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  1. the last post is quite comprehensive, thanks. need a little more advise on issue of AI keep scoring each time i'm on the lead. Quite frustrating thou. I use counter, hassle, clear to flank, change back 4 all to defend. i cant seem to get it grip. AI will swarm like hell to get even, like they are in motivation steroid. i even get narrower, rigid/very rigid (def, contain) and man mark AI center mid. I on the lead quite early, but i cant play all counter through 90 mins, am i? should i? even thou i do, they scored!. Here a fixture list. those that draw are all AI comeback, we always lead.
  2. this thread is like my text book. Admire you work since a very long time.. you tell ideas and show how to implement it to us. Keep up Rashidi.
  3. A big question that's been bugging me. How to get the wingers and AMC to help the defense while maintaining their attacking ability? Thanks in advance.
  4. Rest in peace, SFraser. Always a creative and committed fella i've met in here, since 2005. He have many admirers and respects from friends around the world. Condolence wish from Malaysia.
  5. " At "Confidence" -> "Players" got the fans rating for your players. Move your mouse over the bar to see the % of the rating the fans give to your players. Praise or give a bad comment to your players according to the %, although i dont know the exact % for which comment, it is up to you to decide. Anyhow praise or bad comment will cause upset to your players. after the interaction, the news will write about your gossip, and you can see how your player react in their "personal" tab." Where do get that?.. i have never seen that before..
  6. SFraser, 1 question, i dont understand why shooting training for CF/ST is low (as in 10 notch) instead of give it more to high or above?..
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