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  1. What happened to Mignolet anyway, wasn't he the bees knees at Sunderland?
  2. Oh I wouldn't defend the idiots who threatened to rape a board members daughter if Oldham sign Evans (oh the irony). Two wrongs don't make a right. As for Redknapps comments, does have to continue to be a footballer? There are plenty of other walks of life for him to make a living in (he's a qualified plumber iirc), so its not like he's being denied the right to exist
  3. I'm with Terk on this one, pretty much word for word what my own opinion on the matter is. I can also imagine if he does return to football, there'd be a fair few players who'd happily end his involvement in a match...
  4. Tbh, I can't see De Boer being interested in Newcastle. But no idea who they would try to appoint, Ashley is too much of an enigma on that front. I can imagine it'll be someone internal to save on finance.
  5. Dortmund also have had a lot of injury problems this season. I think Reus, Hummels and Gundogan have all missed decent spells. They've been playing better in the CL where they can sit back and counter, but in the Bundesliga, the other team will be sitting back and Dortmund aren't quite able to make the play enough to put their opponents to the sword. Don't forget, they won the CL in 1997 and then went downhill for a considerable period of time before coming good again. All swings and roundabouts I guess.
  6. WLKRAS here, still around from time to time. Haven't had any time for writing lately, wife, two kids and a boatload of work have kinda put an end to that
  7. Crikey, HD and Terk appearing in the space of a month. Next we'll hear from PM7 and Raptor All good here HD, how's things in Scotland?
  8. Ben (and other Arsenal fans), just out of curiousity, do you think it's a systematic problem with injuries? I've seen quite a few big players for Arsenal be out for 2-3 months over the past few seasons.
  9. Good luck mistahc, enjoy the day, it's all downhill from here
  10. Chelsea will run away with it, providing Costa stays fit. Him and Fabregas have got a good thing going on
  11. Van Gaal's favoured system has always been 4-3-3, so I'd expect something like De Gea; Rafael, Jones/Smalling/Evans, Rojo, Shaw; Herrera/Carrick, Di Maria, Mata; RvP, Rooney, Falcao
  12. Do Fletcher and Evans not count as youth team products? I know they're not English, but they came through the academy didn't they?
  13. Copper, I'm not excusing United's perfomance, it was poor. And no, a team like United should not concede three in 19 minutes against a lower league team. At the same time, it felt very much like a team getting used to it's new tactics. For instance the second goal, Evans gets pulled out of position to the right back, leaving Anderson to cover at centre back. That's a recipe for disaster. Same for the fourth goal where Peireira is one the defenders to get beaten, trying to cover from midfield. I think the difference, if you compare United to Holland at the world cup (with the same tactics), United lack a breaker in midfield. The Nigel de Jong/Daley Blind role, offering not much offensively, but covering the defence where needed. And yes, it's not all about personnel, some of the tackles to try and stop the third and fourth goals were decidedly halfhearted and the players will have to look at themselves for maybe taking things for granted. I am not a United fan, but my wife is, so I show more than a passing interest in the team.
  14. The goals they conceded all came from individuals giving the ball away in silly positions. Some of the defending was shocking, I'd expect an u-7's team to defend better. Having said that, I'm still convinced that van Gaal will turn them back into title challengers. He's got form for starting poorly at new teams (7th at Bayern in November, went on to win the double, lost first 2 matches with AZ conceding 8, still won the title). It is less humiliating than Brazil for a number of reasons. Brazil got turned inside out and were five down in 30 minutes, they conceded because Germany tore them apart, not because they gave the ball away in bad areas. Brazil had the weight and hopes of the entire nation on it, at home, in their own world cup. United were playing in the capital one cup ffs. It's still just a tinpot trophy. Bad result? Yes. Humiliating? If you read the scoreline, then yes. End of the world? By no means, there's a lot of football still to be played and United will improve significantly.
  15. So, United then. Why are they chasing di Maria? Surely they have Shaw for the left wingback? Need a centre back and a good holding midfielder for me. Maybe a right wingback? Di Maria's a good player, but not what they need surely?
  16. If I had the time, I'd get my coaching badges and change the system from within, but between a familiy with two young kids and work, there's not enough hours in the day
  17. God no, that's a terrible idea, cf2. I'm all for the throw the kids into the deep end at a lower league club approach. See if they float. If they're good enough, they will.
  18. Speaking of crazy stuff, I've just had a FM14 penalty shootout going to 14-15 before losing...
  19. I've seen some crazy stuff in my days playing and watching football, but this takes the biscuit.
  20. I think all four have defensive frailties. Brazil will find it very hard without Neymar and Thiago Silva in the semi's so I think Germany will get past them. Probably in very typical German fashion. I don't dare to call Holland's match for fear of jinxing them lol.
  21. I would've preferred a longer ban tbh, he hasn't shown any regret for this incident and the fact that it's his third strike would've merited a harsher ban for me. Yes, Liverpool are collateral damage, but they knew it was a possibility that he would re-offend after he bit Ivanovic, having already done it for Ajax. The fact that he has done so away from Liverpool duty doesn't change anything in that respect.
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