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  1. would love to have expansion/contraction and relocation capability
  2. I think that Tampa Bay is too strong in the game as a whole. The goaltending AI needs to be addressed - should only ride streaks or alternate, but having one play almost the whole season is unrealistic. Marquee players from the past rarely end up on the waiver wire, such as Martin St. Louis, and mid-high status players should get more of a return than a 4th and a 5th round pick. If the trading AI gets looked at, it would be nice to see 'foolish' deals on deadline day, and draft day, deals where teams go all in more than they normally would during the season. Would love to see arena name changes, and sponsorship deals
  3. Thanks for bringing this back. Would like to see the following if possible... 1- On the news screen, when you have a potential trade, have a way to cancel an offer from one team, then go to the next offer highlight. When I offer a player to the rest of the league, and get 20 responses, I have to click each one back and forth back and forth. Its a huge time waster, especially since I can't proceed to the next day because of it. 2- Have the ability to change team names, cities, and the divisions/conferences they play in. Would like the ability to 'move' or otherwise create another franchise... (Bye bye Tampa Bay!) 3- In the preseason, don't have an offer for a 'friendly' like you have in soccer - our preseason games are already booked and they are often against teams in our own division, IE close to one another. Just create them. 4- On the highlight screen rink (and maybe elsewhere on the ice surface) the logos appear at the faceoff dots. That may be the case in Europe, but in North America, the logos are at the 4 dots around the center ice circle. 5- Have a font and picture (background and logo) editor. I've manually changed mine, but it's a pain. 6- I normally run the game in windowed mode, and its very crisp and sharp, but full screen is not. Is there a way to have better resolution on the full screen, or a way to make the windowed screen larger, or something in between? Thanks again. These small changes would go a long way towards improving game-ability. Loving it so far! Been a supporter since Championship Manager 3!
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