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  1. That's pretty good for a "niche" game in Early Access stage.
  2. I noticed this also in previous version of this game. I always were able to land McDavid pretty easily. But landing the 1st overall pick has proven impossible (which makes total sense)
  3. I think this only happens when the players are set to "Encouraged to fighting" Never set this as so... the player will only seek the start fight. Either allow the player to fight or not, but don't encourage him.
  4. Any plan on fixing this? I think teams have 9 days to try out players on Entry Level Contract before sending them down and losing 1 year of contract.
  5. Why not something like on www.hockeysfuture.com/playerprojections/ ? It combines the Traditional Realistic Potential Rating (1-10) and the Realistic Probability Rating (A-F)
  6. Resolution stuff -Being able to play in windows mode if my resolution height is equal to 768 pixels. -Windows Touch support. -Widescreen Decline all Some way to decline all offers at once. I often Offer All a player just to test his current value. Then I have to go through them one by one.. just to decline them all... (do this often, and it's a recipe for tendinitis, lol!) Have a list of players you are uninterested in Some way to "block" a player. I noticed teams will always offer the same player on multiple deals and there is no way to tell them you absolutely don't want that player. Just like you can block a certain player from a potential deal (when exchanging offers with the CPU), it would be nice to also be able to completely block that player from all future deals. Chat to player (from player menu) Things you could say or ask to the payer: -Congratulating him on his good performance or attitude lately (Kinda have the reverse effect of Discipline player.) -Encouraging him to work harder. He is an important piece of the team. (or team future) **In some case it could help the development or preparation during the summer camp.. or it could just discourage the player and make him unhappy -Asking him, what he thinks of the team. (Wouldn't it be nice to ask your captain, what he thinks of the locker room atmosphere? Or what he thinks are the missing piece to becoming a better team?) -Asking the player to raise his NTC. (Instead of discipline him...) The player could simply refuse, or he could give you a list of team (or only 1 team like Martin St. Louis said he would only raise his NTC to go to the Rangers...) Player chat to you (in newsfeed) Occasionally, some player could come up to you (without you starting the interaction with them) -Player could complain about head coach, practice schedule, ice time, being benched or certain players -Player could ask for a trade, if he's really unhappy Better Captaincy management and effects -Players could dislike current captain (if influence is too low?) -Current captain would react badly (unhappy) if you remove the "C" from them. -Ability to ask your coach, who he thinks should be the captain? Basically, switching your captain too often, should have a negative effect on your team. Selecting a bad captain, should also have a bad effect.
  7. Yup, everygame, I managed to land Tortorella as Head Coach and Bylsma as Assistant. One game, I managed to lan Babcook as an assistant a few years in, after he got fired...
  8. It happened to me in my first season with the Senators. I was intentionally tanking the team. The board was extremely unhappy with me. I supposed they by passed me to fire the coach? It would be been nice of them to let me know!
  9. Same here, already created a topic for this issue. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/425142-15.0.2b-TBL-7.3-DB-Trading-CPU-team-don-t-want-to-upset-roster...?p=10278055#post10278055
  10. Wow! That's just nuts. In my save they put Versteeg through waivers and Kane went on to win the Maurice Richard and the Art Ross. (It's funny because they could of easily traded Versteeg for picks or prospects.. I snagged him off waivers and traded him 3 months later for a 2nd round pick). The funny thing is the Blackhawks were interested in his services. But the main issue here "don't want to upset the roster", I would say is happening on half of the offers for any players (available or not). Annoying...
  11. I've noticed, a few times, that the cpu was not interested in any trades because of financial reason. The problem is sometimes it didn't make sens, let me explain: CPU team close to Cap Floor A team is close to the Salary Cap Floor, and we are literally swapping 2 prospects, or players of same salary, it would result in the message: We are too close to the cap floor... I also noticed this while sending a bigger contract their way, for example: Offering Player X (4'000'000 salary) VS Player Y (2'500'000 salary) => Decline, we are too close to the cap floor... It does not make sens, as in this scenario, the cpu team would move 1'500'000 farther away from the cap floor. CPU team close to Salary Cap The same thing also happens, when a team is close to the salary cap limit... same similar message, instead saying they are close to the cap limit... I noticed this while swapping prospects again, and while swapping players of same salary. I also noticed this while sending on smaller contract their way, for example: Player X (5'000'000 salary) VS Player Y (7'000'000 salary) =>*Decline, we are too close to the salary cap. It doesn't make sens here, since you would save 2'000'000 on the salary cap...
  12. Since the last update, I've notice something that happens very frequenly when trying to deal with the CPU. The message: We like this deal.. but we don't want to upset our roster right now. Firstly, I'm glad there is a reaction like this for some deal. But here is where it doesn't make sens: 1- Team A is making player X available, and... That happened when Chicago had put Patrick Kane on the block. I tried many different deals and combination for him, each time it resulted in the message above. Why make a player available, if you don't want to upset your roster? Just for fun, I even tried over paying for him... The offer: Bobby Ryan, McDavid, 1st 2017, 1st 2018, 1st 2019 resulted in the same message. 2-Trading picks for picks I also had this message popped up when trying to swap some picks... How can swapping picks upset your roster? lol 3- trading prospects/picks to prospect. I also had this message when trying to trade prospects. How can trading prospects upset your team roster?, they are not even in your main lineup.
  13. I think this could be happening, because sometime the value of a player will fluctuate at certain time. (1 week a player might have a 5* ratings, the other 4*) Remember when you accept a trade offer, both team need to confirm the trade, and this can take a few days. My assumption is by the time the other team was ready to confirm the deal, the value of the players in the deal changed. Therefore this deal was not worth it anymore to this team.
  14. I am able to play the game. It runs fine. But to be able to press a button, I have to tap twice... Do you have the double tap issue?
  15. Same thing on my Asus T100. I really wish I could play in windows mode (as I think it might fix the doubla tap to press a button annoyance)
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