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  1. 1174 hours on steam. But who's counting, eh? Love the game, Riz, as it stands, and any extra stuff is sweet, whether we wait for it for a week or a year!
  2. A) I did post it on a separate thread and B) I'm sure that by fixing this problem they created another, i.e. the one I'm suffering from.
  3. Actually no. It's not fixed, it's broken now for high-end computers. Even the slowest clock speed is ridiculously fast for me. Can't follow the games anymore if highlights are turned off. And before you even suggest it, yes, animation speed is also set to the lowest possible but it's still too quick. Another thing, Highlights won't stay turned off, I need to manually change this every game.
  4. After the new update, in-game clock speed is ridiculously fast, even when set on slow, at least when highlights are turned off. I'm hoping this could be considerably slowed down as making in-game tactical adjustments on high-end PC is pretty much impossible right now. Also, now I need to watch shootout animations if highlights are turned off. And apparently Higlights settings button is bugged too, even if I turn it to 'None', it reverts back to 'All game' every time a new simulation begins...
  5. Difficulty levels. American College Leagues as playable leagues. European Championship League as playable league. Possibility to retire numbers. There's a few that come to mind. Yeah, and definately remove the shock retirements!
  6. Oh, why of course, why didn't I think of that? Thanks mate!
  7. Just to be clear on this Mars, do you have the "Coach games yourself" -option turned to "No" or "Yes"? And if the answer is "No" then additional question: Is there any way to watch the games if you're not coaching them yourself? Because I don't mind not coaching them but I do mind not viewing them.
  8. Is it just me, or is this game a LOT easier than EHM 2007? At least when you're not coaching the games yourself, it seems every decent team you manage can take the cup/championship with relative easiness. Just use unit tactics and avoid penalties and that's pretty much about it. It's a bummer, because I think the trade AI has improved a lot. I really hope the devs consider adding a new difficulty level. I guess I could increase the difficulty by masking player skills or imposing artificial rules for myself (budgets etc.), but that seems rather silly. I just wish winning the games weren't so darn easy!
  9. Lol, my problem is exactly the opposite, but then again I'm running downloaded rosters. Defenders pretty much suck in my game in terms of rating.
  10. Yeah, I see a problem with prospect rights especially. True example. Buffalo has 1st round 2nd pick. They pick Player A, whom I had my eyes on. I offer them my pick, which is 1st round 6th pick, for Player A and they accept. And this is during draft day, mind you!
  11. Is it just me or do the Defensemen get too low ratings for their efforts. I'm on my 3rd season with Bruins. After about 15 games, only 2 defenders in top 50 if I sort players by Avg.Rating. That's way too little!
  12. SoftyPants again requesting things . Please considering adding an option where I can disable PP/PK units mid-game and just use my regular lines as special teams. Sometimes if the game's already decided I like to give my 3rd or 4th string players a chance to shine on PP, but now the system is pretty stiff, cos in order to achieve this I need to redo my PP lines completely. Also, why are players now in 100% game condition after they've recovered from injury? The old system where they where lacking match practice was more realistic, IMO.
  13. Few suggestions that sprang into my mind. It would be neat if the manger could, at least in the European leagues, have more impact on the club's salary budget.. A sort of slider thing they have in FM would be cool. Also one of the problems I recall from 2007 was the fact that in Europe, as the time progressed, the AI teams stopped using their money to build stronger squads. Even though at least some of them must've been generating profit (cos I know I was) they're budgets just declined and winning championships in, say Finnish SM-Liiga became easier. Still more stuff from my old wishlist. How about the ability to retire numbers for your veteran players? That would be a small but very awesome feature that would help to build immersion.
  14. Hi guys. Thank you for this wonderful game. I'm a veteran of EHM 2007 and the news of your return is more than welcome. So, to business. Any chance that you'll reinstate the play-by-play commentary in the boxscore screen or somewhere else in the game? So basically I would like to see an "only commentary"-type of feature in the game settings. Anyway, keep up the good work, guys!
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