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  1. Hi Andrew, thanks for the response. I have never had the inclination to do anything with the editor so I don't think that explains it. That said, the only thing I remember doing back in November is applying the sortitoutsi fake names fix file, so I guess it could have been that at a push. I have a save game from the day the regular season finishes - 27 April 2024 - but before I am due to be in the play-offs. Filename is Haringey Orig.fm...hope this helps!
  2. Summary: I've only just noticed but my players are training right through the English summer, never go on holiday and I don't get questions about pre-season start date. Been going on 2-3 seasons. Description of Issue: I am playing as Haringey in the English leagues and at some point the post-season automatic holiday seems to have broken and never kicks in, players train all through the summer and complain about the lack of training if I put in rest to compensate. I have had 2 seasons in League 2 where this has happened, now promoted to League 1 (currently in May 2024) and again there is no holiday. Not a game breaker but doesn't seem right. League seasons are also getting very condensed and ending in mid-April. Steps to Reproduce: You will see in the included save game that the players should be on holiday but aren't, and there is no holiday scheduled in the calendar. Indeed in mid-May they have just been sent on a random training camp which wasn't even notified to me! Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: Haringey Orig PO.fm
  3. I have played this challenge every year for the last 10 or so (more than I care to count accurately) - I find it by far the most enjoyable way to play though often quit after 1/2 seasons in the Premier League as I get bored. Very rarely am I organised enough to post on here, but I felt I should share this particularly ludicrous game. My previous home game ended 0-0. I'm Warrington, 6th game of 1st season, experimenting with a 4-1-3-2 narrow on Counter. Particularly enjoyed my collapse from 6-2 at half-time requiring 94th and 95th minute goals to steal the win.
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