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  1. More control over TOI. Right now, the amount of PP/PK is skewing ice time heavily to the top 4/top 2 lines. However, I don't have a real option to play the 3rd line a little more or something immediately after 3 consecutive powerplays, or to opt for a 3rd PP unit, etc... As mentioned in another thread, control over zone starts. More flexible contract negotiations. Adding extra years and compensating with more money should mean something to a player who wants a short term bridge deal. From a statistical standpoint: - historical shootout results for individual skaters/goalies - advanced stats (Corsi, Fenwick, stats/60) - WOWY stats - if a new line isn't working, whose fault is it? - line matching stats - its hard to tell if my line is just playing poorly overall or is just getting demolished by the opposition 1st line.
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