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  1. I was picked as the GM for the US team for the 2018 Slovak Cup, but the timeframe ran concurrently with Olympics, meaning I stayed on through both tournaments, and had to put the game on vacation mode for a day to figure out the roster that would work. and at least in the DEL, I'm having a hard time retaining any staff. I can't get them to re-sign and in the search there's a lot of people who show up as 'realistic', but have no interest in negotiating. I'm managing the rich Berlin team, and re-signing players has a quirk, which may be an actual DEL thing, I don't know. When I go to try to re-sign guys, I can't offer anything other than what they're already making. also the detail level of tournaments resets to the default from quick sim when I get hired by a national team. I've had an issue with DEL playoff scheduling beginning in 2017. The final is finished in the middle of May, which is after free agency starts.
  2. When scouting leagues, there should be a way to see the reputations that are available on the nation's overview. Continental, national, local, obscure, etc. Right now, you have to do some legwork to figure out countries you don't know. Places that are already assigned scouts should have some kind of mark, especially when you're getting acclimatized to a country whose language you don't know, having to juggle 15 scouts whose assignments generally come early in the process of playing a team and keeping apart the Oberliga, the Bundesligas 1&2, and the Bayernliga gets a bit confusing.
  3. You can view what you're paying your staff/contract length on the personnel tab. I was playing OHL an update or two ago. You could/can totally get away with paying staff 1.5k/year. They'll be susceptible to poaching from other junior teams where you won't get compensated, but you can get such high quality staff (Babcock, Trotz, etc.) for so cheap that it sort of doesn't really matter, especially since you can sign guys away from other teams yourself without a problem. Early Access is early access.
  4. Not really a 'bug', but more or an improvement. Getting your new budget, or a news item about what it's projected to be, on or before May 1st in Europe, when free agency starts, instead of July 1st is needed.
  5. I started a new game and accidentally pressed my mouse's 'back' button during a tutorial screen that I was frantically skipping and it made the game unable to be played. Not crashed, it was working, I just couldn't interact with anything.
  6. I'm not sure I get what you mean, but I agree. By 'registered players', I meant as in the IIHF's count of people they know are playing hockey http://www.iihf.com/iihf-home/the-iihf/survey-of-players/ so it acts as more of an indicator for the likelihood of getting regens (guys in the database the game creates) because to get a 10-15 year turnaround, there'd need to be a carrot for you to follow in the meantime. I looked at the chart, it's not perfect. The IIHF has Japan with more registered players than Austria, or Slovakia, but it conveys the basic idea.
  7. I haven't played the update yet, but the focus on the smaller nations and their tournaments clarifies an idea (assuming it's not already in there. I didn't see it in the patch notes). If you're running a national team, getting an update every year, and/or having a screen to check with the amount of registered players (and maybe rinks) so you can gauge the growth of the game. It should give you a bit of hope as if you can do something like win Div III, then there will be more registered players in that country the next year (indicating that while regens of any quality may not necessarily be found yet, you're on your way) A news item after important wins saying that your team's success has inspired more (demonym) to start playing hockey would be a positive feedback to get, even if you're only really dressing randos, and if your team is really years from respectability, you take the little wins you can get and build on them. I live in the States, so I have a certain limited perspective on things going on in lower ranked hockey nations, but the American media likes to say that almost any sort of international hockey upset, or honestly just not get embarrassed, is "(country)'s Miracle on Ice". An over-exaggeration I feel, but if a human manager of Belgium happens to beat, say, Austria, then regardless of if it's a championship game, or one in the round robin, it should 'inspire'. (although winning the whole thing would of course be a much bigger boost). I like the idea of a seemingly inconsequential loss to an underdog can be the impetus of them eventually becoming a hockey superpower. USA's Miracle on Ice was only a semi-final game, if they hadn't won gold, it would have still made an impact, just probably not as big. There was also politics to it, but it could just be like team rivalries already in the game. It would be cool if you were working on a nation and after a few successes, you get an occasional news item when you include a regen on your nat. team saying that they were partially inspired to play because of the success at some tournament years ago.
  8. I'm playing a bit of NLB now and I'm seeing a lot of foreign players approaching my team saying they'd like to play. Maybe the quality of those guys could be influenced by the quality of the assistant GM.
  9. it'd be interesting to be able to totally disable specific leagues. If I wanted to play a game where the NHL suddenly ceased to exist, but the players were still around, it'd be interesting to see what the new world order would become in it's absence. Balance be damned. That'd probably also get you around a lockout mode, which I don't think the NHL would go for.
  10. That's a really cool idea. I figure that would be a few full releases away though as the sim would be have to reflect an increase in popularity, but still feel quasi-realistic. It wouldn't make a lot of sense if someone were to develop the UK (for instance) to an elite hockey nation (or group of nations), but keep the size of EIHL contracts as they are in 2015 because the EIHL and the UK as a whole play a smaller part in the overall picture of developing world class talent. edit: It occurred to me that things like getting the Olympics, or getting NHL preseason games, etc. would have an impact on that as well. It would be interesting if you were like an AIHL manager with a smaller rink and you lobbied the NHL to have a preseason game in an opponent's rink because it was the most suitable, etc. It'd certainly make facility improvements important. Or maybe it's the other way around. The issue with such a complex mechanic is that a player may never see a country improve in any reasonable time frame, but if certain countries were modeled to be more likely to catch on, like the UK, Australia, and Norway, then them getting an Olympics would be a game changer 20 years later, and a guaranteed thing, eventually (Australia probably isn't likely to get a winter games). It would also make the meta game really interesting as human managers would try to steer countries less likely to become 'hockey nations' into ones. Like continually playing pre-season games in Peru, which would probably be less likely to 'catch on' than say, Ireland.
  11. ratings like that would be probably be OP. Pretty much nothing else would matter. Thought about job postings though: that could be used to get the right level of ability for leagues. As it is, I can look at anyone in the database and offer a contract. It makes finding good scouts & physios easy, but maybe too easy, especially for lower leagues. If balanced correctly, having job postings as suggested ends the predictability and messes with the "formula" for hiring staff where now there's an element of RNG going on.
  12. so the Jets? On that note, something to think about, although I don't necessarily see it happen in the game or IRL much for that matter is that a GM would/could make a bunch of shortsighted trades to get immediate results to keep their job if they felt it was on the line. It happens occasionally enough that fans fear it. Like a panic attribute.
  13. To expand on your idea, it may be cool (if the player chooses to participate) to sim by the hour or even half hour on those days. Every time you click continue there are major implications for you even being able to get a deal done. Do you take an offer you have, or do you hope that the next hour, they'll come back with a better one, if they get back to you at all? They could move on entirely, as there are other teams for them to trade with. I like playing with the dissonance of managing a team versus being a fan. Fan and media outcry could be considered tips for what you need to improve, but if you don't get what they feel you need, or knowing what the landscape was, then you're considered a trade deadline 'loser' for instance.
  14. It still happens, but it doesn't fill the screen quite like 2007.
  15. 3-in-3 should happen, it just should depend on the league. I'm not going to harp on it, but these are the 3-in-3 home games for the ECHL Wheeling Nailers this year IRL. http://wheelingnailers.com/articles/nailers-announce-2015-16-home-schedule#.VTlaGJMzfNU Nov 13, 14, 15; Dec 4, 5, 6; Jan 8, 9, 10; Jan 22, 23, 24; Feb 26, 27, 28 & Mar 11, 12, 13
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