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  1. I always thought that all the arrows (farrow, barrow, sarrow) only worked when your team was in posession. For example a full-back with a farrow to the wing-back position would only be in wing-back position when your team had the ball, i.e. were on the attack. And when we we didn't have the ball (defending) he'd be at full-back. I'd love this point to be cleared up as I have all sorts of arrows!
  2. Do physical attributes matter much for goalkeepers, i.e. stamina etc? I can only assume jumping and agility matter but does balance, stamina really as they don't exactly run around much.
  3. I would like to see an improvement in the pre-match report from the Assistant Manager - I usually get the "Didn't seem to be listening" malarkey. That just so wouldn't be the case in real life - that your players were not taking any notice of you at the beginning, half-time, or end of game!!!
  4. Idea for pre-match media coverage... In the game just before a match takes place the media usually ask you how you think the game will go. Like "Do you agree your team should win comfortably?" You then get to answer with a few things like "I can see us beating them". That is all cool...but after you have said those things, say for example "I can't see us winning today", you should be able to secretly tell your team that you were playing mind-games and we should win no problem. I know this is similar to when you actually give the team talk but your players already have the 'PR' tag next to their name due to the talk you gave to the media. There should be a function that allows you to talk to your players before the team talk and after the media cos in my opinion your players have already assumed what you told the media is really how you feel about the game, instead of what you really think. And there doesn't seem to be a way to change that, other than the team talk function which is pretty limited. Anyone else think this is OK or a little long-winded, i.e. too many talks?
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