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  1. More control over TOI. Right now, the amount of PP/PK is skewing ice time heavily to the top 4/top 2 lines. However, I don't have a real option to play the 3rd line a little more or something immediately after 3 consecutive powerplays, or to opt for a 3rd PP unit, etc... As mentioned in another thread, control over zone starts. More flexible contract negotiations. Adding extra years and compensating with more money should mean something to a player who wants a short term bridge deal. From a statistical standpoint: - historical shootout results for individual skaters/goalies - advanced stats (Corsi, Fenwick, stats/60) - WOWY stats - if a new line isn't working, whose fault is it? - line matching stats - its hard to tell if my line is just playing poorly overall or is just getting demolished by the opposition 1st line.
  2. And on Sept 24th, Price resigns with Montreal after having only EDM and ANH show slight interest. Contract demands wound up being a modest 4 yrs 6.75 million per... so I'm utterly confused.
  3. It's Carey Price, so he's already a Star, and I'm offering him Untouchable role and board permitted max salary. On the player bio screen it says "happy playing for the team" but on the contract screens its "Carey Price has no interest in currently negotiating a new deal."
  4. Cam Fowler and Paul Stastny both received multiple offers, and when I tried signing them, their salary demands were 8 mil+.
  5. I can understand the during the season part, but we're now two weeks into free agency and he doesn't want to sign with anyone, not just me. In fact, no one's even making an offer other than me.
  6. Not sure if working as intended, but basically, after 4 Cup winning seasons, Carey Price has staunchly refused to even talk contract with me throughout the season, despite me having enough cap space to throw 15+ million at him. After a week on the FA market, he's not attracting any attention from the AI either. Is this the equivalent of FM's "player wants a new challenge" thing?
  7. Would it be possible to implement zone starts? It would allow for exploitation lines and sending out specialized defensive lines for defensive zone faceoffs. I think zone starts are just as important in today's NHL as line matching.
  8. In the NHL and most North American leagues, people more or less only play 3F 2D power plays. Very very rarely will you see a 4F 1D power play, and only then because the team lacks offensive defensemen. Certainly, I would like to see the AI implement variety, but maybe only under coaches who are more experimental - not every team should deviate from 3F 2D because it isn't so in real life.
  9. Yes, the NHL system is now 1v4 and 2v3 in a division (with a possible 5th place team crossing over if it has more points than a 4th place team in the other division), not 1v8 in the conference.
  10. So far, I've noticed that for contracts, there's very little negotiation space - most of the deals are take it or leave it. For example, I've had a player coming off an entry level contract want 3 million for 2 years, and I tried to extend him longer, and whatever I did, he wouldn't accept. Of course we want to try to avoid FM comparisons, but certainly that engine had more feedback and more flexibility when it came to salary negotiations. Is this working as intended or just a carryover from EHM 2007?
  11. Thanks! Will the fix be retroactive - i.e. will the save game work after the next update?
  12. No, this was a Montreal Canadiens game. The only thing I can think of is that June 17 is the last day that a Stanley Cup Finals game could take place, and there's some event afterwards that's causing a crash.
  13. Game crashes when transitioning from June 16th to June 17th in my first offseason (2015). I've tried: moving roster players around, going on vacation, and reloading from a previous autosave from 2 months prior. I tried uploading the save game (three times), but the FTP keeps returning permission denied errors, so there are now 3 files with 0 bytes on the FTP. To replicate the error - once the save game can be uploaded: - Load save game in the file krs2119crash_EHM2015.rar - Game should load on June 16th, 2015. - Select "Continue" - Game will crash. I am running TBL Rosters v.7.3, found here http://www.ehmtheblueline.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=77&t=13590&sid=e01b0792d2e88f1c376e719ac581241e Thank you.
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