because of the FA Vase.
  12. It's not really a problem given that there are hundreds of fixtures in the 1st Qualifying Round of the FA Vase. But you can speed it up by clicking "FM" and then clicking "Detail Level" and then under Competitions, clicking on "England", then under FA Vase, change the option to "None" so that that competition plays without Full Detail. That cuts down processing time by quite a bit.
  13. SI took a look at it. While I wasn't able to crash the game with this bug, I did see that the regional division playoffs weren't running for 5 of the 6 leagues, and SI think they've fixed the issue for the next patch. Fingers crossed.