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  1. Invest in fixing the online experience. People will always find ways to beat the AI. And when they do, they will be bored. They'll never get bored of trying to beat 25-29 other competent human GMs. Fix signings. Euro UFA signings shouldn't flood the North American market in the middle of the playoffs. Fix the backup goaltending issues. If you're simming, you should be able to set how much your backup plays. If you're simming and your starter gets hurt, your AGM should not place your AHLer in net over your backup.. Ways to fix online gaming Make it easier and less time consuming to launch the game. You shouldn't need to sign in all 30 gms to launch the game. Make the game stable with 10 or more players in the game at once. Right now, even 5-6 guys makes the game act up and sometimes crash. Allow guest players to download reports/tactics etc to their computer, not the host computer.
  2. Hey guy, In my online league I got screwed over big time this year because UFAs I signed for next year came over in April, May and June instead of July. As a result, I was over the contract limit and my AGM made some catastrophic decisions. I believe EHM's method for European contracts is inaccurate. I can't think of an instance where European UFAs joining NHL teams in the middle of the playoffs. I'm pretty sure that UFAs can't sign until July 1. I have seen rare instances where Europeans signed mid-season (Nabokov). In that case, Nabokov had to clear waivers before joining his new team (and he failed to do so.)
  3. It would be awesome if they could retroactively fix this issue on saved games. Because we have an online league where all the coaches have bad motivating ratings
  4. How this game works, in terms of salary negotiations, can be improved. It's bizarre. It just signed a Eronen out of Finland for $925,000 for one year. He comes over June 6. (NHL contracts shouldn't start until July, right?). And his contract is over in 3 weeks. Now he wants to be a core player and wants $2M a year. He's never played a game for me and wants a 120 percent raise.
  5. So the motivation fix only works on new games
  6. There are some strange interactions with free agents in this game. For example, as Red Wings GM, I wanted to sign Almquist. He wanted to be a regular player, but I decided to offer him "core status." Almquist is making less than $300,000 I believe in Sweden. Probably even lower. So I offer core. He demands over $3M. Too much. I don't offer it. The next week, I offer again, as a regular player. Now he only wants $1.4M or something. Deal. I've since since this several times It seems that the role you offer sets the player's demand as much as anything. It seems to me that a player's reputation should have more clout than my offer of the role. A player is only worth so much, regardless of how I intend to use him. This is a particularly frustrating dynamic when dealing with European free agents, who will only accept offers as "core players" and this demand twice what they're worth. Why would a European, making $175,000 in the Suisse league, demand $3.6M to play in the NHL when he's clearly only a 4th liner?
  7. It's clear that fans of the game are too defensive to accept criticism of the game. Meanwhile, there's a major hole in the way the game functions. Whether Riz and company want to believe it or not, there is a long history of hype and fame for #1 overall picks (and other high picks) who step right into the NHL and make an impact. That is missing from this game.
  8. "Ok I'm going to somewhat disagree with you here. There are franchise/Elite players in every draft, but the number of them that are able to make their respective NHL teams and be put in a position to succeed are few." They are few. Sure. Exactly. They are few. But they are real. McDavid, Eichel. Hanifin. Ekblad. Pastrnak. McKinnon. Seth Jones. Elias Lindholm. Monahan. These are in just the last 3 years. The idea that Crosbys and Ovechkin-type rookie campaigns are a thing of the past? Not even close to true. It truly boggles the mind that anyone believes it's realistic to have so many top 5 picks be NOWHERE near ready.
  9. Maybe I'm imagining it, but did FHM have a slider that told your AGM about how much your goalies should play?
  10. The settings aren't that specific. There's a rigidness about the vacation settings that needs to be dealt with somehow. For example, when I go on vacation, I want choose, "use lineup" when possible and "Use lines" when possible. That basically means the backup goalie will never play.
  11. After 10 years of AGMs playing goalies 82 games a year.... it's time to figure this out Worse, when your starter gets hurt, sometimes the game will create a new player from thin air, make him your goalie, for the length of the injuries, while your competent backup rides the pine and your AHL goalies play in the minors.
  12. There is nothing rude/arrogant about criticizing a development model that doesn't mimic reality. I have asked you to show me the example of a first or second year player capable of scoring 100 points or 50 goals. I have asked you to show me the examples of 18, 19 and 20 year olds who were able to do things like Stamkos, McDavid and Crosby. I have asked you, because I don't believe this game produces these talents at this age. And I believe that is unrealistic.
  13. Why do you resort to insults? Since you've done all the testing, please show me all the 19-22 year old Hart Trophy candidates (EHM created players) in your sims. I would love to see your results and compare those results to Reality. Show me the way this game creates a Sidney Crosby or Mario Lemieux or Connor McDavid. If you want to argue that a majority of NHLers aren't ready for the NHL at 18 or 19, you won't get an argument for me. But what I'm telling you is many of the very ELITE players are ready. You may have noticed that all the players I listed were Hart Trophy or Hall of Fame players. I appreciate that the drafts are more random. But until you show me how EHM creates a 19 year old 100-point man, I'm simply going to continue to believe that EHM development doesn't allow for it. Because I've started 10-15 games now and never seen it. The only players who do so are the ones created by TBL. And even in those cases (-10 Joe Veleno, for example) the development is very slow.
