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  1. I went with two cousins and we all really enjoyed it. Jon McClure was very funny, I loved his bit when he said he still thinks about the time he won the cup with Newcastle. I still think about the time Eduardo scored a 119th minute lob against Inter Milan to win the Champions League for my Arsenal team in FM 2007! The only thing that bugged me was when Paolo Nutini stole Jason Manford's joke about being a bit rude to player in real life because that player skipped training in FM!
  2. There's always one who has to turn every thread into a complaint on the game.
  3. SI were developing a CM spin off game called Championship Manager All Stars in the late 90s where it had the greatest players of all time, I even had a PC mag with a preview and screenshots. Got scrapped pretty quickly though. Problem was, how old would each player be? What about league structure? After the top 50/100/200 players ever, who would the rest of the players be to pad the game out? And once you've played for 10+ seasons and they've all retired, what next? Then you're just playing normal CM with loads of regens. Not surprised it was cancelled.
  4. You always get the reminder after a short period of time, regardless of whether you've kept to your promise or not. It's only after another week or two if there's been no change that he'll "take things further". If you have kept to your promise he'll drop it (for the time being).
  5. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/351124-I-have-a-great-idea-and-would-love-feedback-to-see-if-you-agree?p=8650261#post8650261
  6. FM10, already confirmed as champions, playing away to Tottenham (I'm Arsenal) 3 days before FA cup final against Liverpool (who are playing away to Man Utd on the same day I play Tottenham). We both win our games with strong teams, yet come cup final day, both teams with a couple of players in the starting line up who are a bit tired after such intensive midweek matches against big rivals, Liverpool smash us 5-0! And this is with a completely fresh strike force as I rested them all in the Tottenham match! Needless to say I was aggressive in my full time team talk!
  7. I was thinking the exact same thing, but you beat me to it!
  8. I understand (and knew) that completely. But that won't stop the moaning idiots who don't realise this.
  9. Just imagine how GD would be going crazy if SI were wasting time with pointless attribute updates rather than "fixing the broken ME"!! By the way, I have no problem with the FM13 ME as I haven't played it yet, still on a good save on FM12.
  10. Either he'd accidentally renamed the folder or, and he'd better worry if this is the case, the HDD is becoming corrupted. When that happens some very weird file and folder names start appearing. If I was him, I'd copy the saves to USB stick or external disk after each play for a short while. If he notices it happening again then it might be corrupted and at least he's got them backed up. If not then it doesn't matter.
  11. I've had this and it really annoyed me. I wanted to fine the defender for a poor performance, but because he wasn't credited with a mistake that was clearly his, his match rating wasn't low enough for it to be an option. And of course, the goalie had an undeserved poor rating when otherwise he'd had got a 6.9 as he didn't really have much else to do.
  12. Good point, and the file size was huge, something like 100mb per century!
  13. Someone already did this to 300 and 600 years in the future, so 59 years isn't much!
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