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  1. Anyone playing with Parma? I got relegated first season but since i was above the relegation zone for so long (dropped below on the last match day) I got the keep the job. So now I've rebuilt the squad and halfway through Serie B I'm top of the league. Ivan Sunjic, Croatian player from Dinamo best signing so far. 600k €uro and did well already in Serie A. before the drop. Have you got any tips if I restart with Parma later how I should do to avoid relegation first season
  2. Would never have the patience to play this way myself but really nice to follow this kind of journey. Massive results in Europe last season, I hope you could do equally good this season. You've earned it after all these years!
  3. Well I'm Swedish and it's quite easy: because nature. The climate in the North makes it really hard and expensive to get a good natural grass pitch. Almost impossible for smaller clubs. Bandy and Ice Hockey are also big sports in Sweden. Not as popular as football but a lot of kids in my region (Close to Stockholm) play football in the summer and/or bandy/ice hockey in the winter. In the northern part it's been much easier to play ice hockey spontaneuously with your friends than football. And in the South the opposite. In recent year syntethic grass has helped Swedish teams a lot so they can play all year but it's still quite new and isn't available for everyone. Also there is a big discussion in Swedish football about this syntethic surface, but I'm not gonna take that now. But all in all it's because our climate.
  4. Nice to see someone doing the whole pyramid! I have a friend who's playing in the 9th tier and he said he's gonna buy the game (he usually don't play FM) if this database comes out.
  5. It went totally ****. Did read Cleons thread and thought I understood. Looked at the first game almost in full and it looked ok. A lot of my shots were blocked though so I tested to play with more attacking wing backs / play wider. Well those game i conceded 2-3 goals the first 30 minutes. So I went back to the basic. Mostly conceded on balls behind my centre backs, especially crosses. And well, 14+15 and 18+19 in heading and jumping on my centre backs and 7-8 players back in my box/just outside. For me the game is broken so I guess I will take a time out until someone on the forums find a basic 4-2-3-1 that works the same way that the spanish la liga-teams often play. Because right now the equation for me is the more time I tweak = worse results.
  6. About the Málaga-tactic: I'm with you guys that it's too many team instructions but it work so damn well att FM15 (overachieving every season in Spain) and was almost only scoring beautiful goals and the playmakers really did a great work. It also makes sense when wathing the gameplay in FM15. But I guess it's just too many playmakers on FM16 since it tends to be harder to defend (and I need more defending midfielders). The CD-cover + offside trap clearly is a random thing but it is actually a tweak I did after some seasons on FM15 and it stopped almost all my behind-defender-goals problems. But I guess they have shut down that a bit on FM16 aswell. I'm a little frustrated over all this because I really like many playmakers + tiki-taka goals in the offense and in the defence play with offside trap but a really quick DC that can clean up any catastrophe since that was my role when I played football IRL. Almost was a sweeper at my time but with positioning/anticipation to advance up and make the opponents go offside when the time was right. Wellwell I will read Cleons guide before playing again, thank you for helping me!
  7. Ok I looked a little closer at the attributes and in the attack Spano should play as an advanced forward and Platje should be best as a deep lying forward or trequartista. DLF and AF should maybe work? In the midfield Cyprien really should play advanced playmaker and Valdivias work rate 17, stamina 16, natural fitness 14 should be good for a box-to-box. Only 8 off the ball and finishing though...N'daw is a beast as ball winning midfielder with approx 15 in every attribute. Olsen isn't good at all really. Should probably use someone else instead. In my head Platje can come deep and get the ball and Spano is more attacking near the box. Cyprien handles the transportation from midfield to the attackers. Valdivia support him from behind sometimes. N'daw handle the defensive part. Therefore I put the last one att central midfielder - automatic so he could lurk around between N'daw and the other two. But not really sure on how to use the last MC. Album with the attackers Platje, Spano - N'daw, Valdivia and Cyprien with highlighted attributes and Olsen/Moore/Bourigeaud/Chah/Gbamin: http://imgur.com/a/i4AAf
  8. With my Málaga-tactic I really don't know how i conceded goals. I thought that avoiding relegation would be just fine so I was kicked before I made any adjustment to the tactic. My team instructions was something like this: - Player instructions was shoot less and dribble less on some players. Control and fluid at home and counter/standard normal/structured away. This worked very well att FM15, had most possession in the league even when playing with bottom predicted teams. Conceding goals when the opponents managed to pull off a through ball behind my defense but with quick defenders it worked very well. As said I didn't fully pay attention to what went wrong in the defense because the sacking came as a shock. Forward it was just rubbish overall, especially the striker didn't score goals att all an the possession was bad. With Bari i didn't use any instructions at all, why? Because i won a fantasydraft online and a create-a-club season on another save just using a basic formation without any instructions so I thought I would try that in this save aswell but didn't work at all I guess. I thought I would have a little more time than just 15 matches also. Was playing control at home and standard/counter away. Mostly with flexible team shape. Conceding goals mostly because of balls behind my centre backs, especially in the air. Well I really try to understand which roles that fits togheter and therefore I was asking if you think advanced playmaker, box to box, central midfielder and ball winning midifielder on the midfield would work. Because if I choose the best roles for every player it would have been false nine and target man upfront (and I think someone should be more attacking). And on the midfield it would be two deep lying playmakers and two ball winning midfielders and it would be a gap between midfield and the attackers. My question about the full backs was maybe a little noobish but I've never played without wingers so...
  9. Hello all tactic geniuses! I've got fired two times att the same save now. I've been hired as Lens manager now and it feels like my last chance at this save now. I started with Málaga. With Málaga I used this tactic: - A tactic that should fit Málaga and it was good at FM15. A bunch of team instructions and some player instructions aswell. The board wanted me to finish mid-table but I struggled in the bottom and got fired. Then I went to Bari and used this tactic: - I did the formation/roles after looking at the strengths of my current squad. I also did well in the transfer window, or at least I thought so...Didn't use many team instructions or any player instructions at all because I got a little lost with Málaga. Ended up in a total disaster. Media prediction was 8th and I had like 12 points after 15 games and got kicked out... Now I've got a new chance, this time with Lens in Ligue 2, France. They are struggling to avoid releagation and are just two points above the relegation zone with 14 games to go. This time I want to play with two forwards since it hasn't worked at all for me with just one striker. It's just a shame that i don't have so many good strikers in the team...My squad: After some help I'm here at the moment: Platje best roles:: False Nine, Trequartista, Poacher Spano best roles: Target man, Poacher, Advanced forward - Should I play with one Target and one Poacher? Cyprien best rolesa: Deep lying playmaker, Advanced playmaker, Roaming playmaker Valdivia best roles: Ball winning midfielder, Box to box midfielder, Roaming playmaker Olsen best roles: Deep lying playmaker, Advanced playmaker, Central midfielder N'daw best roles: Ball winning midfielder, Defensive midfielder, Anchor man - Advanced playmaker, Box to box, Central midfielder and Ball winning midifielder? My fullbacks both wants to play as limited full backs. Should i go with that? My goal is to avoid relegation and I won't have any wingers to help my full backs in the defence. Or should I use them as wing backs instead because of the same reason (no wingers in the attack?) Do you have any other suggestions? Can't buy anyone until the season is over. I'm above the wage budget aswell. Just one DL and one ML/AML. Just one good striker and one decent striker...
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