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  1. Is it a newgen or a player that is edited in the DB ? There's been so much problems recently with the proper experience for NHL players, rookies eligibility because the recalculation was not working properly etc ... Did the player play pro in Europe ? It's to wonder if it's a game or a DB issue that the waiver exemption is maybe miscalculated
  2. Oh right it's the same as being 21 my mistake ... Then I don't know ...
  3. What's his DOB ? Not sure if the game has all the little details of the waivers rule but IRL, If a player turns 22 before December 31 in the entry-draft calendar year preceding the first season of the players entry-level contract, they are considered 22. So maybe that player qualified as a 22 years old even if signed at 21, therefore becoming waiver eligible at 60 games played.
  4. Have you tried keeping a rookie on your roster and having him play more than 10 games in the NHL to see if the last year of the contract gets subtracted ?
  5. Most common errors I can think off are that the host is either not providing the correct external IP address (if you are not on the same network) or not opening the ports required. It's hard to know what the problem is from this perspective.
  6. I do appreciate you are trying to address these ''issues'' in future engine modifications ! As for the 12 players team, although it seems to be resulting in a small negative effect since 1.4, It is still very insignificant. (last post I did demonstrated that) For the extreme tactic, if it can help, I have attached some screenshots of boxscore that shows how contradictory the extreme tactic is in regards to penalty minutes (see Power Plays for my team vs opposing teams). I had already attached screenshots of the league's team sorted by penalty minutes and I always, always finish in the top 5 of the less penalized team. This is while playing the entire season with the extreme tactics that has the parameters set to Maximum in : aggressiveness, pressure, hitting, tempo. This might be one of the biggest factor for this kind of tactic being so successful, since there is no drawbacks to paying such way. In fact, it makes you take much less penalties and appears to provoke the other team in taking much more, it should be the total opposite ! The fatigue aspect is also a major factor, because it allows you to use such a very intense and physical play-style without any drawbacks there either ! Thanks again for the attention given to this in order to improve the gameplay !
  7. Ok now I see what was meant to be shown, I had only looked at the writings inside the red circling but what he wanted to show is that the exact same line ''WHL Bantam Draft 2020'' is showing twice. The first on top is repeating after the review ... I was able to repeat this. The news board will repeat the draft announcement when simming over the draft (on vacation). It won't duplicate the news if you enter the draft.
  8. Above post focused on the use of an extreme tactic alone after patch 1.4 . Here I combined the use of only 12 players for a full season and WITH the extreme tactic applied for the entire season as well. Although I had less success than using a fully dressed team with the extreme tactic, it was still very successful in which I did better than in the fully dressed team and no tactic simulation ... Forwards Pacioretty and Radulov put in an amazing season playing over 31 min/game and under an extreme tactic (RED PlaymOver Barrage). I had finished 1st overall in earlier posts displaying the 12 players only using PIT (PIT have a much better 12 man roster than MTL) and had finished 3rd overall in the league with MTL as well as a written mention in this thread's first couple posts (prior to 1.4). I cannot draw any comparisons with this sim with before 1.4 since now I have combined both elements (12 players AND extreme tactic) which I had not done before. But to me that is enough to demonstrate that 12 players and extreme tactics are still a huge exploit (wetter used seperately or together) and a very inaccurate simulation of the fatigue aspect in general. A forward being told to give everything in every aspect of the game and every shift and rotating on 2 lines, playing over 31 min/game and racking close to 100 pts, not get tired, not get injured, is a not what I am looking for from a simulator. Finally, I have also attached the Penalty Minutes and again using maximum aggressiveness and hitting resulted in me getting the 27th team in the league for Penalty Minutes. There is something wrong in this aspect because now playing maximum aggressiveness and hitting results in a team getting much less penalty minutes than any other much less aggressive approach. Therefore it's a win / win situation where you can bully your opponent and get less penalty minutes. I believe it even makes the other team get penalized more ... In my own save, using the extreme tactic, I often see getting anywhere between 5 to 11 PP / games. Also note the backup G getting ice time in 60 of the games in regular season. I believe this only occurs when playing with only 12 players. The ''one fit all'' extreme tactic is the worse of all the problems I can observe and diminishes my interest in playing the game not only because it is a non sense exploit but also because it shows huge flaws in the tactical system and simulation engine overall. It removes the feeling that setting a tactical parameter a certain way actually makes it do what it is suppose to do.
  9. The game will send you different types of news/reports for players that are in your shortlist, make sure you clear your shortlist if you don't want news about players you don't own
  10. I also understand that I brought this only about a week before the 1.4 update which probably did not give much time to make changes to this aspect of the game. However, I also want to say that I don't see any in game changes in the latest patch made to the sim engine in regards to extreme tactics (referred to as RED PlaymOver Barrage in above posts). I have simulated a full season using the exact same parameters except for one using an extreme tactic and the other one leaving it to the coach (Use current tactic = no). I made sure that the games played by each player were very similar in both scenario. In this test, I even think that the no tactic sim had a slim advantage over the RED PlaymOver Barrage which is even better for the demonstration. I would not account the other way around. Here are the results for the no tactic : Here are the results for the RED PlaymOver Barrage : Finally something that I had also observed and wanted confirmation of was the total penalty minutes for both scenarios. It is a non sense that the extreme tactic with maximum aggressiveness and maximum hitting would result in having the second last (less) penalized team in the league ! The no tactic resulted in MTL being the 6th most penalized team ! I therefore see no change, I observe the same non sense tactic resulting in strange simulation stats (Pen. Min.) and over performance. It should make a team under perform ... I love this game, but before adding new leagues and other type of extra content, I believe that some of the core aspects of the game (simulation/tactics) need some serious work. I will also make another test of the 12 players ''exploit'' and report them here so that we have an idea of how the latest tweaks of 1.4 affect total ice time fatigue since the effect of intensity is not doing as expected.
  11. Did you make sure that within Roster -> filter -> Available only is NOT ticked / NOT checked ?
  12. review doesn't mean it is about to start but instead what happened during / after the draft ... I'm not sure I understand what you are reporting ...
  13. Great ! To me, I understood that Riz mentioned that fatigue would affect players actions and movements but not the other way around, how the nature of the actions (intensity) would affect the fatigue as well. The term short bench was mentioned but not the terms tactics or anything referring to the intensity of those tactics. Therefore I wanted to confirm / hear about this specific aspect without ambiguity (how intensity of actions are/could affect fatigue).
  14. It was a very rough and incomplete suggestion because then there's also individual attributes of each player's and their unique style of play and fitness level. Even though both icetime and tactics influence fatigue, they should not be equally balanced as it's still 2 distinctive things. One is for the total time spent performing actions and the other one is the intensity of those actions within that amount of time. I believe the second one should have a much greater effect on fatigue. Very intense actions are much more energy draining than performing medium intensity actions over a longer period of time.
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