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  1. You know, as someone who actually works in software development I was ready to post a counterpoint to this, but then I realized that if you didn't even bother to read the dev's explanation of what Early Access means, then you're probably not going to listen to me. EDIT: That was a bit snarky... I will say if you are really that passionate then try submitting some bug reports. You only have one post and this is it...
  2. The AI managers and coaches just don't seem to be very good. In my Silvertips game I have Scherbak, a 1st round pick with Montreal, who is tearing it up in his overage year with almost 2 PPG and over 8.0 rating. I'd expect him to sign with Montreal and at least get assigned to the AHL but that doesn't seem to be happening. In 2007 with my WHL games I'd frequently have my best overagers poached by AHL and ECHL teams.
  3. I agree, the game does for some reason seem to be too easy. I'm in my 2nd season with the Everett Silvertips and I'm dominating the league, often ranking first in the CHL rankings. Conversely there are some really atrocious teams that can barely win. I haven't done much with the team at all, other than adding a decent prospect through free agency, and the teams that are ranking badly aren't that bad on paper. EHM 2007 was somewhat easy but this seems a bit off even from that standard.
  4. Glad it's getting fixed sooner rather than later. Cheers!
  5. Still present in 15.1.0b. This is with both TBL DB and the default.
  6. I'm not even seeing WHL rankings, and when it comes time for the draft, every eligible player wants to play college hockey.
  7. If you're referring to what I think you are, it's under Filters - Configure.
  8. I noticed the Steam in-game overlay doesn't seem to work. It's not crucial, particularly with the game only running in windowed mode, but it's definitely nice to have.
  9. This isn't quite the same, but there is a Team Report that gives you a breakdown of your players and prospects. It's very useful but isn't easy to find in this version. From your Roster screen, click on the Actions button in the top right, and select View Team Report.
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