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  1. Just encountered a scenario where I applied to two different teams - one from KHL and the other a national team. Usually when you accept a job offer, the others get refused automatically, but you can be the GM of two teams at the same time if one of them is from a league and one of them a national team. I got offered jobs at both teams at the same day, I accepted the national team's offer and the offer from the KHL team got refused automatically. In my opinion, this shouldn't happen - when refusing a job, it should automatically refuse offers of the same type that was offered. Accepted offer: KHL (for example) -> all other league type offers refused; National team -> all other national team type offers refused.
  2. Can't maximize, unless running in compatibility mode. Also there are two instances of EHM. Running on Windows 10.
  3. We observed something weird in network play, Riz. Can't provide a savefile, but we did test it 3 times, maybe you can replicate it. So say there's 3 players in the network game, 2 of them press Continue and enter "Waiting for players" stage, yet one of them hasn't clicked it yet. So, one of these 2 players goes to "Player stats", but the 1 player that hadn't clicked "Continue" does it now - this will make an error pop-up that will make everything unclickable and the only way to close the game is through task manager.. EDIT: My apologies for not posting this at the bugs subforum
  4. http://www.wikihow.com/Find-Hidden-Files-and-Folders-in-Windows
  5. It was 1366x768 for me, but it looks like it doesn't matter what resolution it is you've selected, as long as Fullscreen mode is selected.
  6. Yes, sir. Edit: so, changing the taskbar settings for it to hide itself automatically and setting the resolution to whatever your desktop resolution is, with Borderless Windowed mode selected kinda.. fixes it in my situation.
  7. Fixes it.. for a single session. Btw: lol my graphics card doesn't support the 1920x1080 resolution, but I still selected it just to see what happens.. would be smart to look into the game actually checking what your machine can support, that's a potential law-suit in the works, the screen starts flashing.
  8. The sentence sort of doesn't make sense to me. Staff in the text was Head Coach of the team before the promotion (he probably wouldn't even be interim GM, since the team has an Assistant GM already), so I reckon it should say the position he held previously and then the position that he was promoted to.
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