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  1. Maybe some tweaking could be done by simulating economical situations in different countries? Up & downs affect to business conditions and it should make a difference how much a team can expect to get sponsorship and ticket fees. It would also make leagues more dynamic; less money to use on players generally means a lower quality and vice versa. Naturally, I don't expect a full scale Wall Street simulator or Europa Universalis added on game engine to achieve this, but would like to see macro level economy dynamics in the game to keep player (even more) on his toes.
  2. I wrote these suggestions European leagues in mind. 1. More active agents Agents should be more eager to offer their clients to clubs. If their client is on last year of contract, the agent should be making inquiries to other clubs if they're interested to start a bidding war. 2. A chance to sign a pre-contract with a European player (earlier than now) In reality an European club has often signed pre-contracts with European players ~6 months before their current contract is ended. EHM should also allow a club to sign pre-contracts earlier than is currently possible. 3. Option to force the best faceoffs guy to take faceoffs Often the PK lines created by the assistant coach put a winger to handle faceoffs. This leads to many lost defensive faceoffs, if you don't remember to check the lineup by yourself. There should be an option to have a best faceoffs guy to handle faceoffs, no matter if the player would be a defender . Also, a chance to put your best faceoffs guy to take the critical faceoffs would be nice. --- Thanks riz and SI guys for a great game!
  3. Riz, the goalie was assigned to a Finnish "A" JYP junior team. Contract is with a Liiga team (JYP, Finnish top league). Message appeared around end of August. Some kind of preseason update of franchise's future talents. (In case you've more than one call in code to this code block.)
  4. Some nitpicking, not a major issue. Got a Prospects update message which says "Veini Vepsäläinen is likely to be a feature on the top two lines". Am I wrong, but this description doesn't suit for a goalie? Yep, it's understandable, but a bit clumsy. Suggestion - a separate text string for goalies.
  5. At least in Finnish Liiga shootout competition the format is currently 1 vs 1, it should be 3 vs. 3 according to rules. If still tied after 3 rounds, shootout competition continues 1 vs. 1 format until winner is found.
  6. I continue nitpicking, but in Team Finances view, a term "Budget" should be "Player budget" or similar.
  7. Minor minor issue, buta Manager History screen contains a clickable Actions button, but there are no actions linked to it. If it's useless, it should be removed?
  8. Like the caption says, in filter for player search is a section Draft Status. Currently options are Any/None/(empty)/CHL. Although, if empty option is selected, it narrows the search down to players with a NHL draft status. So, apparently a display list bug. Oops, version is 15.0.2b, but can't edit the caption...
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