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  1. Hi Knap I was wondering what u would recommend for Tottenham atm. cheers
  2. how do I get in touch with Mr.L forum on Discord? cheers
  3. kennedfn


    Hi Bossland How do I get rite off the national flags if I would use my own? Lovely skin
  4. Hi Knap Just wanted to tell that this tac works wonder's with Man Utd cheers Tacmaster
  5. kennedfn

    Bidstack Advertising Board

    Allready done and they still appear
  6. Hi Knap I would looooove if u could make the BLUEMATTERVO4Knap433P103MUP103 where the deep laying midfelder is dropped down cheers
  7. Big thanks Knap cheers
  8. Hi Knap U prop ask this before but Im strugling with Tottenham Wich tactic would u recommend? I like 4 in the back xD
  9. Knap my man U did it again It works like candy with my Man Utd team loooooove it
  10. This tac is simply a CRUSHER with Tottenham
  11. okay I really like Goodbyev5 working wonders with Spurs
  12. Knap which tactic is best Argus343 or the GOODBYEVOL5 I use the Goodbye with Spurs and its going well cheers