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  1. Throw 2 more first rounders in there and that might make them think
  2. Its always been to easy, I quit playing EHM years ago after I won the Stanley Cup 8 years in a row.
  3. How about just have a roll of the dice at the end of every season, the cap could go anywhere from 2 million above to 1 million below last years level. But then again the biggest issues with EHM has always been player management by the AI so having a fluctuating cap every year could actually hurt the game because the AI isn't smart enough to even handle a fixed cap.
  4. I know when debugging a game some bugs are bigger fixes than others and some effect a lot of other things so you have to prioritize as a developer, I'm sure they will address it in do time.
  5. To many different CPUs these days with infinate configurations. Most likely is nothing you did. Usually gets sorted out in the end, maybe you guys should list your cpu setup, maybe theres a connection.
  6. 15.1 is the latest version, 15.0.2 was last version
  7. Its divisional, the AVs could have clinched a top 3 in there division or a wildcard at least already.Top 3 in both divisions and then 2 wildcards . You can't look at the conference screen anymore, it will confuse you and needs to be redone.
  8. I dont see anything wrong with the nhl one. You have to remember its divisional now, 1 plays 4 in each division except under circumstances of one division getting both wildcards then its a little more complicated but that tree looks correct.
  9. I dont think the problem is that hes not excepting the contract, the problem here is that hes averaging 170 points a season
  10. I think your suppose to start a new game, alot of the fixes wont take effect unless you start over
  11. Patch is out. Is this with the new version
  12. From Riz in another thread If you have an external/bluetooth keyboard and the tablet can do a 1024x768 resolution, then you should be able to play. I've got an ATIV3 Win8 tablet myself and I've had a few goes on it so it should run. It's not officially supported as a platform though. Last sentence is probably your answer
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