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  1. Most of the Ligue 1 reserve teams play in the french fourth tier division indeed, but I still find odd that no players from those b-squad can train with the senior squad. I mean reserve teams still play in a proper league per se
  2. Hi ! I'm playing with Marseille in Ligue 1, so my reserve is not a distinct team :-/
  3. I have the same problem, I can't add Reserve player as well and don't know what to do :-/
  4. Hello, in the unit tab I can only promote players from my U19 team, but not players from my reserve. Is this normal?
  5. Hahaha, my apologies, what I meant is that as Montreal is isolated in the NHL on a linguistic perspective, foreign players tend to learn english despite living in Quebec, where a majority of french speakers are located. Those guys are living between planes and hotels around NA, thus letting not much time to learn the specific language of where their team is located. In Switzerland for example the country is not vast, and you're home more often, thus making the cultural and linguistic differences more present. I'm aware that the linguistic situation in Canada can be sometimes a political issue, I didn't mean to minimize that ^^. I was just thinking it tend to less affect NHL hockey players as they're more often on the road, in a mostly english speaking area, thus eviting the "problem" most of the time.
  6. I recently posted a question about this on the TBL forums, but I think this question should belong here too. I'll paste it here with some corrections : There are different languages spoken by teams in the game, which will influence what language a foreign player will learn. For example in the game, Montreal have french as fluent language, and Toronto have English. Same country, same league, but different languages used as dominant. If this not really a problem in North America, the situation is a bit different in Europe. There would be some tweaks to be done in Switzerland, and ideally in Italy too: For example Lugano in the NLA have german as fluent language, french and english as basic (based on the languages used by the Swiss national team in the game I suppose). IRL in Lugano, they mostly speak Italian as the first language. If you go to the club website, the first language used will be italian, and unfortunatly it doesn't appear at all in the game. Same thing occurs with other Swiss clubs, where all have german as fluent language, french and english as basic. Some clubs would need to have french as fluent, german and english as basic. Some club would need Italian as fluent language. Some clubs are good as they are. It bothers me because it will directly influence what language a foreign player will learn during his stay. If a russian player comes to, let's say Lausanne, and stay for a few seasons, he will only learn German, and not french, which isn't realistic due to the club location. It could also interfer further in his carreer, as he would be supposed to have learned french, and so maybe being more inclined to sign to other french speaking teams in Canada or other french speaking areas. At least more easily, having passed the culture/language problem. In the game, he will only learn german, because all Swiss teams have this language as fluent language, the basic languages will not matter in the player learning curve. Depending of where he plays in Switzerland, he IRL should/could learn another language during his stay, which could after influence his carreer's choices, the cultural/linguistic problem being solved. The Italian Serie A isn't playable so it's less important, but ideally most teams in this league should have german in the languages section, at least basic. As you can see on this map (http://www.eliteprospects.com/league_home.php?leagueid=24), most teams are based in or near South Tyrol, where a german dialect is widely spoken everyday, far more than italian. Most italian national team's players use social networks in german, and most of the Serie A teams websites are in german too (some a bilingual, with german appearing first, but some haven't Italian proposed at all, despite being based in Italy!) Some examples: http://www.broncos.it http://www.hcpustertal.com http://www.rittensport.it http://www.hc-neumarkt.com This also should be implemented in the game, as most Italian pro hockey players have german as their mothertongue, due to their specific area/culture in the country. An area that gave Italy most of their professional teams and local trained national team players. It is of course a detail and not a pressing issue in the game, but it would be give the now playable NLA and NLB a more realistic aspect.
  7. It happened in my games several times also. Some coaches are fired during the 1st phase of the WC, even though the teams concerned have a game planned the next day.
  8. I agree. Having the Champions Hockey League would add an awesome extra challenge for a lot of leagues already playable in the game. It would be a great feature that would improve the playable Euro Leagues gameplay overall. Having the missing leagues that are involved in the CHL too, like France or Denmark, would be also great, but well, step by step this game is improving. It was a nice surprise for me when the different World Championship divisions were made playable for example. It's cool for the Hockey World
  9. No problem, I will upload it. I changed the view from the menu to "Season", and the game against the Kings is listed there. So the problem only appears on my monthly schedule screen. No problems on the league's schedule screen by the way. EDIT: I just saw that the saved game I should upload needs to be before the incident occurs. Unfortunatly it isn't the case, sorry about that :/
  10. Hi there, I was pretty surprised to play a game that did not appeared in my team's schedule. So I played it to see if it would appear in the schedule screen afterwards, but nothing changed. The game however appears on my opponent's schedule : My team's screen : My opponent's screen :
  11. Indeed, for example Jokerit tend to rely too much on north american players, despite being based in a hockey powerhouse country with a lot of domestic players available. There is a lot of talented players in Finland that could make the team though. Also, it's not KHL related sorry, but there is a similar problem with Hockey East College teams. After a few years they recruit an unusual number of europeans players, resulting in huge unrealistic rosters (counting the euros and the other north american players) : I hope it helps for further updates.
  12. I noticed that several Hockey East college teams recruited an unusual number of europeans players, resulting in huge unrealistic rosters (counting the euros and the other north american players) : Also Jokerit, KHL team based in Finland, tend to rely too much on north american players, despite being based in a hockey powerhouse country with a lot of domestic players available. I hope it helps for further updates !
  13. I agree. It would really spice the things up while playing in Europe !
  14. I have to wait a few days before purchasing the game, and I have a question related to no-trade clauses in EHM:EA for those who already tested it ! In EHM 2007 a player with a no trade clause in his contract resulted in the fact that his clause applied for all the 29 other teams. I wonder if in EHL:EA no trade clauses are for specific teams, like franchises in a disliked geographic area, or with notorious poor performances. That would be sweet !
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