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  1. Exactly what goes on at training? And does Owens and Family Construction have an exclusive deal with SI?
  2. Well, let's see. Title holders Man Utd . Chelsea 19th and at that point in the season probably relegated. Hull third. Blackburn even in the Premier League. Gotta be one of those.
  3. I'm running FM on a Surface Pro 3 and it runs fine. The touchscreen works fine, quite often I find the Surface Pen actually works better than a mouse for anything that requires dragging--substitutions, tactics creation, that sort of thing. I find, though, the Surface heats up quite a lot running FM. I've got the version with the i7 processor, and I'm running ten countries/thirty leagues with a medium database in my current save without too many issues. My previous save I ran sixteen countries/45 leagues on a medium database and I think that just about maxed out the processing capabilities. If I ran FM for too long at a sitting the whole machine would actually shut down due to the heat, so I had to watch that, and progressing day to day was pretty slow. Surface Pro runs a full version of Windows therefore full FM can be run.
  4. Wow, how bad are your current central defenders that a 54-year-old is rated at 3.5 stars? For that matter, I didn't know it was possible in FM for a player to be playing that long.
  5. Time to work on those negotiating skills then, eh?
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