  14. Stamkos best season - 21 Ovechkin best season - 21 Gretzky best season - 20 (92 goals) 24 (215 points) Fedorov best season - 23 Yzerman best season - 23 M Lemeiux best season -22 Crosby best season - 19 or 22 Kane best season - 27 Malkin best season -- 22 or 25 Corey Perry - 25 H. Sedin - 29 Thornton - 26 Forsberg - 22 Sakic - 31 Messier - 29 Trottier -- 22 Laflleur - 25 or 26 Bobby Clarke - 26 Bobby Orr- 26 Look how many superstars peaked at 23 or earlier? There also appears to be a disconnect with Riz's system and with the players in TBL databases., If you notice, the TBL players in the game and about to join the game are great compared to the players produced by the game. The point is, the players like Gretzky, Lemieux, Crosby, Ovechkin, Yzerman, etc... They are rare. But they exist. And this game doesn't create them in a way that resembles the real world. If you don't see the problem with that, I don't know what to say. Throughout history the NHL has had 18, 19 and 20 year olds dominate.
  15. That's nice that you are happy with the game. I am happy for you:) But for fans who want realism, there should be franchise players in every draft. It's unacceptable to have so many top 5 picks are are not even close to being ready to being impact players. Please fine tune the prospect development so that the players who are world class tend to develop faster and earlier.
  16. Anywhere from 2 to 5 kids play every year. And they are usually top 5 picks. Connor McDavid at 18 was better than 90 percent of the players in the NHL. EHM doesn't create Connor McDavids and Austin Matthews. I hope you'll just drop your preconceived ideas and pay attention to what I'm saying and encourage Riz and co to fix an element of this game that needs to be fixed
  17. Just because EHM 05 was "unrealistic" doesn't mean the new Eastside is realistic. It needs to be realistic. Every year 18 year olds make the jump. With EHM, you often have to wait til a top 5 pick is 21 before they're as good as a third liner. Considering the age that Gretzky, Lemieux, Yzerman, Fedorov, etc. etc had their career highs, the new EHM is not realistic at all. Many superstars peak at 20-23 years old. That's an age at which many Eastside top rated prospects are only beginning to be good enough to play in the NHL
  18. 1) Going back to the original NHL EHM, too many good prospects have really bad physical ratings. Look around the NHL. There aren't many top flight players with 6 speed and or 8 stamina. If a player is at a threshold of -7 or better (or 120+) there should be a minimum level of physical ability. 2) Players take too long to develop. Also, top 5 and even #1 picks are virtually useless in the NHL. This can't be by design, can it? The speed at which players develop needs to be tweaked so they develop a little faster. 3) Prospects are too specialized. In the DB, players like Crosby or Malkin or even lesser players like Komarov... they are well rounded players. The prospects this game develop all look like Mark Ribeiro (all offense, no defense) or Johnny Oduya (all defense, no offense). Good players should be more likely to have all-around ratings... We see to many top players with 18 shooting and 18 deflections and then like 8 passing and 8 checking. That's broken, if you ask me. It really takes the fun out of the draft. And in online leagues, it makes the teams that have great young players in 2016 great for a decade to come.
  19. Universally, they've been dropped dramatically, with most coaches having a rating of 1 or 2.
  20. There are those who only play online, Riz. So when you don't fix the online issues, you don't give us a chance to enjoy the game.
  21. 1. Loading the game: WHen you load an online game after a crash or some other issue, the host signs in. Then you need someone else to login in remotely using VNC or something, to return from vacation for every player. This is a very time consuming process. The bold part needs to go away. 2. Instability. With 4-5 people in the draft screen at once, the game gets wonky. It seems to switch screens on you. Perhaps it's going to a screen sorted by someone else in the draft. Worse yet, the game seems to crash a lot when there are more than 4-5 people in the game. Especially if they are in drafts. 3. Timing out. Players time out after 120-150 seconds of being idle. 3. Timing out in response screens. This has been a problem since 2005. If you time out in a response screen you're stuck. Nobody can boot you. Nobody can save while your ghost is in the game. Nobody can move forward. 4. Lags. Seems like there's a 1-2 second delay with every click. Sometimes more. 5. Actual online in-game play. It's not possible. Personally, I don't want it. But some do.
  22. I don't know what you mean by hyperbole. In EHM 05 we'd sometimes have 20+ people at a draft and we could run it, using the boards/messenger. People would be int he game scouting, checking prospects during the draft. But Sunday, playing EHM, we had like 8 people at the draft, and that was too many. We had to have a rule were you couldn't go in the game until it was your pick. That dramatically slows down the draft, which is already a long process. It just seems like very little has been done to make this a game that can be played easily online. I know resources are limited, but I'd like to see greater emphasis on online play.
  23. I am two leagues. We are having a draft as we speak. Everytime more than 3-4 people get in the game, the game gets unstable. Crashes are very frequent. And the game takes longer to bring up. I appreciate this game, but let's be honest. Online capabilities are still nowhere near as good as they were in 2005, when online gaming was just picking up steam. It's 2016. Let's move forward.
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