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  1. ARGUS 343 Knap FM18

    And the run goes on, Man U are top too...
  2. ARGUS 343 Knap FM18

    Just wanted to say that I switched to this for the Fenerbahce game. I've been looking for a formation that can defend and this seems to be the one. I have made one change, just because I don't like three strikers. I pulled the poacher back to the AM slot with an attacking AP role. Told him to close down much more, pass short and push up. As you can see, it's working a treat. Oh, all using the control version. Great work Knap. P.S. The two goals conceded against Spartak were both disastrous individual errors. P.P.S. I'm Cardiff.
  3. For heaven's sake, give the lad a break. He comes on here, not in his native language, to share his tactic, and all you can do is try and belittle him. Sad. Sit down and have a word with yourself.
  4. Hi Knap, what is your best defensive tactic? I much prefer a tactic that wins 1-0 or 2-1 to 5-3. Any ideas?
  5. Having just seen a screenshot, I see that there are still pillars in big stadiums. When was the last time anyone saw a pillar in a new or new-ish stadium? I can't believe what an oversight this is. Who designed the stadiums? Have they never been to a game or watched one on the tellybox? This was so off-putting in FM16 I turned off the stadiums. I've always thought that the stadiums could be improved; they are too stock. But please, at least in a patch, get rid of the pillars!
  6. Job Interviews - what am I doing wrong?

    Dear God! You're not wrong, 2.5m in debt, predicted to be 11m by end of season! And they're 5 points from safety with with 17 games remaining. They've only won 4 games all season!
  7. Job Interviews - what am I doing wrong?

    Wahey! Something worked because guess what? Bolton have come a calling! First time a championship club has invited me too. It's the big time! Thanks for the advice.
  8. Job Interviews - what am I doing wrong?

    Here we go! Bolton have offered me an interview, they're in the relegation zone in the Championship. This time, I've agreed with some of their philosophies. And that I can work with the existing staff. Fingers crossed!
  9. Job Interviews - what am I doing wrong?

    I haven't applied for any of these jobs. They've all invited me to attend an interview. That's what makes it more frustrating! You'd think they'd want me!
  10. Managing Colwyn Bay and we are 3rd in League 2 following 2 promotions in 3 years. I have probably been offered about 15 jobs and have gone to interview for about 10 because the crowds at Colwyn Bay are tiny. I generally try to sound agreeable and positive and say that I can match their ambitions and that I'm happy to work with their budgets. Crewe said that they couldn't afford compensation, another said that they thought I was being too ambitious in my league hopes(!) and the rest just said that while my interview was fine they've opted for someone else. What's going on? Any ideas?
  11. Apex Predator V2 - Tuned for 15.3

    LOL, I just had my first job offer from Forest Green. I'm 2nd and they're bottom but one. I know exactly the problem you're facing. I'm only getting crowds of 170-80. I'm hoping it's because the stadium is being redeveloped this season to come in line with regs. This season I've had no problem picking up frees and loans who are 3.5 - 4 stars current ability and 5 stars potential. Definitely need a cup run though. Ebbsfleet just offered me an interview as well. I may well take a job if things get really tough but at the moment I'm hanging tough. Even if I did just get hammered 5-0 at home by Altrincham. First time that's ever happened using Nemesis.
  12. Apex Predator V2 - Tuned for 15.3

    Hi Mr. Rosler, Yeah, saved it just before the match. After 3 fails I started to change my players around but it had no effect. I've noticed that trend too, this year more than ever is the slip-ups against lower placed teams are far more common. Of course after a few games I also noticed that the version has been updated overnight to 15.3.2 Knowing what FM patches are like I immediately went and checked it out but it seems a very minor change, not affecting the ME at all, but still, y'know, paranoia and all that...
  13. Apex Predator V2 - Tuned for 15.3

    Now, here's an interesting / incredibly annoying thing. Using your Nemesis has brought me great success with Colwyn Bay, stormed to the VN title and after 12 games we are top of the VC. Just started my new game and as usual, despite having been on a great run when I saved it last night, we lost the first game after loading up. This has been such a common event over many years of playing FM that I always allow myself a second chance. Now, I'm top, I'm playing Ebbsfleet at home, they are 18th. I'm 4-7 favourites to win the game. I lost the second game also. Normally I just carry on at this point but something about it really bugged me so I loaded up again, and again, and again. Get this, I'm now loading up for the 13th time and have still not managed to beat them... 14th... 15th... The crazy thing is that if I was a crap side playing a better team in the FA Cup I'd still expect to have beaten them at least once if I played them so may times. This is a team I should be beating comfortably! And every game has only 1 goal difference in it. If I don't score they only get 1. If I get 2 they get 3! It's completely bonkers. 16th... 17th... 18th... I'm only going to twenty. My sanity can't take it. EVERYBODY CALM DOWN! 19th attempt and I'm 2-0 up at half time... Hallelujah! a 2-1 win! They came storming back in the 2nd half but we clung on. Ridiculous. I mean that. Literally ridiculous.
  14. Apex Predator V2 - Tuned for 15.3

    Ah, yes, the Nemesis one. That's the one I'm using, soooo much more solid. The one in the OP brings success (at least in the Prem) but this one is much more, dare I say, realistic in terms of chances created and scorelines. And still gets great results! You're my hero. At least for today.