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  1. Even if that's true, if you are going to release a game with a MP component, at least make sure the features that exist work. Many of the issues MP has are just embarrassing. I challenge anyone to play in MP and not experience a crash within an hour. I don't think that's a reasonable experience for paying customers. It's not my intention to beat a dead horse here, but I think the paying customers deserve an experience that works as advertised. I have over 1,500 hours in the Steam release, so I clearly love the game. Either fix the current version or release something new that works.
  2. I would argue this is because the online experience is abysmal compared to the SP experience.
  3. I've offered some suggestions as well (that went unanswered), but your list is spot on Gino. EHM works for online leagues, but they hobble along. I'm certain the community would do anything it could to help test and debug any potential fixes. This game is too good to leave it in this state.
  4. I uploaded a very long running save game that has become unstable. It crashes immediately after the evening events have simmed. I uploaded it to: fm/bstar-ehm_crash_on_sim.zip Hoping I might be able to get some suggestions here as a last ditch effort
  5. I'm not sure where to post this, but since it's related to bugs in multiplayer I figured this is the best place. Is it possible for EHM to support some launch arguments that allow for launching in server mode (based on last used server config)? It's not a secret that the game crashes frequently in MP mode. We can detect crashes and kill processes, but I don't think there is any way to start the game in server mode. If this functionality existed, it would be trivial to integrate a server restart into Discord for anyone to mediate. I think this functionality could be a decent band-aid for mitigating server crashes.
  6. Finally am able to respond to this... fixed the issue by completely purging EHM from my system. My games are not longer crashing frequently. Thanks.
  7. For sure. I'll put something together. Thanks for taking the time to respond.
  8. This is now happening with every save I have and every new league I create. I can rarely get through simming a single day without a crash. I have been running a 25 year single player league since EA and that save has the same issue. I've tried the following: - clear steam game cache - deleted EHM folder in Documents - created new leagues with latest TBL 9.0b - created new leagues with default 2015 db - turn off save game compression - toggled every league setting I could find - installed EHM on new drive I'm out of ideas. Something fundamental is corrupted, but I'm not sure where to look now. I can upload one of my saves, but I think the issue is related to my game installation. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I think this is a bug, shouldn't I come in second if I lost in the Stanley Cup finals, not the conf finals?
  10. I think the title speaks for itself.
  11. I play this on my windows machine right now, but I would much rather play it on my mbpro.
  12. Copying this from one of my other bug submissions as this wasn't exactly related to that bug. Highlights Screen is Bugged
  13. I wonder how many of these types of issues are due to a potential bug in the game or just that the player db we're using is flawed. Perhaps the ratings are not 1 to 1 with EHM 2007?
  14. Can't change the title, but it appears the rule is the goalie has to be on the ice during the go ahead goal, which clearly did not happen here. I just played a game where my goalie was injured 6 minutes into a scoreless game. The game ended 3-1. My starting injured goalie still got credited with the win. The play by play also suggests that Fleury was replaced because of poor performance. Finally, I noticed that the highlights menu is broken too, so I included everything here.
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