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  1. No problem @AlienIR , thank you for your time and your work !
  2. Hi there ! I wondered, with the winter data update coming, if there will be adjustment concerning some RC Strasbourg players. I found players like Matz Sels, Kenny Lala, Lebo Mothiba, Ludovic Ajorque, Ibrahima Sissoko and prospect Youssouf Fofana cruelly underperforming in game compared to their actual IRL performances. I have not yet played with Strasbourg in FM19 but in all of my saves with other clubs I tried to kept track of their results and these particuliar players always seemed to put out awful performances, often leading the club to terrible results. I'm just curious if you guys agreed and planned to slightly boost some of this club's players. I may not be the most objective person to judge this with Strasbourg being my favourite team, so I'm curious about your input on these cases and if I can expect a bit of improvement before starting my first save with the team. Cheers !
  3. Hi Russell, unfortunatly no I continued my save and so I don't have a save before he announced his retirement. The problem kind of sorted itself out anyway, I received several inbox messages saying that he would finally retire a few month later (I think it happened 3 or 4 times during the season), and he finally retired in june, so he was able to play the full 2019/2020 season with my team. Thanks anyway for your answer, cheers
  4. Hi, I'm in season 2019/2020 and bought Zlatan Ibrahimovic from MLS in july 2019. Right after he signed his contract with my team he announced his retirement for november 2019. I guess this is based on the MLS calendar but he plays in french Ligue 1 now, so unfortunatly he will actually leave my club after just a few months.
  5. Hi. Around 83min30sec in the joined pkm, you can see that the text commentary says the GK made a save, but the 3D match engine actually shows the ball being litteraly stopped by the void AS Trenčín - Hertha.pkm
  6. Sure no problem. I uploaded the save under the name "wrong tactic displayed.fm". Thanks a lot !
  7. Same problem here in Ligue 1, there is no prize money listed in the rules tab of the league. I have two more games to play to finish my first season and I'll wait I guess, I want my cash at the end
  8. Sorry for the double post. Apparently no matter what tactic I choose, the 4-4-2 diamond formation is always listed as my primary tactic, despite not using this formation at all. Any ideas guys?
  9. No problem, thank you for reading me. And thank you guys for all the work you put into the french database, you're doing a really solid work Cheers !
  10. Hum, I was about to start a game with Red Star Belgrade as well, I guess I'll just wait they fix this issue :-/
  11. Hi ! I'm a long time lurker and not a big poster but I feel like I have some inputs concerning the RC Strasbourg. On the general informations tab, where you can find the legends and important players of the club history, I notice that most of the players of the club golden era aren't listed. Players like Oskar Rohr (118 goals in 136 games), Oscar Heisserer, Raymond Kaelbel, Albert Gemmrich, and François Remetter (goalkeeper for France during two world cups) could really be featured as legends with René Hauss who is already listed there. Those were among the best players the Racing had ever have (either best goal scorer in histroy of the club, great international players from the area, or french champions in 79, the only title). Also in the important players ("grands noms" in french, i'm not sure in the english version of the game), there are mostly players of the modern era. If players like Pascal Nouma and Teddy Bertin are listed there, I feel that players like Dominique Dropsy, Ivica Osim, Francis PIasecki and Léonard Specht should be listed there too, those were top players for the club. On a more modern note, Jacky Duguéperoux, Corentin Martins, Olivier Dacourt, Valérien Ismael and Alexander Vencel could also probably be listed there, for their dedication toward the club as players and/or coachs. Concerning the current roster, I think Lebo Mothiba should be a bit better in the game. He was crucial last year to save Lille from relegation, and this year he already scored 7 goals in 8 shots (https://www.lfp.fr/joueur/mothiba-lebo). He is good friend with Nuno Da Costa (they played together in Valenciennes), and maybe he could be listed as one of his favorite person. Kenny Lala could use a slight boost also, he's really improving and is a good offensive minded right back. Youssouf Fofana is one the club top prospect, he did really well in the reserve team last year and is currently crackling the pro roster this year. I hope this helps, cheers !
  12. Hi, so when I first started the season I selected a 4-4-2 gegenpressing tactic to see how it worked during the pre-season games. I finally decided to go with my own tactical approach but the game still display a "4-4-2 gegenpress". It is also to be noted that in training, the 4-4-2 gegenpress is the tactic worked on, despite not being the case. I hope my players are working on the real tactic and not the one that is wrongly displayed.
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