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  1. Thank you so much Freddie! I let Bartomeu be in charge of club visions and then went in to his person data -> club visions and removed everything. Now with the 10th best squad (checked with Genie Scout) and 7th best reputation the club visions looks like this: Again thank you so much for explaining!
  2. I have this problem too. Or kind of. I've nerfed Barcelona big time. Both economically but also squad-wise and reputation wise. First lowered the rep to 7th and released 11 best players. Media prediction was 6th but club vision told me to win the league every year for the coming 5 years. Also winning CL was the expectation year one. Went on holiday first season and ended up in 5th place but the board was heavily disappointed. Then released five more players (next best after the 11 before) and media predicition went to 14th. Still the board want me to win the league and CL first year and win the league the coming years... Just for a test I then went back to the editor. Edited the chairmans role from "set club visions" to "official spokesperson", edited the club reputation to 1 and released ALL first team players. Media prediction went to 20th but STILL the board want me to win the league and CL and club vision says I should win the league every year and keep the reputation as the best club in the world and so on. I will do a holiday test now for one year but if I'm getting sacked for not coming top of the league I think this is something that's need to be fixed. It's quite common wanting to edit the reputation of a team to change the expectations from the board. At least I've done it with different teams for the last six-seven years... Edit: I got fired after 14 league games while in 17th place with the worst squad in the league and 1 in club rep so yeah, something is hard coded/broken and need to be looked into. Edit2: After getting sacked I added a new manager and ended up in 17th place season 1. Got to keep the job but before season 2 I was predicted 18th but the board expectation was still to win the league. The youngsters played however very well. Then in January season 2 I was kicked again when in 7th placed (!?)...Media prediction still recognise the strength of the team but the board/club vision doesn't understand the club rep/squad strength... Edit3: A sidenote is that I changed the attendance "normal" from 75000 to 60000. In-game the effect has been 97000+ attendance both seasons...
  3. Okay, well I thought a little like this: https://www.footballmanager.com/features I understand that you can't list all features but headlight the new ones. But then I know, I've would probably seen one if there was one.
  4. Hi! I'm doing a "Barcelona in chaos" mod where I have done the following things: * Lowered the morale * Turned down reputation (between Villarreal and Real Sociedad) * Lowered the facilities slightly * Transferban two first years * Three different loans with a total of 1000 million pound. * Released Messi, Suarez, Griezmann, Dembele, Pique, ter Stegen, Busquets, Alba, Rakitic, de Jong and Coutinho. Now to my question: I'm predicted 6th by the media which reflects the reputation set in editor (7th). I also feel that the squad should place somewhere between 6th-14th (hard to say). But the board still wants the team to win the league. Is there any other way to turn down expectations by the board through the editor than lower the reputation and release the best players?
  5. I wonder if there is a full feature list (especially interested in newly added features) for the Football Manager 2020 Editor in the same way feature lists appear when releasing the game/a new patch for the game? And if, where can I find it?
  6. I often manage teams from the second/third tier in Spain. Especially teams with some kind of history (highly ranked in the All-time league table or so). On FM'20 I think it will be Salamanca since I've had saves recently with teams like Zaragoza, Racing Santander, Málaga, Las Palmas, Rayo Vallecano, Cádiz and Córdoba.
  7. Anyone playing with Parma? I got relegated first season but since i was above the relegation zone for so long (dropped below on the last match day) I got the keep the job. So now I've rebuilt the squad and halfway through Serie B I'm top of the league. Ivan Sunjic, Croatian player from Dinamo best signing so far. 600k €uro and did well already in Serie A. before the drop. Have you got any tips if I restart with Parma later how I should do to avoid relegation first season
  8. Would never have the patience to play this way myself but really nice to follow this kind of journey. Massive results in Europe last season, I hope you could do equally good this season. You've earned it after all these years!
  9. Well I'm Swedish and it's quite easy: because nature. The climate in the North makes it really hard and expensive to get a good natural grass pitch. Almost impossible for smaller clubs. Bandy and Ice Hockey are also big sports in Sweden. Not as popular as football but a lot of kids in my region (Close to Stockholm) play football in the summer and/or bandy/ice hockey in the winter. In the northern part it's been much easier to play ice hockey spontaneuously with your friends than football. And in the South the opposite. In recent year syntethic grass has helped Swedish teams a lot so they can play all year but it's still quite new and isn't available for everyone. Also there is a big discussion in Swedish football about this syntethic surface, but I'm not gonna take that now. But all in all it's because our climate.
  10. Nice to see someone doing the whole pyramid! I have a friend who's playing in the 9th tier and he said he's gonna buy the game (he usually don't play FM) if this database comes out.
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