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  1. "Resolved" by re-importing game data from TBL 9.0b rosters. :-)
  2. Save game uploaded as /fm/game-crash/andda715_dbsetup.sav Reproduce: 1) Load save 2) Continue until ~20th August and crash "v1.4 ingame_db_setup.cpp 2459" will appear EDIT: More information. The database is a "work in progress" with Swedish SuperElit J20, and HockeyEttan SouthWest and NorthEast. The save game is with a team in SuperElit but I get the same crash with HockeyEttan as well after a few days of in-game time (from start of game).
  3. No, mainly in Sweden IIRC. Maybe in other European countries as well.
  4. I got arena expansion several times in 2007, but IIRC this was only with teams that "own" their arena. When playing to improve teams in Europe (FM-style), having them move up the divisions I would use the editor to set the teams to own the arena and insert "realistic" maximum capacity. Never seen "a new" arena built though.
  5. Hrm, instead of needing to change the reputation dynamically more during the season (which sounds awesome btw :-D ), would it be possible as a short term "fix" to add weights from average rating and/or if possible role specific "key stats" (e.g. goals scored, points or shots blocked)? That is, salary demands could be based on reputation and then "scaled" afterwards according to the above weights? Then perhaps players with 8.0 Avr Rating won't accept very low salary demands? Hopefully this could make the game more challenging. It is hard to resist not offering that cheap re-sign contract to players even though you know they should be worth more! ;-) Thanks!
  6. Hi veija, Strange that the reinstall didn't work. :-/ I had a similar issue on Steam once, that was fixed by doing something like below (IIRC): Go to your games Library and right click on EHM, then Properties, Local Files, Verify Integrity of Cache (or similar). Good Luck! :-) EDIT: https://www.reddit.com/r/Steam/comments/34zpat/steam_error_code_51/ seems like this was it
  7. Yeah, same thing happened for me. I thought that it perhaps was due to excessive training during the summer but it sure looks weird. :-) I had 3/4 on maximum the entire period from winning Stanley Cup to start of pre-season. For me it was also ~9 players out, 2 or 3 per game during the first ~four games EDIT: Sadly no recent save with this available.
  8. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/424468-15.0.2b-Future-transfer-bug-(survivor-from-2007) Yes, seen this too. ?
  9. Try this: https://support.apple.com/kb/PH14388?locale=en_US :-)
  10. Hrm, have you tried manually changing your resolution to 1024x768 before starting the game? This works for me at least, then it will switch to fullscreen after the error message and from there all is working fine.
  11. I run EHM:EA in Ubuntu Linux using Wine + Windows version of Steam. The game runs excellent in fullscreen mode and installation was quite straightforward. The following guide explains how to install "Windows version of Steam" in Linux+Wine. I assume Mac+Wine will be quite similar. https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Steam_under_Linux#Step_1:_setting_up_Wine tl;dr on Ubuntu: > sudo apt-get install wine1.7 winetricks > winetricks steam Window mode is a bit borked with some repaint issues. Otherwise some minor issues where global preferences aren't saved between sessions (euros vs dollars etc), this might be a configuration snafu on my part though.
  12. Hi, I spent some time trying to recreate the "future transfer disappears"-bug that has been present since, at least, the 2007 version. The general idea is that you sign a player on an expiring contract to a future contract with a start date later than the expiry of the original contract. How to reproduce: 1) Load save game ftp://ftp-public@ftp.sigames.com/fm/game-save/andda715_future_trn_bug.sav 2) Go to F3 -> Transactions -> Check that a future transfer has been agreed with Finnish player Myttinen (or similar) 3) Continue until next day (April 30th -> May 1st) 4) Go to F3 -> Transactions -> Transfer of Myttinen has disappeared This one is quite annoying. Have lost count of all great players that have "escaped" due to this. See also this post: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/423945-Transfer-bug-in-the-last-year-of-the-contract-of-a-player Thanks, Anders
  13. Still present in EA. Had it happen to a team in Swe-2 when signing a player under (expiring-) contract in a non-playable central eurupe league.
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