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  1. Hi people I installed the game and patch 9.3.0 and when I try to run the .exe to load the game I get this message: "Cannot run game: Failed to set up graphics system" Is this my old video card or some other problem? Cheers Martin
  2. Alternitve Reality

    Not to sound too cynical...but are you kidding me? You're actually taking time out of your life to not play FM?!?! I just find that sad...and then to post all the latest transfers...which happen at the start of every new game. Pandev, Miguel, Diego, Mutu etc always move clubs.
  3. I wonder...would doing the 'swap position' just for O'Shea with Evra (not also the other way round) work in keeping that he covers left-back?
  4. I agree with the lad above ^^^ - sorry but I have no idea how to type you name :S This lad... Äktsjon Männ *copy and paste*. And peter-evo...if a manager is daft enough to have an arrow from MC to FC with 'rarely' forward runs then on his head be crap tactical results. However wouldn't he just jog up to the position when they had the ball and stand there just not making much movement 'off the ball'? Cos that's how I understand Forward Runs...they tell players to move off the ball. Or am I wrong?
  5. Put simply I reckon the arrows should have stayed...
  6. Hey anth, serious question...are you a Native American Indian?
  7. I don't see the point of managing lower league clubs. By the time you've got promoted and a good reputation all the awesome players like Ronaldinho, Kaka etc are too old or have aged and you miss out on managing them and building an awesome team. I always start with a prestigious team like Barca, Inter, Milan or Man Utd.
  8. I've read through most of these posts and it's quite interesting but I have 2 questions as follows: - 1.) Does this apply to FML or also to match engine's in previous FM's like 08 for example? 2.) If it is for FM08 and previous versions can someone please explain to me how you exploit the match engine just by using arrows? Thanks very much.
  9. New FM09 Screenshots

    Nobody knows what the team are up to right at this moment so we can't really comment on that. However I would hazard a guess that they're trying to sort things out for the launch. Now whether thats actually working on the game or merchandise/media etc then who knows...? I will say this however: Trekman is obviously just disappointed he couldn't have a little more insight into what the new release will look like etc, and made a silly comment. So please don't anyone completely go to town on the poor lad. As for Tweaks...he's probably right. Not to be a cynic but how many previous FM's have been released and then had a mountain of problems?
  10. So...does anyone from the SI camp know any different to what we've already guessed upon? I would be nice to receive some "official" feedback.
  11. Thanks everyone for the replies. Some of you have mentioned that two players with the same personality could not get on IRL. This is true to an extent of course but not to the realms that you see in FM08. However my point was that what else are we supposed to use as a guide to whether it would be good to tutor a youngster, if not by using the personality stat. There's nothing in the instruction manual, so... Neji's suggestion is a good one cos at the moment like most of you say it's too random. As for a youngster not being happy if Maldini or the like was tutoring that's balls. They'd be buzzin' their tits off!
  12. I'm currently in my 3rd season with Milan. I bought Criscito from Juve 2 seasons back and got Pablo on a free from Athletic at the same time. I have just had Criscito being tutored by Pablo and as both personalities are 'driven' thought I'd be onto a winner. Anyway the tutoring has now finished and both are unhappy due to personality differences. How odd, two people with a driven personality having personality differences. Pablo can speak Italian now too so it can't be that. Just thought it was odd as I've never seen it before.
  13. Worst Signing Ever...

    LMAO. I can't believe you re-signed him!! That's classic.
  14. Worst Signing Ever...

    Worst signing has to be Antonio Cassano from Real Madrid on my current Milan game in 2010/11 season. The biggest sulkiest under-performing git ever. Got him on a free but selling to Seville in Jan transfer window for £3.3mill. Also for sheer over-valueness it's Rafael Sobis from Betis on an old Barcelona game. He was banging them in for Betis; 36 goals in 34 apps. Bought him for £35mill and he did fluff all for me. 6 goals in 40 apps. Sold back to Betis for about £20mill.
  15. Yep I agree VB, which is the point I was trying to make. I mean seriously, how the flip would scouts know who you were looking at and more importantly what you were writing on your inside coat pocket, Anywho, lets hope FM09 is better... And to confirm, yeah my name comes from the awesome legendary Romanian midfielder Gheorghe Hagi...a top-class left peg. Although didn't really do well at any club outside of Steau for some odd reason. Was signed for Barca but didn't play much...which was strange. I always used to sign him on old Champ Man's when he was at Brescia.