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  1. Great suggestions. Particularly like the farm team control one. Parent club should have some say but not all. Just an influence, unless they outright own the team. Owners of those teams need to make $ so they need to do some things. A balance between control and philosophy without having to GM both teams would be awesome. Salary Cap--NO INFLATION in the game, do not need variable cap. All players ask for the same pieces of the pie for their roles as the game goes on in years. It is balanced completely. As young guys start asking for more, old guys start asking for less or retire. The in game
  2. LOL. yes you go ahead and wish for whatever you please. I was not saying do not wish for whatever you please. I was saying, go volunteer to help out at TBL, and you have. So that is great. Thanks for being you and have a lovely life doing whatever you damn please. Wish that was always possible.
  3. League activation is based on a couple of things, but first and foremost it is volunteers on The Blue Line putting together the rosters for the leagues, and researching the players. So if you are willing to go there and help out with NIHL stuff then they might get enough players into those leagues to make Riz and SI think about adding it in. However, Riz and SI also have tons of other things to work on in the game to make it right for overall purposes, and new playable leagues may or may not be something high on their list to do. Now I realize this is a wish list, just saying if you want a ch
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