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  1. One thing I would love to see somewhere (far, far) down the road is the option to have a one time expansion draft when you start a new game. Make it a two team expansion to keep it interesting but not mess with the league structure too much. You immediately get to name the team, pick the staff, and then take part in the draft itself. Teams would protect players based on their depth charts with consideration taken to players with big contracts that teams IRL would be happy to part with. Make it 26 rounds and boom, off you go.
  2. Was going through the 2016/17 season last night, my team ended up as the #4 team in the West. My matchup in the opening round of the playoffs was the #3 team in the West. I also noticed that the #5 and #6 teams were matched against each other, but the other teams were matched properly. Unfortunately I didn't think to keep a save of it or even a screenshot, but has anybody else noticed this?
  3. Looks like the list is first being sorted by star rating and then secondary sorting is alphabetical.
  4. Fair enough on the budget aspect, I have my doubts that's it but who knows. At the very least the OP is right, the players should be re-entering the draft if they are refusing to sign.
  5. Duclair is with Arizona now, both in-game and real life. So the cap isn't the issue. To add to this, another one that came up for me is Haydn Fleury, who is another very good prospect.
  6. I've seen this a few times, not sure if it's a bug or what. If you wait until September then you should be able to properly assign the prospect to the AHL.
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