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  1. Hi Knap U prop ask this before but Im strugling with Tottenham Wich tactic would u recommend? I like 4 in the back xD
  2. Knap my man U did it again It works like candy with my Man Utd team loooooove it
  3. This tac is simply a CRUSHER with Tottenham
  4. okay I really like Goodbyev5 working wonders with Spurs
  5. Knap which tactic is best Argus343 or the GOODBYEVOL5 I use the Goodbye with Spurs and its going well cheers
  6. i will do that and Thanks M8
  7. I tryed this beta and I must say its pretty good with my Man utd team so far Good job Sage can't wait for the finisihed tactic
  8. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSS WHERE ARE U hahaha we need your brilliant tactic
  9. I really injoy this tactic with my Man Utd Really great tactic Mr.F Cheers
  10. well looks like im back in business thanks Knap
  11. 4231 suddenly I lost 4 games in a row with man utd and it didnt happend before the patch one game perhaps but not 4
  12. It seems like the tactic is broken after latest patch Now im loosing all the time
  13. yiiiiir a tactic to my man utd hehehe thanks Knap