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  1. Yes, this is a good point. I easily got Cardiff promoted and then finished 7th, 9th and am now 15th and struggling halfway through the season and having to change up the tactic.
  2. Hello everybody, yes, TimmyFlex is back. After having developed a version last year, I have been looking for a system to recreate it this year. Essentially, the idea behind the tactic is this: You play the best 11 players you can get hold of, whatever their position and role. That does not mean, of course, that you play a 1-1-8 formation or something silly like that, no. You need to provide balance, so it can be any formation really, the only rule that I adhere to is that the player must be fully green in the position and role. The secret is having a solid base tactic, and here I am indebted to gtjbm for his/her gm-433geg-20 tactic that I found on FM Base (I think). This tactic is a kind of Klopp-esque gegenpress 433. However, it has a lot of individual instructions for each position. I have removed all position instructions and just play the players in their natural position and role. BUT, I never change the base tactic instructions as it is very reliable. So, you'll find that the tactic as I saved it here is a 4-2-3-1, but I usually play a 4-3-3 or a 4-1-2-3. However, I have also played a 4-4-2 and a 4-3-2-1, and sometimes an asymmetrical formation with one winger and one AM. It really all depends on the best players available. Generally, I like a mix of styles in the midfield, with always at least one def mid of some sort. And I prefer the fullbacks to attack. Oh, I have only tried this with a flat-back four. You'll have to experiment to find the best combination. I do not use any OIs, let my ass man do general training and never use shouts. Sometimes I switch to defensive very late in the game, but it is generally very solid. Regarding results, I lost in the play-offs with Cardiff in the first season, then finished second behind Leicester in the second season with 94pts. First season in the Prem, I am 9th after 23 games, so now feel secure enough to publish the tactic. This is not a wonder tactic, but it is very good. I like it this way, find it more satisfying when a combination works. I should say that this approach is both freeing and limiting. It means that you can buy any player and are not limited to those who fit your tactic, but you are also limited because you cannot just shove any old player into a role. The other thing that I should mention is that, when I make a sub, it usually has to be done via the tactics screen so you can adjust the position and role. This does allow you to be more flexible though when responding to the game. Good luck! TimmyFlex.fmf
  3. Excellent, I loved your tactic a few versions back. I'll give this a go in the Scottish third div with Albion Rovers (predicted to finish bottom).
  4. Really? Interesting. Might give it a go then, especially if it's not as good as last year. When you say you tried it, do you mean that just copied the base set up and instructions? Or, can you import the tactics directly? I've just checked, you can import directly. I'll give it a go now.
  5. Hi there, This was my tactic for last year. I've not tried to rebuild for this year. I'm using a new one, which is a tweak of 433_Davautje. It's his tactic, I've just adjusted the set pieces. However, I've been doing it like last season, just playing players in their best roles and positions. BUT, this is not as good as the TimmyFlex, but that is better for me, I prefer something that takes longer but that I have faith in. What I've found with this is that the 433 formation works best: that's 1DM and 2CM with 2 high wingers. The DM can be in the DM position or in the centre of the three in the CM slots. If in the DM position, you can play a support role, but if in the CM slot, it needs to be defensive. I've not had much luck with an AM, though you can bring the wide men back instead of having them as wingers. It's very solid when you get it right, but I have suffered the occasional spanking against the top teams. With Cardiff, I lost in play-offs first season, then comfortably won the league, then spent four seasons building (11th, 7th, 10th, 7th), then spent some big money on the midfield (two 30m pound players - Bellingham and Cuisance, with Valverde in the DM role - and had a brilliant start to the season and then tailed off a little but clung on to win the Prem . This is the sort of thing I prefer, rather than blasting the league. Oh, I'm playing on the beta 20.2.4 If you fancy a slower experience, use this. I don't use any OP and player instructions are just the standard for the role. 433_DavautjeTim.fmf
  6. I have noticed a few long dribbles, but they have been from my wingers and when they picked it up in space. Tackling has not been an issue for me, but I'm only about 10 games in to the Beta ME. I've had two pens and scored both. Obviously, the more you play, the more you notice. However, previously, the ME was just so boring, and it didn't seem to matter what instructions you gave, they just humped it long. So, it may not be perfect (never is), but it is a big improvement, IMO. Oh! And headers are back. Never seemed to score any headers before.
  7. Just wanted to say a quick thank you for the the Beta ME. I had essentially given up with the previous ME as it was very one dimensional and the frequently cited issue of one-on-ones was truly awful. However, the Beta ME has saved FM20 for me. It is so much more exciting to watch. Some crazy goalmouth scrambles, and players seem to be doing more of what you ask of them. This especially applies to support or deep-lying strikers. I was very frustrated previously, but am now enjoying it much more. Well done.
  8. Hi Knap, I think I made a similar request to you for FM19, but which would you recommend as a nice, solid tactic that improves the sum of its parts but doesn't blow teams away? In other words, something that might take a newly promoted side say, three seasons to get promoted again (e.g. a consolidation season, mid-table/play-offs, challenging for automatic). I find that most tactics on here absolutely blast through most leagues (especially the lower divisions) and/or score/concede far too many goals. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to playtest my own tactics. I just want something that I know, if I slowly improve the players I have, will eventually bring success (always allowing for a bit of luck). Anyway, any suggestions will be gratefully received and given a go. Thanks.
  9. Dunno about that. I was struggling like this guy, tried a few downloads to see what they are doing to use as a base for mine, and there are definitely a few plug-and-play tactics that pretty much instantly worked. I think FM will always struggle to eradicate p&p tactics. At the moment, a bit like last year's incarnation, I'm struggling to find a balanced formation. What I mean by that is not one that gets humped every week (obviously), but not one that instantly produces 20+ shots every game. I really tried for a long time to find that in FM19, and never really did. Hope I can this year.
  10. It seems that every other chance is just a ball lumped up the field and the striker breaking away from the defence. Admittedly, I have my defensive line pushed high, but this is also the case with my strikers. I seem to remember this being an issue two or three versions ago pre-patch. Anyone else experiencing the same thing?
  11. Just downloading FM20 now. This is gonna be my base to begin with. Love solid tactics. I'll let you know how it goes.
  12. Hi, glad you're enjoying it. I honestly haven't found a combination that doesn't work. The only one that is weaker is if you don't have a def mid of some type (as it can leave you too open to the counter, or if you have both fullbacks who are defensive, as then you don't create as much. However, they still over achieve. I'm now playing a Welsh only game with Cardiff and Wales. I've put Colwyn Bay and Merthyr Tydfil in the North and South Conference, respectively. Maxed out all Welsh clubs youth systems and given them sugar daddies. As the name suggests, as Cardiff, I can only sign Welsh players. And then try to win the World Cup with Wales. First season, finished 7th with Cardiff, but Wales proving a bit tougher as there is no decent def mid.
  13. Yes, I have some players like that in central defence. Regarding your def winger. I deliberately do not give them PI because if they leave a gap like that I take it as part of the game. I only do this because the game is too easy; you kind of have to leave weaknesses otherwise it becomes boring.
  14. How come the central defenders are not fully green in the roles? That's an interesting one. I have not yet had a straight five across the middle. Inverted wingers do work very well. How is the defensive winger doing?
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