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  1. Dear SI I am having the same problem that EHMPandafaust is having. I am running on Windows 7 64 bit and have uploaded a saved game to the FM game-save folder (EHM_Schneides_Calgary.sav). The work around of clicking read all did work when I hired a head coach but when going to sign an assistant I tried to save the game just before it crashed but when I went to restart it, it crashes on opening. Cheers Craig
  2. Riz, Thanks for this. Version 1.1 works for me. Cheers Schneides
  3. Riz Any luck fixing this problem? Cheers Schneides
  4. I am still getting the same problem with update 1.0.2, I tried wiping it all off of the computer (local files from Steam, all the files in AppData and the files in the Sports Interactive file in My Documents). Cheers Schneides
  5. I am on Windows 7 and 64 bit as well. The new version has the same problem. I tried clearing the temporary .cfg files as you suggested in another thread but the same problem. Cheers Schneides
  6. It is happening to me with a saved game but also with the a new game with the default database. I get to the second page (where you select the game start date, and whether to retain players and staff. Cheers Schneides
  7. SI Are you planning to add to the tactics 3 on 3 options. I see that the latest update allows us to nominate 1 or 2 Defence for this, but I am seeing too much of my 3 on 5 lines playing in OT rather than more offensive oriented players and would prefer to set 2 or even 3 lines. Cheers Schneides
  8. I noticed this at the start of the 2017-18 NHL season the pre-season news items (top centres and team expectations) came about a week after the season started. In June 2018 the news item about the draft about to start also came after the draft was completed. Cheers Schneides
  9. Sorry about starting a new thread here, I thought I saw a similar one on trades but can't find it here or at theblueline.com. I am in the off season in 2017 and a news report comes in that the manager in Anaheim has put an unhappy Getzlaf on the block. The same day I offer a trade to Anaheim and as part of the rejection it states that they have no intentions to move a franchise player like Getzlaf. The later is of course true but there seems to be a bug here somewhere. Cheers Schneides
  10. The rosters and regular season stats do not print. The transactions and schedule do but not the others. I have tried printing each individually as well as printing all. The headings for rosters and stats are there but no data underneath. Cheers Schneides
  11. Following the update to 15.1b I am getting an extra scouting update message from my scout assigned to scout the next opponent. This message states that the scout was unable to unearth any notable players for now. Cheers Schneides
  12. What is the difference between the 7 day and 24 day IR? Is there any incentive to put a player on the 24 day IR if he is expected to be out longer than 3 weeks? Cheers Schneides
  13. You can do something like this yourself. At the end of each August my NHL team hosts the winners of the European pro leagues (in EHM2007 I used to rotate the countries invited) in a tournament. You can schedule this from the Arrange tab in your schedule screen. Cheers Schneides
  14. All I like hosting an Eastside Cup the last three days in August with the Flames playing the winners of the various European Leagues. In EHM:EA the games do not show up in the schedule. I also can't see the boxscore, play-by-play or highlights. The competition does show and it does show the home arena, something it didn't do correctly in EHM 2007. It also claims there are roster issues before the game that did not happen in EHM 2007. Cheers Schneides
  15. Yes I do have a news folder that I copied over from my EHM2007 game. All the files are .png type. What is showing in the news is the images in the large logo folder.
  16. All The roster view does not remember the last format used. I like to sort my players by Average Rating but when I come back to the roster for the next game it is no longer listed this way. Cheers Schneides
  17. First of all I am very happy that a new edition has been created, well done all! It appears that the logos that show up in the News section are the large logos. Any chance of repeating the old format of having a separate news folder? Cheers Schneides
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