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  1. THis is where I meant to post. I have the same issue. 1366x768. It happens to me no matter whether I play in windowed, Borderless Windowed, or full screen. Unfortunately, between this and the chunky time clocks in the 2d engine right now....I cannot play the game. Games are taking too long with all the what I can only call mini freezes in the 2d game
  2. I have the same problem Riz, Key Fast Normal But also have tried in other areas and it is not working the way it should....not smooth. All chunky and horrible, Makes it horrid to watch and play.
  3. Yep same problem for me. 1366x768 full screen mode, windowed mode, bordered mode... DOes not matter...anytime I try to go to something else while playing the game screws up and goes black (And grey). Whoops wrong thread....will post in the other one on this issue as well.
  4. It is not about the attributes nino. It is about the HIRING process of the teams. NHL teams should not be hiring guys who were scouts who only have 10,11,12 and lower in G/D/F attributes when there are guys available as head coaches like Mike Babcock, Alain Vigneault etc. THey are hiring scouts like Eric Crawford as head coaches. Guys who only have high attributes in Pot and Ability Judging. The hiring process for the NHL teams is going solely based on those attributes or on reputation or a combination of both. I have seen this in multiple games. Do I have screen shots so as not to upset you by posting only anecdotal evidence? Not right now. But the evidence is there, just that not everyone is going to spend the time you do testing and researching.... This is not something that needs to be dispelled. IT was stated by the OP incorrectly, but there definitely is an issue with the AI hiring process for head coaches as the game moves forward and it needs to be looked at by Riz. I am hopeful someone someday will post the shots of horrible coaches being hired to PROVE it to you that it exists. In all of your testing and in all of your games do you not see idiot head coaches on some teams? HaHa
  5. Hiring seems to almost solely be done on reputation. Guys who have no ability to coach but are considered great scouts, and have decent Judging Potential and ability ratings often get hired to head coach. IT is almost as though the only thing the AI looks at is the ability to decide who dresses for a game, and what line they play on.
  6. Great suggestions. Particularly like the farm team control one. Parent club should have some say but not all. Just an influence, unless they outright own the team. Owners of those teams need to make $ so they need to do some things. A balance between control and philosophy without having to GM both teams would be awesome. Salary Cap--NO INFLATION in the game, do not need variable cap. All players ask for the same pieces of the pie for their roles as the game goes on in years. It is balanced completely. As young guys start asking for more, old guys start asking for less or retire. The in game goalie pulling one always bugs me. I totally want that one, where the keeper is out of the dang net when an offensive faceoff, and you want the goalie pulled. It drives me insane, but I always forget to mention it. Meh--advanced stats. Not really sure they help, unless they get linked to player performance which is alot of extra coding..and hockey is not based on stats like baseball, so not really concerned whether those get in or not. but it is a great idea for what this is..wishlist. RFA to UFA immediately? cannot think of this, except when a player is not qualified by his team. That is a roster management issue for the AI to me, and is something that should be looked at. the AI GM's need to better manage their rosters, and Riz is getting that closer and closer all the time. Trade stuff--Salary retention, conditions, etc...maybe someday ...hope so. Offersheet issue is one riz is working on
  7. THis is what was done in the Flyer challenge....although it was with several different people and some different transactions between the start date and the draft.
  8. No worries, was just thinking along the lines of maybe have to enter those things twice in the db, if it is not no big deal...but still not really a bug...if you look at the definition.
  9. As was mentioned on another site...the lottery is changing for 2015-16 so not likely going to do much with the percentages at this time. But...from what I recall having heard from Riz...unless a sample size for the draft lottery is monsterous...the #s are the #s and will not be perfect. A poll was run on TBL in a challenge and I believe there were 30 responses for the first draft lotto in the Flyers challenge...I believe the last place team won the lottery something like 21% of the time, and that some of the other numbers were not good, but the last place team won it almost exactly the right number of times. There will always be some variance...always...as each time the lottery is redone it resets to the original percentage chance of a slot winning the lottery, it does not take into account that someone won the last one and then have its chances decreased. Individual event each and every time it is done...so its hard to look at the stats and think they are going to be any closer than they are to reality
  10. THis would not be a bug. Would more likely be a database question for the TBL guys.
  11. LOL. yes you go ahead and wish for whatever you please. I was not saying do not wish for whatever you please. I was saying, go volunteer to help out at TBL, and you have. So that is great. Thanks for being you and have a lovely life doing whatever you damn please. Wish that was always possible.
  12. League activation is based on a couple of things, but first and foremost it is volunteers on The Blue Line putting together the rosters for the leagues, and researching the players. So if you are willing to go there and help out with NIHL stuff then they might get enough players into those leagues to make Riz and SI think about adding it in. However, Riz and SI also have tons of other things to work on in the game to make it right for overall purposes, and new playable leagues may or may not be something high on their list to do. Now I realize this is a wish list, just saying if you want a chance to make things playable step up and help out at the BLUE LINE...without that help the SI guys have no rosters for the leagues to make them playable.
  13. This concerns me...not major but is not correct AT ALL. You can see from the dates on the screen shots, same game same season. Really? Cause this is what the standings say....BTW the next news item in the above says I had 48 points. LOL
  14. Quick sim--too high ratings for dmen, too much emphasis on dmen. Regular game---Ratings for ALL players not just dmen are much lower than in EHM 2007.Harder to get high ratings, harder to get star players, In 2007 I would not call a guy up from minors unless he was averaging at least 7.5 game ratings (and preferred 8). IN EHM EA...7.25 rating is high enough to call guys up and they perform decently in many cases. The average ratings for players in a game you are managing in (regular game) is much more skewed to the middle...average player. The standout stars do not stand out as much, and the scrubs do not stand out as much. This is something that to me....is good. This is the way the game of hockey is going. No Gretzky on one end, Murzyn on the other. Everyone skews to the middle of the pack. PARITY of players and teams.
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