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  1. Hi Knap Are u gonna update the !FM19.2.1BLUEMATTER433KnapPressP109 for the latest patch cheers
  2. pardon me but after the winther patch my tacs dosn't seem to work like before or is it me? cheers
  3. Hi Knap I was wondering what u would recommend for Tottenham atm. cheers
  4. Hi Bossland How do I get rite off the national flags if I would use my own? Lovely skin
  5. Allready done and they still appear
  6. Hi Knap I would looooove if u could make the BLUEMATTERVO4Knap433P103MUP103 where the deep laying midfelder is dropped down cheers
  7. Hi Knap U prop ask this before but Im strugling with Tottenham Wich tactic would u recommend? I like 4 in the back xD
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