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  1. I would agree with this. Perhaps it could be expanded beyond agent fees--your wage demands are simply too high, your bonuses are out of control, that kind of thing. Basically, be able to talk to the player and say, "Hey, I'd like you to sign a new deal, but your agent is being a bonehead, go talk to him and tell him to accept something more realistic, or I'll be sacking you." Of course this shouldn't always work in our favor either.
  2. I've had both experiences, and not just with England. One save I had taken US Colomiers up to Ligue Un, won that league, won the Champions League. I managed to get the France U-19s manager job also, and won the U19 European Championships twice. Three times the France manager job came open and all three times I was turned down, twice for managers I'd never heard of. I also couldn't get jobs with Spain and England along the way. Another save, after winning the Champions League a couple times, England head-hunted me after they crashed out of the World Cup in 2018. Spain had also crashed out, sacked their manager, and they laughed me off when I applied for that job. I ended up at England, of course. The one difference I could see was, at that point in the US Colomiers save, was I hadn't gotten my Continental Pro license yet--the board kept refusing me because they wanted me at training. Whereas the other save I had my Pro license at that point. I wonder if that makes a difference?
  3. I think the benchmark for being a successful possession-based side is 60%. As far as I've noticed, failing to meet the board's vision/philosophy will only get you sacked if you're also failing elsewhere. Keep winning and you'll be okay. Keep winning long enough and you'll probably be able to remove that philosophy eventually. It might take a couple years, though. And yes, it's realistic. Big Sam at West Ham comes to mind, as does Mark Hughes at Stoke.
  4. You might think the player is worth $15M, but if nobody wants to pay that, then he really isn't worth it, then is he? So you've got to make a choice: keep an unhappy player, or sell him for less than you'd ideally want--but, being in MLS, $9.5M is pretty darn good. It's important to note that the displayed player "value", as previously mentioned, will depend on the player's contract (wages and time remaining), reputation, form, and to some extent league reputation. Thus, it's not a surprise that a player could move from, say, MLS to, say, the Bundesliga and see his value go up almost immediately--he's likely to be on a higher wage at that point, probably has a longer contract, and he's in a better league. One more note: I've actually had players approach me on occasion wanting to leave because they think they can get a higher wage elsewhere. Sure, it's not as common as a player wanting to leave for a higher reputation club or for more first-team opportunities, but it does happen. All that said, yes, the transfer module could use a little more work. A bit more player flexibility would be nice, and maybe a bit more info on why a player I've transfer listed isn't getting any interest. Overall it works pretty well, but it's those fine details that could really make it great. What Cougar said above is a pretty good explanation of what's going on for the most part, maybe this is something SI could look at integrating into the game in some form?
  5. We are in an era where teams, at least in the PL, are paying stupid money for players. Players who previously would never have joined the Stokes of the world, have. We all know why. Which makes me wonder, is there a mechanic in FM where AI clubs "know" roughly how much money we have? And, more to to the point, using that knowledge in negotiations? Likewise player agents and players, are they broadly "aware" of the wage budget and do they negotiate with that knowledge?
  6. That probably means the scout thinks, for the price (since Feyenoord won't want to sell, the price will be high), that player won't be worth it to you.
  7. Maybe sponsorships don't count then? I would think that would go under commercial income but perhaps FM doesn't do it that way? My experience generally has been that I only get more wage money if my attendances increase markedly and I make strong cup runs. So maybe that's just the way FM accounts for it.
  8. They already do the Movember bit with certain regens, so the Wayne Rooney effect can't be too far off.
  9. You're not going to buy high potential youngsters from top teams for cheap, in general. You need to look at lower league teams, teams who aren't in a financial position to be turning down, say, three million for a good prospect. It just means you've got to be doing some digging. Also, top teams are going to know who their high-potential youngsters are much more so than lower-league teams. And, as others have said, once you find those players, you'll probably have to be playing the waiting/unsettling game for a little while, until the selling team is more-or-less forced into selling to you. Bottom line, don't expect to find a wonderkid and buy him on the cheap within even one transfer window.
  10. Yes, there is such a thing. I'm not sure of the exact mechanics, if I remember correctly, certain players have random PA values, which I think is represented as a negative number. When a new save is started, the game takes that negative number and assigns a random PA value based off that. I think the negative number keeps the random PA value within a certain band, so that you don't get the same player with a PA of, say, 50 in one save and 195 in another.
  11. FFP in Leagues One and Two is based upon your wage bill being a certain percentage of your turnover. Turnover, per their definition, includes matchday income, commercial income, TV revenue, and merit payments (league position, cup winnings). It can also include donations (but not loans) from club owners. The one thing missing seems to be transfer revenue, which seems like it means player sales won't make a difference in your FFP wage cap. I suspect your FFP wage cap can be adjusted monthly, as that's when the checks occur. So, if your turnover is significantly different than your club's projections, it'll probably adjust accordingly.
  12. Usually you'll end up with a bit larger wage and/or transfer budget. Usually I look at just how much more they're offering me, and if it's not significant I won't bother changing the expectations, but if the extra funds might just get me a better player, I'll do it.
  13. For GKs, I'd have very little reservation about throwing him straight into the fray. If anything there might be a small penalty as far as "communicating" with the defenders (familiarity issues), but if he's only been out six games I don't think that'll be an issue.
  14. This right here, to me, is the bottom line why the current 1-20 system doesn't need to be changed. There will be quite a bit of difference between two players who have the exact same attributes, except one is more determined/professional/consistent than the other. More difference, anyway, than there would be between a player with 15s in his key attributes and one with 14s.
  15. I think you ought to give it a try and report back. Like I said I think it just means you aren't to sack existing staff, but I see no reason you can't add more.
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