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  1. What set up would you suggest for an Intel core i3 -4160 @3.60ghz, 8gb ram Normally do England (League 2 and above) playable, then Spain, Portugal, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Scotland View only, never changed the detail level Want to get a better experience for a new long term save.
  2. Thanks for the reply, not had a message from my physio but put them on 2 weeks holiday anyway
  3. Just wondering how long people send a player on holiday for when they have returned from an international competition, think i used to do a week on other games but is that too short.
  4. As most have said Fm should be an escape from this Covid universe we are all living in at the moment but i imagine they will have to address it in the game with late start of competitions, transfer windows and also that the Euro's will be in the summer of 2021, thats as far as it should be taken in my opinion mentioned at beginning of the game to explain things and then let the players escape into a covid free football universe.
  5. I was thinking that they may do an add on to the current game where you would effectively start from the 20/21 season and just update a few little features and the match engine
  6. Was just wondering with everything that has been going on with the virus this year, would there even be a new game released this year or could there just be a big update to the current FM20 game
  7. For those trying to get Sanchez's contract lower in order to sell him, try putting a minimum release fee for around £10m have got him accepting £150.000 a week with £58.000 appearance fee with that in
  8. Going to give doing my training over a month a go on my new save do you do it one week attacking based, one week defensive based, tactical and so on but also incorporating your core sessions.
  9. Neil Ryan is the new Manchester United under 18s manager, he has moved up through the ranks at united but I can't find him in the game. it has this info on the United website if it needs to be checked.
  10. Is there any updated versions due out be nice to hear the Van Persie chant, don't hear it on the version i have got.
  11. I have the same problem, at the moment they are in general training, would there be any problem leaving them in that would they still get trained.
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