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  1. This. And why did he post this in the bugs section?
  2. M... I'm going to try this out mate, I will post again soon EDIT: I have not been able to reproduce this issue... I modify the tactics yet they still score on me on that same play.
  3. How many times did you scout him? Scouts can have it wrong... especially if they don't have very good ratings
  4. I usually dominate the league... but I think it's "normal" when you build up a dinasty. Try to play with the Coyotes without any trades, if you still dominate... it's just that you're very good
  5. When they fire a coach after 3 games that's a bug... it will be solved sooner or later, I wouldn't worry.
  6. Sliders for goalscoring in the game, penalties, AI difficulty, etc.
  7. I just got my player banned twice for the same incident... After I finished my game I received a message saying Spooner got banned for one game because of his major in the game. I simmed to the next day and there I got another message saying Spooner got banned for one game because of his major in the game... I was able to revoke the 2nd suspension. Should I upload a save?
  8. Yeah, some screens block. Other option is to click the "back" button until the last screen you can go backwards, usually that one is the blocker
  9. Calm down there. The bug's been posted for only one day and these guys job is not to develop this game but FM, they do this at their free time. They do review every bug, that there's no answer doesn't mean that they haven't taken a look at. And anyway, you still have to wait some days until the next patch is out so... patience.
  10. Yeah, this issue has been reported already and it should have been fixed in the last update. Though I just had myself a 4 games in 4 nights schedule so who knows... (Not sure if the schedule was determined before or after the update so I will wait until next season to say it is a bug)
  11. Customized player tactics sometimes they'll get reset when a player is out of the lineup. This happened in EHM 07. Its kind of annoying when half a season has gone by and you notice that the players tactics aren't like they're supposed to for some players that were out of the lineup because of injuries.
  12. It's 15th of september and no team has invited me to have exhibition games... In EHM 07 I always had 4-6 invitations by NHL teams but in my 2nd season in EHM:EA no team has invited me for an exhibition game. I can upload my save if that would help. EDIT: There have been no exhibition games at all in the NHL... something must be wrong
  13. Database Import changes for 2014 rules: [apply to new games started with newly imported databases only] Did you start a new game with new imported database?
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